Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya scolds Chanchal

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Buddhi telling other sisters that Chanchal had stolen money from their piggy bank, brought the crackers and is also rewarded by Dadi. Surili says we shall tell Dadi. Dhairya says Chanchal is there. They go to room and ask what is happening. Dhairya says she brought new piggy banks for them as their gift. She says I have kept the money in it which I had stolen to buy crackers. She says I had brought crackers, but understood that she can’t celebrate Diwali alone. She says she will enjoy with her sisters. Buddhi says you have spent all your money on us. Chanchal says we can do more big dhamaka than burning the crackers.

Kunti greets the God for Diwali. Kanhaiya and his wives come followed by his daughters. All bahus touch Kunti’s feet. Kanhaiya also touches

her feet. Just then Pratap comes and asks Kunti why she is throwing him from the house. Pratap says I really didn’t bring the crackers. Kunti asks the girls to show the door to Pratap after saying happy Diwali. Chanchal wishes him happy Diwali and asks Kunti not to throw him out as she is the one who brought the crackers home. Other girls take the blame on themselves. Buddhi says we all five brought it and say sorry. Kunti is angry. Chanchal tells Kunti that her sisters are innocent and just supporting her. Kunti says everyone will get equal and says not punishment, but appraisal. She tells the girls that she knew everything, and says I know that one of the girl brought it. Pratap says why the cracker is bursting on me then. Kunti says I was waiting if anyone of you accept it, but all of you took stand for each other and proved togetherness and equality. Kanhaiya says I will burst crackers for you this Diwali. He gives packet to them. Chanchal opens the packet and says it is empty. Kanhaiya says who said that this is empty and fills the air in it, and bursts it with his hand. He asks all his daughters to burst it with their hand and say happy Diwali. They hit the cover with their and greet each other. Happy Diwali song plays…..Pari takes selfie. Kanhaiya asks them to do dhamaka with the unique way of celebration.

Later Kunti asks Kanhaiya to scold the girls. Kanhaiya says I will make them understand with love. Pratibha says our scolding is like Dant Manjan for them. Kunti tells that your scolding is needed and tells that Chanchal is troubling many. Pratibha tells that Chanchal fooled Sarla’s grand son, that made him go to railway station. She says you have to become strict father and change your impression. She asks him to scold them often without any reason. Kanhaiya says ok, I will try. Kunti asks him to take Prarthana’s blessing and go. Prarthana says Maiyya. Kanhaiya is about to touch Prarthana’s feet. Prarthana says shiv shambu. Pratibha says that side signing at Kunti. He touches Kunti’s feet.

Kanhaiya scolds Chanchal politely. Pratibha says we shall go. Prarthana comes there and says whatever Papa said was right. Pratibha says the same and says your scolding is breaking the roofs. Kanhaiya asks whose roofs? Pratibha asks him to understand and asks Chanchal to bring school diary. Kanhaiya asks her to bring. She brings. Pratibha reads in the diary about hindi essay competition in the school for which she is asked to bring her mum. Kanhaiya asked why you didn’t tell us. Chanchal says it was hindi competition and not Sanskrit. She says what would I have written in the competition, just shubh hai as mummy don’t know hindi, only Sanskrit. Kanhaiya says I will send you to hostel. Chanchal gets worried.

In the school, Chanchal tells Buddhi that she will not do mischief now. Buddhi says you can’t stay without mischief. Chanchal says how can I live without you all and swears not to do mischief for a month. She says she will become a good girl and don’t want to go to hostel. Jhanvi comes and says I will do your homework. She says my beauty increases if I do others homework. She says my beauty is increased now. Buddhi says she made you mad and scolds Chanchal. Chanchal says sorry and says she asked the school classmates to praise her fakely. She says I will not do mischief now. Pallavi gets upset with her and goes. Buddhi says how do you get such ideas and says you will send all of us to hostel now. Chanchal asks her to see where bunty is going. Buddhi goes. Chanchal follows Bunty and finds him going to PT teacher’s room.

PT teacher scolds Dhairya for wearing red color clothes. Buddhi and Surili look tensed. PT teacher asks why did she wear red color socks. Dhairya says she couldn’t figure out due to cold. PT sir asks her to remember his face whenever she feels cold. She goes to PT sir room. Bunty says you. Chanchal asks what is he doing in PT sir room.

Bunty keeps the toy frog in PT sir’s room for mischief. Chanchan takes it out, but gets caught. PT sir asks her to bring her Papa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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