Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa saying they are mature and know what they are doing. She says what can she do anything, how will she stop them. Rajshri says why is she saying so, and Vishwamber stops her from saying. Naksh looks on. Bhabhimaa says let them go, its not easy to change their decision, what they determine, they do, don’t waste your time and energy. Naira cries and says its not fair, why are they leaving. She asks them to stay back and also let her be here. Akshara says we are helpless and we have to go. Naitik says yes, don’t make it late.

Naksh says fine, good bye, I will not meet you from now, I will not tell anything, you are going as your wish, I will also do what I want, I will not stay with anyone. Naira says he is angry, I will go and talk to him. Rajshri cries. Yash asks Naksh where is he going. Naksh says I have to go, as elders will not agree like this. Yash says I m sure that will have some reason. Naksh says they don’t want to tell me. Naksh says no one is able to stop them. Naira says he stayed for few days, I just came and I m leaving. She cries. He hugs her.

Devyaani says if Naksh goes annoyed with questions, don’t know will he come back or not, I think we should stop him by doing anything. Bau ji says she is right. Rajshri says she knows everything. She says Bhabhimaa could have stopped this. Naksh says he wants to know everything. Naira tells him that they came here few days before and stayed at Nani’s house. She says I asked them to tell you, and they did not tell. Naksh says there is something big issue, that they are hiding. Yash says if there is nothing. Naira says how to find out.

Sanju calls Naksh and asks what happened. Naksh tells about his parents going back, and no one is stopping them. He tells everything. She says don’t do this drama, use your mind or others, I can help. She tells some idea to him. Akshara asks them to explain Naksh, as he is annoyed with her. Nandini says we will explain him once his anger goes. Naitik says he is very stubborn. He says we should leave now. Naksh and Naira come to them. Naksh asks them to go. Naitik asks is he coming. Naksh says he will stay here. Bhabhimaa is relieved.

Naitik asks Naira to come. Naksh says I m coming to drop you for Naira Yash says I will come, we will take two cars. Akshara cries. Devyaani apologizes to her. Akshara says its not your mistake, I should thank you that I got so many memories because of you. They greet elders. Bhabhimaa comes and does aarti of Naira. Naira hugs her and says she will miss her a lot. They meet everyone. Karishma feels bad that they are leaving.

Akshara cries and Naitik pacifies her. She steps out of home and Naira hugs Bhabhimaa again. She says she will come again. Rajshri cries and says Akshara came after so many years and again leaving. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………..plays…….. Naira cries and leaves with them. Akshara cries and says she came with so much hope and they are leaving now. Naitik says we are taking memories with us, we got love and taking it with us. He says we have seen Naksh happy on his birthday, it did not get waste.

She says she will miss Bhabhimaa more, her words will always make her restless. Maheshwaris talk on the way. Rajshri says no one is helping Akshara, Bhabhimaa is still annoyed, Akshara did not do anything wrong and still apologizing, and prays that Lord does pity on her. She says time heals every wound, but why is our wound not healing. Dadi pacifies her. Yash drives fast and Nandini sees him. Naitik says Naksh would have told them. Shaurya says they took short cut. Naksh says I forgot to tell Ananya and calls her. He asks her not to tell anyone, and tells her. Shaurya says they will reach. Nandini says I m scared, they are driving fast.

Naitik says I will call Naksh. Naksh calls him and Naitik asks is this the way to drive. Naksh tells him something shocking.

Nandini asks Akshara to come inside. Devyaan stops them and says she will do aarti, as she did not get chance last time.

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  1. Nice episode. Sad though – Precap looks promising.

  2. Bhabima is behaving so selfishly

  3. Such a docile bhabhima is so ruthless and who is she to stop Naitik from entering the house ? It is Naitik’s father’s property and business and just because people are giving her respect for her age she cannot act so mean and selfish. Bhabhima has no objection at all to Naman taking over Naitik’s legitimate place and staying with his family helping bhauji. If viewers remember ,Naman is Deviant’s son from her first marriage to Mr. Agarwal, who is very well off and can take care of his son. He can stay and inherit property here but Naitik who did so much for the family is separated from his family. No one questions the old lady calling the shots including Naitik’s papa. Ridiculous. Who said women always got a raw deal and were not given importance? In all star plus serials , bhobho, bhabhima, Kokila Modi, Dadi in Suhani all of them are so very dominating and rule each and every decision.

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