Piya Rangrezz 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shraddha takes Gajra to kitchen to prepare food and tells how can she prepare food with just 1 bottle guard for so many people. She asks her to check what is in dabbas. Sher’s cousin comes and says Sher has organized a party tonight, so she has to prepare food for everyone. Shradha drops dabba on his feet and leaves. Cousin asks Gajra what happened to Bhabhi. Gajra says she does not know. He asks what is her name. Bhavri calls her name and she goes. He thinks Gajra name is good.

Bhavri enjoys alcohol and asks Sher also to drink to forget Shradha’s mistake. He takes glass and says he wanted to forget everthing, but her mistake irked him again. Gajra comes with herbal paste bowl. Bhavri says gajra’s father did not pay after drinking alcohol, so he sent his daughter to work and clear debt. Sher says she is a big busineessman. Maama says in whole zilla, nobody is dared to go against Bhavri and asks Gajra to apply herbal paste on Sher. Sher throws water on her and says she is shivering with just water, how will she apply paste on him. Shraddha and cosin come there hearings sound. Sher jokes mogra is shivering. Cousin says her name is Gajra. Bhavri asks Gajra to dry herself and says she will apply paste on Sher. Sher says his wife will apply paste, removes shirt and asks Shradda to come and apply. She hesistates. He insists. She applies paste nervously on his chest. He shouts that is so weak and lady should be like her amma who is so strong and if she slaps, person will fall down just like her family fell down. Bhavri feels irked. Sunehri comes and he introduces her as Patna’s biggest dancer. Bhavri says he is introducing her as if she is her second bahu. Sunehri shies. Sher says she should decide and asks Shraddha if he told right. He asks Sunehri to apply paste on him and sends Shraddha. Sunehrihappily apply paste. Shraddha feels jealous and turns her face. Sher looks at her and says he is feeling someone is really massaging and asks Shraddha to prepare food for him and his cousins.

Shraddha goes to kitchen with Gajra and asks her to kneed dough. She apologizes her for Sher’s mistake. Gajra says he wanted her to apply paste. she adds more water and apologizes. Shraddha says it is okay. Gajra asks if she and Sher are having any problem. Shraddha changes the topic and asks why did her parents take debt. She says her dad and new mom drank Bhavri’s alcohol and could not pay money, so they sent her here. Shraddha asks what happened to her mother. She says her mother died, so her dad got a new mother. While working here, she will pay debt and even her brother gets 2 time food. Shradda says she is remembering herself seeing her.

Sunehri starts dancing sensously on O balma…song… Everyone enjoys. Shraddha looks from balcony. Sher looks at her. Bhavri asks what is he looking. He says he is looking at his love and keeping eye on her also. Vikas starts dancing with Sunehri and enjoys. Sher dismisses the party and says let us have food now as Shraddha prepared special food. Vikas says bhaiya ji is right,bhabhi ji prepares tasty food. Bhavri with weird face says she met her and now will taste her food. Sher asks her not to misbehave with Shraddha as she is special.

Precap: Sher tells Shraddha that he did not wanted to forcefully marry her and wanted her love, but she lied to him and he will never believe her now.

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  1. poor shraddha,noone supportng her

  2. Yup….bad precap….plzz don’t do this sher…this all is bcoz of ur mom…

  3. Please show some romance by the serial it will higher trp to the show

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