Saraswatichandra 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kumud’s house as Yash’s mother is crying loudly as her son has gone to jail. Badimaa says no one is happy after sending Yash to jail. Yash’s mother does not understand her son’s fault and talks in his favour. Badimaa says would Kumud let Saras go to jail instead of Yash. They both argue. Yash’s mother asks Badimaa to recollect how she was about to marry Laxminandan and he broke the relation. Badimaa is hurt listening to this. Their family was ashamed because of him. If Saras also becomes like his father, then Kumud will also undergo what you went through when Laxminandan left you in the mandap.
Kumud’s mother listens standing at some distance.

Badimaa asks her to stop saying that Saras has taken Yash’s mistake on his name. He has grown up on the path of his mother, not his father. She says if Kumari does something, then Badimaa will know what pain is going through because of Yash. Kumari comes there and is shocked to hear what she said.

The scene shifts outside the police station:

Vidyachatur tells Ghuman he knows what happened was not good. To believe him and forgime him, he invites them to come home. Ghuman while acting reacts to him saying she has seen how he treats his guests by sending Saras to jail. Saras listens this and tries to speak on Vidyachatur’s behalf. Ghuman starts going, Saaras stops her. Ghuman thinks of some other plan. Saras speaks in Vidyachatur’s favour saying he is thankful to him. Ghuman says Sorry to Vidyachatur as she was tensed because of Saras.

Ghuman says they knew each other but now they will become relatives because of their children.
Saras and Kumud keep quiet. Didi notices how Kumud is reacting and smiles. Vidyachatur goes to meet Yash.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Badimaa says once mother’s love grows in the heart then no one can change it. Kumud’s mother says no one can take that right from her. Badimaa says if Saras breaks the relation, she can’t bear it. Kumud’s mother says we have to bear it. Badimaa looks shocked and asks what. Kumud’s mother does not tell anything.
Badimaa thinks and prays to her Lord not to hurt her family. Ghuman comes to their house.

Ghuman, Didi and Saras arrive. Badimaa says Saras. He moves ahead. Badimaa is about to give Saras ‘gud’ when Ghuman interrupts and says she will make him eat as he is her son. Badimaa gets hurt. Saras thinks that Badimaa will understand him as he has to eat from Ghuman’s hand else she will make an issue. Ghuman proudly smiles. Vidyachatur keeps looking.

Saras then touches Badimaa’s feet. Badimaa gets happy and Ghuman gets hurt now. Ghuman stares at Badimaa. Saras tells he will go to mandir. Vidyachatur asks Kumud to go with him. Vidyachatur welcomes Ghuman. Yash’s mother says no one cares about Yash and everyone are happily welcoming their guests. She will cry alone for her son. Didi and Ghuman get happy seeing her.

Saras tells thanks to Kumud. He says not to misunderstand him. She also might got hurt because of Yash. Kumud says she loves her brother and her father. She can’t see her father getting ashamed infront of his friend. Saras asks so you saved me only for this reason. She says No. They stare at each other.

Kumud and Saras stands infront of their Lord and prays. Saras thinks that he does not know why she helped him but he has got peace with her taking his side. Kumud thinks that because of him she has hurt her family, but she does not know why, whats in between them.

Saras stops Kumud. He says the time has come for him to leave. She says not to say this. Whenever he says he will leave, he has to stay. Saras asks her If again he has to stay, then? If he stays this time, he will not be able to go forever. Kumud asks him the reply of her question. Why he rejected her? He says I did not say No to you, but to the proposal. He says he fears that if a relation is incomplete then there is lots of pain. Kumud cries.

Kumud says if we who make the relation and break it to leave it incomplete, then why to complain to relation, why not with ourselves. She leaves saying this. He asks her to stop. She says why he stops her again and again. He says because you stop. He says he has something of hers. He gives her the kamarbandh saying he wanted to return it but it stayed with him always. But he thought its not his, so why to keep it. Kumud says yes, stay far from whats not yours. Saras listens. O piya.. music plays.

She says maybe this is their fate and they will pray that their incomplete relation ends there itself. Whatever happens in future might be good. She prays again. Saras keeps looking at Kumud.

Saras talks to his Lord saying why you are doing this to me. Whoever I loved, the fate has made them apart and gave them pain. So, he will stay far from Kumud and will never hurt Kumud.
She says she will go and tell Vidyachatur everything.

Didi praises the haveli. Ghuman says this haveli made Laxminandan-Vidyachatur’s friendship strong and it will end their friendship. Vidyachatur does not know.
Kumud hears this and asks what her father does not know. Ghuman and Didi stops and say that they like his daughter a lot.

Ghuman says it looks like she tells everything to her father. Kumud says yes. Ghuman says Saras is fond of prayers and now he must be fond of you. Kumud keeps quiet.
Kumud’s mother asks them to come for breakfast.

Ghuman starts taunting Kumud’s mother. Kumud says that she has the values of her mother and her Badimaa. Kumud offers them Aarti.
Saras comes there and praises Kumud that she does everything by heart.
Ghuman stops her and says should they do Mu-dikhai ritual and she sees Kumud’s face.
Ghuman does the ritual. Kumud, Saras and Kumud’s mother are shocked.
Saras asks Ghuman to rest as she might be tired. She says she got fresh by seeing such a thing. Kumud says she is not a thing.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur that she wants to discuss something important with him.
Kumud tells Saras that she is going to hurt her father today.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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