Balika Vadhu 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th April 2013 Written Update

At Badi haveli and KB:

Holika dehen pooja is happening simultaneously in both the families. All the rituals are shown. Anandi notices Meenu is upset, and Shiv cheers M saying that next time they will make sure Mahi attends holi with the family. Meenu feels comfy. On the other hand Ganga thinks to herself that this is the new beginning of her life. And she also feels proud that she could keep Singhs happy after Anandi.

At KB, Daddu continues to share some jokes / shayris and all have a laugh. Shekhars then roast a papad – a symbolic ceremony – so that one feels free from the burdens / evils of past and can move ahead in life with purity in minds and thoughts.

Saanchi receives a call from Mahi and something looks fishy / naughty after which she heads towards AnSh room.

When AnSh enter their room, Shiv gets romantic with Anandi. Anandi asks him to switch on the fan and they both are showered with gulal (Red colour). They fall on the bed and end up bursting water balloons underneath the mattress. Anandi laughs and Saanchi announces from outside that don’t mind the prank since it’s holi. Shiv looks at Anandi seductively and wishes her first holi. Anandi reciprocates.

Next morning at Jaitser, all villagers are celebrating with colours, but Singhs are in no moods to play with colours. Ganga and Makhan have made all the preparations but no one seems to be interested, leaving the two disappointed. J is lost in thoughts and gets flashes of his previous holi with badi masiji. Ds is looking at an album with A’s photos and says that without Anandi there is no fun in playing with colours.

At KB, Nathulal is preparing for holi celebrations and colours in full swing. Ira receives a call from DS wishing them Happy holi. Ds – Daddu also converse and have their usual nok-jhok. Ds then says that Shekhars must have the best celebration because the most beautiful colour has been added to their life. Daddu agrees and invites them for next holi at KB.

Daddu asks if Ds doesn’t mind him teasing her all the times and Ds also replies smartly, leaving him shocked and amused.

In their room Anandi is getting ready after taking a shower when she notices Shiv waiting for her. With a smirk he asks how comes A’s face is all blushing as if some one has put a red colour on her cheeks. She lovingly replies that it is the colour of love and happiness that he has filled her life with. Shiv then puts red colour on A’s cheeks and wishes her happy holi. Anandi also takes the colour from his hand and wishes him in the same way. They hug lovingly. Episode ends.

Voice over: Love is a never ending element … Holi colours symbolises love, emotions and excitement which fills a person’s life with happiness.

Pre-cap: In her excitement to encourage Singhs to play holi, Ganga trips over the carpet and ends up pouring red colour over Ds. Ds gets angry and scolds her royally. …

Update Credit to: Missesha

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