Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh accuses Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhikesh saying I will be signing my first deal today. Samarth says I told you Manish will give money. Kartik gets kachori with sorry written on it. He says we want to say sorry, you are very imp to us, we love you. Naira says sorry, we want to spend time with you all. Kartik asks what’s these papers, are you going to invest somewhere. Akhilesh says I didn’t think that Manish can give me money and send spy after me, Manish has sent you to know where I m investing money. Samarth smiles. Naira asks what are you saying, we came to apologize. Kartik says you always make us away. Naira says don’t make us so away. Akhilesh says enough Naira. Kartik says you are not the same uncle now. Akhilesh says then don’t talk to me, go.

Kartik and Naira go. Samarth

asks what did you do, you scolded them. Akhilesh says I m their uncle, not dad. Kirti eats the chocolate. Naksh comes. She hides. He looks for her. She finishes chocolate and comes out. He says you here, I just came here. She says what, I m here since long time. He goes. She says sorry Naksh, I lied to you, I was unable to hold on my sugar craving. Kartik says this is the limit, will dad ask us to spy on Akhilesh, dad didn’t even say how he arranged money, don’t know who is instigating him. Naira says maybe Samar. He says what did you say and why. She says I don’t know, its possible that our heart is able to understand this, just think, Manish and Dadi were scared on Dussehra day. He says yes, it was something related to past just like Samarth. She says Akhilesh is behaving strange since long, he has changed a lot, he spoke about division and got Samarth home, we have to find out the reason.

Samarth comes and says sorry, I didn’t like whatever happened there, I will explain Akhilesh and make sure that he apologizes to you both. He goes smiling. Maid comes and says I m leaving, I won’t be coming tomorrow, I will be fasting on Karwachauth. Kartik asks maid to go. Naira recalls making prays and having a deal that she will observe Karwachauth fast if she doesn’t forget Kartik. She says I will keep karwachauth, how will I convince them, I won’t tell anyone, I will manage.

Naitik asks Kirti all okay. She says I m feeling low, just some mood swings. He says it happens, ask Naksh to take you out, if you think Naksh isn’t taking care of you, you can tell him, he will understand. She says we also feel good if anyone understands without saying. Kartik sees the oil dropping on folder. He says Akhilesh’s file will be spoiled. Papers fall down. Kartik keeps everyhing back. Samarth and Akhilesh come and look on.

Samarth asks Akhilesh not to think anything negative, Kartik won’t do anything wrong. He says I trust him, he would be keeping files property, just focus on investment, come. They meet the clients. The client asks Akhilesh to get papers and sign the deal soon, he has to leave soon. Surekha gets the bag. Akhilesh checks the file once. He asks where are the bonds. Samarth asks Surekha where did you keep the bonds. Surekha says don’t know, it was inside. Akhilesh says just Manish, Kartik and I knew the codes of this bag. Samarth says no, don’t think this, it won’t be Kartik’s plan. Akhilesh says I remember very well that I have kept bonds inside. Samarth says but why will Kartik do this.

Naira says I will be keeping Karwachauth fast, what shall I do, Kartik is very smart, how shall I avoid food. Kartik comes and says don’t even think about it, I won’t let you go to the sale, women go crazy there, you won’t go. She says yes, I won’t go. He says I m saying right. She says yes. He asks how did you agree so easily, you didn’t even argue. She says you always say right. He says tell me what’s going on in your mind. Akhilesh asks him to come out. Kartik asks him to come. Everyone comes. Akhilesh asks where are the bonds. Kartik says I don’t have it. Akhilesh says I have to give bonds to consultant right now. Kartik says I have no idea. Suwarna says I told you the same. Kartik says you think we have stolen your bonds and hidden it here. Manish says Kartik and Naira, you have no right to do this, give it back, I have given it to my brother. Akhilesh checks there. Kartik says we don’t have it, you can’t do this. Akhilesh sees some papers. He gets shocked seeing the bonds. He shows to them. He gets angry and throws things. Everyone gets shocked.

Naira checks some file. Samarth hears a sound. Naira hides under his car. She lies down. He drives off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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