Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit asking the doctor to save Nandini and baby. He signs the consent form and says save Nandini, I m sure my child will come to me. He cries. Naitik hugs Mohit and says Didi is very lucky. Mohit says no, I m lucky to have Nandini, I can’t leave without her. Rukmani says Mohit did the right thing. Bau ji talks to Devyaani and says Dadda ji will worry if we tell him now. She says fine, we will tell later. Yash asks why is it taking time. Karishma says I will be seeing little baby for the first time. Yash and Naksh say sister and brother, anything will be fine. They guess what it will be. Naksh asks the prize. Naman says first selfie with baby. They laugh.

The Maheshwaris thank Lord for all good things happened in the last year. They pray for Dadi’s long life. Rajshri says we will make another round of thanks. They laugh. Rukmani asks doctor to save Nandini and baby. The operation starts. They start praying. Nandini is operated. They all get the good news of the baby and Nandini fine. They hear the baby’s scream and get happy. Rukmani thanks Lord and says Mohit you became dad and I became Dadi. The doctor says congrats, it’s a boy. Mohit asks about Nandini. She says she is fine. They all smile and thank Lord.

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They see Nandini and baby and smile. Akshara says its best happy new year. Mohit says the baby is like me. Akshara says I will meet Nandini. Everyone wish happy new year and hug. Dadi also wishes them. Rajshri gets a call from Ratan, and is shocked. She cries and asks when…. Dadi and everyone ask what happened. Rajshri says my Maa died. They all are shocked and cry. Devyaani tells everyone that Nandini gave birth to a son. Everyone is happy. Naman says its good happy new year. Devyaani says lets tell Dadda ji. Bau ji says yes, we will take him to hospital.

Everyone meet Nandini. The doctor says its normal delivery, we did not do operation. Nandini cries and asks about baby. Akshara and Mohit say baby is fine. Rukmani shows the baby oic and says we will go home and celebrate. Rukmani asks Akshara to inform everyone. Dadi pacifies Rajshri. Akshara calls her and Rajshri says how will I tell Akshara. She says Nandini gave birth to a son. Rajshri asks are they fine. Akshara says yes. Rajshri says say congrats from our side. Akshara asks why, won’t you come. Rajshri says till we come, we will meet. Akshara says I will call Rashmi. Rajshri tells everyone about Nandini’s son. Dadi says life is strange, one side is death and other side is new life, two distinct news in one day.

Vishwamber says I think we should not tell this to Akshara and her inlaws, they have good celebrations. Rajshri says yes, we will leave today. Bua ji wakes up Dadda ji from sleep. Devyaani says we have good news. Bau ji says Nandini gave birth to a son. Dadda ji says let me sleep. Naksh wakes him up. Dadda ji gets angry. Naksh says listen to me carefully, Nandini got a son. Dadda ji smiles. He hugs Yash and Naksh. He says we will go to see him. He says he has to play with the baby. They all get happy.

Mohit sees the baby and smiles. Akshara and Naitik talk about baby. He says he wants many babies. She laughs. Karishma says we will decorate the house. Naksh and Yash help her. They all decorate the home. Rukmani talks to Mohit and says the baby is born in new year. Mohit says it does not matter, the baby is fine and normal, Nandini is fine and we should just see this. She smiles. Dadi and everyone come to see Nandini, and say Rajshri and Vishwamber went for some imp work. Akshara asks what work. Omi says some work. Rukmani says they would have met Nandini for some time. Naksh and everyone wait for the baby. Naksh and Yash argue. Naitik talks to Akshara and says you have right to know this. She asks what happened. He says Nani has passed away. She is shocked.

Naksh and Yash argue over the baby. They make paintings for the baby, and thye fight. Everyone see them fighting.

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