Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 35

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

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‘’okay please…now don’t get angry..i just said it in a flow’’ Anika tried to manage the situation

He looked at her, and his anger got vanished the very moment…

‘’Anika…you really want to know about who Riddhima is ?’’

‘’Shivaay…I want to know everything about you…’’


‘’I donno..but I have seen you with different shades…you are not what you show up..you are something else…there is someone else within you, whom you are hiding..i donno since when , but I want to meet that Shivaay who is hidden’’

He couldn’t utter a word …

Shivaay TAM ‘’She knows me so well despite forgetting who I am to her, she is right…I am is not the one whom I wanted to be…but I  became so or to say I had to become so…leaving you, my childhood stupid to facing toughest situations since the young age , I have seen much in my life till now and I will be seeing much more too…all I craved was you to be beside me, so that I could confide everything to you, so that I could get pacified by you…but yet again life threw me challenge…you have completely forgotten me…what to do Stupid, how to tell you that you knew me since you were born…how to tell you that you are a part of me…how to tell you that I am dying within to be with you forever….because I know you are the only one who can manage me…’’

‘’Shivaay’’ Anika placed her hand on his , bringing him out of his thoughts

‘’hmm..haan’’ he looked at her

‘’I know you are not comfortable at this point to let me know about you..but that’s fine…neither you nor I are running away…so let the time take it’s time ..’’


‘’it’s okay Shivaay’’

‘’Anika’’ he called her…to which she looked at him ..’’I will tell you about Riddhima tomorrow, now it’s getting late and you need to reach home and take rest…it is true you must know the problem to fix it in a much better way…’’

‘’Pinch me Shivaay’’


‘’I said Pinch me Shivaay’’ she said a bit loud

‘’You have gone mad Anika…who asks to Pinch themselves?’’

‘’i…I have asked you right?’’

He pinched her and she screamed’’Ouch’’

‘’who pinches so hard. I mean you can pinch me this lightly too’’ saying she pinched him and spoke ‘’in this way’’ this time it was he who screamed ‘’ouch’’

‘’How chui mui types you are..i just did lightly still you screamed’’

‘’what the wuck..first you asked me to Pinch you, I denied and you insisted , then without my consent you pinched me and then you are saying I am that…what …some china type..’’

‘’not china..chui mui type..chui mui..say..chuii..muiii…’’


She giggled

‘’by the way why did you ask me to pinch you?’’

‘’ohh…because you said you will tell about that Riddhima , so I thought to understand was I dreaming or you really said it’’

He rolled his eyes and started his car and her laughs continued …they reached her home and he opened the car door and put the car key in his coat pocket and picked her up in his arms

‘’Shivaay…I can walk…please put me down…’’

‘’will you shut up and let me do my work? Do onething close the door ’’ she did what he asked

He walked few steps forward and then ‘’ohh…forgot to lock the car..Anika take the car key from my coat pocket’’


‘’I said take the car key from my coat pocket’’

Her hands slowly travelled towards his coat pocket and when she put her hand in his pocket his heartbeat raised…he looked at her and she reciprocated the looks being nervous…he leaned towards her face and then she brought out the key , making him go back…

‘’Key’’ she said

‘’ohh ya…press the lock button over it’’

She did as asked while  he walked towards the door…

‘’ring the bell’’

‘’no need ..none is at home…Gauri said she will be late, Sahil is on tour, so ‘’

‘’where is the key’’

‘’here…’’ she pointed at the car key

‘’Stupid…not the car key…house key’’

‘’Khadoos…where will the key be…it will be in my bag..don’t you know even this’’

‘’ohh ya..but you know I don’t touch your bag..i feel weird’’

‘’why..i mean now I will make you do it…come on , take the key out of my bag..now Khadoos’’

‘’no way’’

‘’Huhh…will you take out or shall I throw this Key …you better do it else you have to walk till you reach your home’’

 ‘’Okk fine Stupid…I know you are impossible..’’ he somehow managed to take the key as she instructed in which zip she has put it…

‘’I am not gonna say thanks…I hate to thank you Khadoos…so let’s get in’’ she opened the door and he made her sit in the sofa…

‘’you were heavy’’

‘’Ohh…I am not heavy..you are lite…by the way who asked you to lift me, when I said I can walk…and then you are saying I am heavy..huhhh’’ she pouted while he laughed and she joined him in laugh

Their laughs brought them back to normal…and he realised she actually spoke to him like his Stupid…Anika also sat still

Anika TAM ‘’what was I doing a while before..i was talking to him like I know him from ages …as if we were not grown up but still kids…’’

There was an awkward silence and both were feeling uncomfortable….a few minutes passed by and then Anika’s stomach growled and she immediately hid her face in her palms

‘’Anika…are you hungry?’’

‘’hmm yes…I think I should cook dinner now…will you also have along with me?’’

‘’And what are you gonna cook?’’


‘’Wait let me guess Aloo Poori right?’’

She nodded

‘’I would love to have dinner with you but I am sorry please no Aloo Poori for God sake’’

‘’but I donno anything else to cook’’

‘’I will cook and you eat…got it’’

‘’No ..but..how…you don’t know what’s where in kitchen?’’

He again lifted her up and placed her on the kitchen platform ….

‘’Shivaay…till when will you lift me like this …’’

‘’till I am with you..’’ she looked at him ‘’I mean till I leave from here..now tell me what do you want to eat, except Aloo Poori’’

‘’mmm..mmm…mmmm’’ she was thinking patting her lips with her fingers and seeing the ceiling…..He started cooking…..

He was mixing the flour and she took some atta and held in her hands…and while he was rolling the roti she applied to his cheeks and started laughing …he was SSO afterall and then the Flour War started making the kitchen a mess….finally after making Dal roti and cleaning the mess , he made her sit on the chair and served .

‘’You too have it Shivaay…feel free to munch as much as you can’’ she giggled

‘’really…thank you…I am ever so grateful for this …’’ he countered her…

‘’It’s so yummm..i mean I can just finish this dal in one serve… …I didn’t know you have this talent of cooking …let me give you a suggestion …stop this business and all and start a restaurant …I am sure people would dye to eat at your restaurant..’’

‘’Ohh please…cooking is my passion, business is my profession…’’


‘’Anika..have dinner and sleep…you need rest’’

‘’okay one last thing please’’

He nodded his horizontally giving up….

‘’I was about to say your would be wife is going to be so lucky’’

He looked at her and she realised what she spoke and then ‘’I mean..you cook great…you have everything you want and you are deadly handsome’’

Again she messed up and bit her tongue to what she was speaking and he also gulped with her words…She didn’t speak a word more and started eating no she was actually stuffing food and that action took it’s course as she wasn’t unable to gulp so much food at a time in her mouth and later she started coughing

‘’you have gone mad Anika…who eats like this…stupid…brainless…idiot’’ he scolded and made her drink water, patting her head slightly….

Tears brimmed in her eyes…..He looked on

‘’Anika..i ..i am sorry..i didn’t mean the way you are taking…I was just concerned’’

She nodded No and wiping her tears she spoke ‘’no one was so worried about me till date after my parents death…first time someone cared for me so much and I couldn’t stop myself ‘’ she spoke while tears formed in her eyes again and her lips curved into a smile

‘’Anika…’’ he said and started wiping her tears moving closer to her face to give a forehead kiss …….When the door opened suddenly, both looked towards the door

‘’Shivaay…you here’’ Om spoke

‘’Gauri’’ Anika said

‘’Dii…what happened to you, why are you legs dressed ? are you fine?’’ Gauri worriedly walked towards Anika…

‘’Gauri relax…she is fine…actually it was because of ‘’ Shivaay was about to complete

‘’Gauri.. Actually cup fell down on the floor in office cabin and i stepped on glass pieces bare legs without realising and then you know’’

‘’Dii…I can’t believe you can be so careless’’

Shivaay looked at her while Anika winked at him..he turned towards Om..Om who noticed everything between Shivaay and Anika decided to talk to him later

‘’Anika…Gauri…I think I should leave now…I mean we should leave now…’’ shivaay said looking at Om

‘’Anika..i will come here tomorrow morning to work along with you for the video game project…till you are fine a mini office will get set up in your home..’’

‘’But Shivaay’’

‘’Don’t even think of coming to office Anika’’ Om said and turned to Gauri ‘’Gauri I think we will leave in Shivaay’s car now and morning I will pick you up in my car ‘’

‘’okay’’ Gauri Nodded

‘’Gauri’’ Shivaay called

‘’these are the medicines of Anika…after half an hour she needs to take it…’’ he spoke to Gauri and looked at Anika…who was by then making faces listening to the name of medicine

Om and Shivaay left from there…..

—————–OM, Pool side

Om Ru and Shiv had their coffee cups in hands and were looking at the pool water remembering Gauri, Saumya and Anika respectively….

‘’Sometimes, someone comes into your life and changes everything isn’t it ?’’ Om spoke

‘’Yes bhayya and when the change brings a smile on your face , then the person becomes special to you’’ Rudra spoke

‘’When someone becomes special you can never get out of their thoughts easily’’ Shivaay added

‘’Shivaay / Bhayya…you too?’’ OmRu said in union

‘’What? I just added that’s it’’ Shivaay turned to go

‘’Shivaay wait..i need to talk to you regarding Anika’’ Om said

‘’What happened to Anika didi? Is she fine?’’ Rudra asked concerned

‘’She is fine or not..Shivaay will answer Rudra…because she had hurt her legs really bad and this is because of’’ Om looked at Shivaay

‘’I should go ..i have lots of work tomorrow’’ Shivaay tried to skip

‘’Shivaay what happened that Anika had hurt her legs..I know very clearly Anika lied to Gauri to cover you up, but you should now speak the truth’’

‘’Bhayya…did you both again had a fight …come on I thought I am the kid over here …but you guys are behaving as if you have not grown up’’

‘’ohh what to do…she time and again makes me remember and asks about that Riddhima and I get angry whenever she does so and then I broke the coffee cup and left from her cabin..but I never knew she would just step on it and hurt herself …’’

‘’Come on Shivaay…why don’t you get the fact that Riddhima has come back in our lives …Anika asked only because she might have seen her…tomorrow when we have a board meeting the borad members will ask who is she will you hurt the board members too….Shivaay , she has given the best solution to our problem and if she wants to know about Riddhima what’s wrong in telling her know…you know, I know and everyone in our family knows that she is your childhood friend, the one whom you longed to meet since years…so why can’t you just confine everything to her…why can’t you’’ Om asked furiously imbibing some sense into his mind

‘’because she has forgotten me, she has forgotten you, she has forgotten everything about us…she is suffering from Anterograde Amnesia…and doctor asked me not to give her any stress, she needs to be happy and if I confide do you think she will be happy…’’ Shivaay vented out in rage

‘’Amnesia…Anterograde Amnesia…what are you saying bhayya…and how do you know all this about Anika didi?’’

‘’Today when I took her to hospital to dress up her wounds , the doctor who treated Anika few days back came to me and asked about her family…’’ Shivaay narrated everything that happened between him and the doctor….

Om and Ru looked at Shivaay in shock

‘’Will she be fine Bhayya?’’ Rudra almost made a cry baby face

‘’She is fine Rudra, she is absolutely fine …just she forgot us…that’s it…but I will make her remember everything…I will anything to make her remember everything…even if I have to give my life away’’

‘’And in this we are with you Shivaay/Bhayya’’ OmRu held his hands

That’s when Gauri messaged Om

‘’I wanted to confide about Riddhima to Anika didi as we were having talks, but somehow I stopped myself…however I got to know that Shivaay sir is gonna tell about Riddhima tomorrow to Anika..’’

Om looked at the message and then at Shivaay

‘’Shivaay are you gonna tell about Riddhima to Anika tomorrow?’’

‘’I don’t know..’’

‘’but you said so to Anika isn’t it?’’

‘’How do you know?’’

‘’gauri messaged me as Anika informed her…’’

‘’I am in dilemma…I definitely want Anika to know everything but I am scared what if she takes the stress….’’

‘’If you have given word , you should keep it Shivaay..by the way I have said everything about riddhima to Gauri’’

‘’Wah O …so that’s why you were talking about special person, change and all before sometime ‘’

O patted his head and slightly gave a shot on Rudra’s shoulders and smiled, while Shivaay was lost in thoughts

‘’Anyways Guys it was long day and I think we should buck up for tomorrow..’’ Om said and all the three brothers hugged each other and left towards their rooms

——————-Next Morning

Shivaay and Om reached Anika’s house…Gauri opened the door and before both could say or ask anything, she sushhed them

‘’Dii is still sleeping…Shivaay Sir, I will stay back in home today, you both leave for office’’

‘’No…’’ shivaay said at once and then said ‘’I mean..i will wait till she gets up..i really have something to finish it today and Anika needs to be along with me…it’s okay, you can trust me…I will take good care of your sister’’

‘’Are you sure Shivaay?’’

‘’yeah…don’t you know me Om?’’

‘’Gauri..are you ready or do you need some more time?’’

‘’let me pick my bag and then we are good to go’’ Gauri smiled

‘’Shivaay went in while Gauri stepped out , OmRi bid bye to Shivaay leaving him alone with Anika……

An hour passed by and Shivaay was sitting beside Anika’s bed , busy working in his Laptop…..with half open eyes , Anika stretched her arms and sat on bed…Shivaay looked at her and smiled

She saw Shivaay and her eyes then got opened completely

‘’you..here …what are you doing..i mean why are you here…where is  Gauri…Gauri…Gauri…’’ she started screaming

‘’Sshhh…ssshhhh…’’ he came running to her and closed her mouth

She bit him and he withered in pain

‘’Go..go out…how can you come in my room without my permission and by the way what’s the time that you came ?’’

‘’It’s 11 Anika…11 AM and I suppose we had a talk yesterday that we were going to work together in your home…so I am here’’

‘’Elevennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’’ she screamed

‘’nooo’’ he kept his fingers in his ears..’’Why do you shout and scream so much?’’

‘’Why didn’t you wake me up Shivaay…I don’t know how I slept for this long..usually I wake up at 8 or 8:30…ohh no..give me 10 minutes I will get ready…please..’’ saying she put her leg down and tried to get up and writhed in pain ‘’aaahhhhhhhhh’’

‘’Anika…sit there and dare you get up….’’ He came and picked her up and took her into the washroom

‘’Shivaay…please…I am feeling shy…you can’t come with me into the washroom…I mean…please ‘’

‘’Shut up…I am going out…lock the door and get freshened up…for God sake don’t be in a hurry…everything can wait’’ he said closing the door behind

Anika got freshened up , but damn she forgot her clothes…now what to do was her question…she tried to walk , but her legs were not supporting her

‘’Anika’’ she heard knock on the door

‘’What..why are you here…I asked you to go from the room..i need to get dressed up’’

‘’ohh please …I am already blind folded and by the way I know you didn’t pick up your clothes…so trust me and open the door, take your clothes….’’

Anika was sceptical….she slowly opened the door a little and saw him ..and giggled…took her clothes and closed the door behind …standing against the door she blushed and changed her clothes, opening the door…..

‘’Can I open the blindfold Anika…I need to pick you up’’

‘’I will walk Shivaay…’’ she said

‘’No way…’’ he opened his eyes and looked at her ‘’beautiful’’ he murmured

She smiled…while he was about to pick up

‘’Shivaay…I will walk else I will feel I lost my legs…I know you care for me but let me try…please’’

‘’Fine…but on one condition..hold my hand and walk..i cannot leave you like this without any support’’

‘’Fine..i agree’’ and she held his hand and started taking steps slowly , he placed his other hand around her shoulder to give support

She looked at him and smiled , he took her till the sofa and gave her her breakfast

‘’We will start the work..i am so sorry Shivaay, I was late’’

‘’have your breakfast first then the medicine, then we can work…anyways I have scheduled the meeting in the afternoon, so we have time still’’

He got up to get her water, she held his hand when he turned she said ‘’Thank you’’

‘’But you hate to thank me right…then why are you saying it’’ he spoke pouring water into the glass and placing it on the table before her

She smiled remembering her words that she spoke the day before….They worked for sometime and were discussing about the Australian deal when she looked at him being in deep thoughts

‘’Shivaay…what happened? Any problem’’

‘’Riddhima will never allow us to have this done smoothly…I know her…we need to anticipate all possible hurdles that might come up in this work, then only we can face her ‘’

‘’Shivaay…you said you will say me about her and now I really want to know about her’’

Shivaay looked on and she pressed his hand

‘’I will tell You Anika….’’ He narrated what all Riddhima did with Prinku (Same as Om narrated the incidents to Gauri)

‘’She is such a ‘’ Anika looked at him

‘’She is more than what you have known till now’’ Shivaay spoke

‘’What do you mean’’

‘’Anika…I never shared few things about her with anyone not even with OmRu…’’

‘’Shivaay…do you trust me?’’

He looked into her eyes..

‘’I will never say this to anyone and whatever you confide will get buried within me…I assure you’’ she held his hand again and he put his hand over hers

‘’I have already said you about how Riddhima made all the share amounts on her name and how I made her get out from the Oberoi Industries….we were again coming back to what we were once , when one day I saw Bade papa leaving hurriedly from the house quite tensed

I decided to follow him because I felt something was wrong..while I was about to step out…I saw few papers that fell on the floor, I picked up and was about to call him when my eyes fell on the papers…the content in the papers shocked me….


Precap : The other part of Riddhima’s truth to be finally out and the first war from Riddhima…How will the Oberois Deal? Sumo to come back to Rudra and Anika to meet Sumo’s Mother….To know more stay tuned !!!

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      Will give your special wishes to Akki and will also take care of my health

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