Maharana Pratap 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chittor soldiers get ready for the big fight. Pratap too wears his armour. Amar Singh too wants to go with his father but US tells him to stay in the palace for now. You have gone after your father. Pratap gives him the responsibility to take care of the fort in their absence. Amar Singh notices Jagmal. Why aren’t you ready yet? Yesterday, father had said that you too will accompany him. Jagmal shows the burn on his hand. Amar Singh talks about a lot many incidents about his father yet he continued fighting with the enemies. No one gets scare of such small wounds. He shows his would which is deeper than Jagmal’s wound in reality. A warrior is considered brave because of the wounds on his body. Pratap politely tells him not to talk to his elders like this. DB takes Amar’s side. Younger kids can explain it to elders if they make any mistake. Ajabde does Pratap’s aarti. She next picks up his sword but her hands are shaking. Pratap tells him against it. it doesn’t suit a Kunwar Rani. She replies that she is a mother and a wife too. He takes the sword from her. He leaves with his father. Ajabde is tensed. She prays to Kanha ji.

Pratap and his team discuss about the positions of their troops. Inside, Ajabde continues with her puja. Wind blows and dust gets inside everyone’s eyes. Ajabde tries to save the diya from blowing off but in vain. This is a bad omen.

Akbar wakes up with a start when his inner voice tells him to go back. He hears some noises. His inner soul says they are of your own army. They are running helter skelter as Pratap has attacked on your army. It is still time. Run away from here before sunrise.

A soldier comes to tell Pratap that Ajabde wants to talk to him for a second. US allows him to go. She requests him not to go. the diya blew off. People are right. It is not right to attack Akbar. Pratap reasons that this is a 50-50 situation. Our army is waiting for me. I cannot back out now. winning / losing; life and death are all in destiny’s hand. if I am destined to die then I wont mind dying in the battlefield while fighting with my enemy. You have our son with you. you will have to live with him. Make him a brave warrior. He should be always ready to fight for his motherland. Take care of yourself. She is not ready to let go of his hand but has to do it when he takes a step back. She is in tears. Pratap joins his team of commanders when a soldier come to inform him that US has called him rooftop of the main gates of the fort.

Akbar finds a group of soldiers approaching his tent. Gwalior’s Jamaluddin joins Akbar. He has brought 10k soldiers with him. a guy asks him if they should get ready to attack now. Akbar has another plan in his mind. He asks for Aalim Khan.

US and everyone checks out the huge army that is heading towards Akbar’s tent. Pratap recalls Ajabde’s words. US thinks to postpone their plan for a while as the enemy’s army has become really huge now. Everyone agrees except Pratap. We will make a very big mistake otherwise.

Akbar comes to meet Aalim Khan in his cell. Akbar talks to him about how being patient can turn out to be good. Do you want another chance? His commanders are surprised when he orders his soldiers to bring food for Aalim Khan.

Raja Jaimal address the soldiers to boost their morale. On the other hand, Pratap tells his father that their army is waiting at the main gates right now to attack Akbar. If we don’t do it now then we wont be able to save Chittor ever. US points out that Akbar is n number of times stronger than them right now. Pratap agrees. Akbar’s army will become stronger if we waster our time in thinking and debating. Rawat ji gives them the statistics. Akbar’s army has 15 soldiers while he have only 2k. We are meant to lose here. Pratap has firm belief in his soldiers. Akbar is not ready at this moment. There is a possibility of our victory if we surprise him now or he might gather his thoughts if we give him time. Ishar Das ji says it is not sure whether we will win. What if our soldiers get killed? What if he returns again? pratap is sure the last group of troops will either win or become a martyr in end.

Aalim Khan eats the food. Akbar announces his new plan. We will surround Chittor’s fort from all the sides. He relates the plan of action to everyone. We will wait outside for even a month if we have to. We will force those Rajputs to come out. We will kill them as soon as they come out.

Precap: Aalim Khan comes to tell US and Pratap that Akbar doesn’t want to fight with you. He wants to talk to you directly / face to face. Akbar thinks of making US his prisoner if he comes to talk to me here or either he will kill US.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Nice epic I just luv this serial bt plxxxxx don’t kill pratap.Let him live n don’t let him die plx don’t make him to finish by akbars hand plxxxxx

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