Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nirbhik scolding Arjun for making dad’s health bad. Watan calls the doctor and asks Arjun to leave and not touch dad, they are alive to take care of him. They all blame Arjun for this. Watan says no need to talk to Arjun, he does not care for us, he just cares for his love, go from her, leave all of us. Arjun says no, I love dad a lot. Nirbhik scolds Arjun. He asks him to leave. Bhanu scolds Arjun and blames him. Arjun cries and moves away. His mum cries.

Poorvi tells Neelime that she wants to talk to her and takes her outside. She says Arjun called me. Neelima says I don’t want to hear about him. I have forgiven you, I m happy you came home. Poorvi says Arjun is not my bad dream and says Arjun and I are very close now and can’t go away. Neelima saks what does she mean. Poorvi says Arjun and I got married. Neelima is shocked and says you say it its lie. Poorvi says no, we really married and I m very happy. Neelima asks when. Poorvi says when Lakshya stopped my married in temple, we married in the hotel room. She shows the sindoor. Neelima says you married without asking me. Poorvi says just once give a chance to Arjun, think of him as my love, you will understand he is a good person.

Neelima says he is not right for you. He says all this ideals, I learnt this from you, you taught me right and wrong. She says since we see someone doing wrong, we should not conclude he is wrong. He loves me a lot and is different from his family, trust me. Neelima says what if you regret later… Poorvi says it can’t, I trust him more than myself, if I did not believe in his love, I would have not done this, I saw him changing into a better man, he has changed infront of my eyes, I did not see such a clean heart man like him, if he did not love me, why would he help me.

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She says he has supported all of us, without telling anyone, he has freed Lakshya from jail, and he saved me from goons, he would have died, he loves me, I did not love him that time, and hated him, still he saved my life. She says I love you all and I love Arjun too, so I can’t think of choosing anyone. Neelima says you trust your love and its strong, so its fine, I m with you. Poorvi hugs her and says thanks. She says I told Arjun that my mum will understand, I knew you will support me. Neelima asks does he keep you happy. Poorvi says yes, a lot.

Neelima says he refused to marry Tanu, it means its not his plan. Poorvi says yes, he loves me. Neelima says I have to talk to Dayal and Lakshya, when can we meet. Poorvi says Arjun asked me to meet in temple, he wants me to marry in temple, as everyone can accept it, please let me go. Neelima says fine, go, come soon, and come back together. Poorvi says when we married, we could not get your blessings, bless me. Neelima blesses her and kisses her forehead. Poorvi thanks her and goes to Dayal. She says I will be coming back home with my husband now. She takes his blessings.

Bachcha Singh is treated by doctor. Arjun looks on. Everyone go out. Bachcha Singh holds the doctor and asks him not to talk anything. The doctor says you got heart attack. Bachcha Singh says I m not so weak, its drama to get my son on right path, tell everyone what I tell you. Everyone wait outside. The doctor comes to them, and Watan asks what happened. The doctor says he had serious heart attack, but he is saved, he is not out of danger and should not have any tension, take care of him, fulfill his wishes and don’t do anything against him, he can get attack again, take care of his happiness.

Arjun gets worried. Watan scolds Arjun. He says Bhanupratap will ruin us, we have loan of 40 crores, we did not tell you before, if you marry Tanu, Bhanu will help us. Arjun says I can’t marry Tanu. Nirbhik scolds him and says you don’t know our lands are illegal, and Bhanu got us everything, he will send us to jail, we will lose land and life, dad is requesting you tomarry Tanu to sort this matter. Sujatha says dad helped dad and now Bhanu is after us. Arjun says I will not let anything happen to dad and everyone, but I can’t marry Tanu. His mum cries and asks him to agree. Arjun says I won’t leave Poorvi. She says just listen to me once. She takes him to the room.

She cries and asks him how much he loves Poorvi. He says more than my life. She says if you have to choose yourself or Poorvi, whom will you choose. He says I will choose Poorvi. She says then marry Tanu. He says I love Poorvi, I worry for dad but I can’t marry Tanu. Shesaks can he stay without his dad. He says nothing will happen to him. She says its about Poorvi’s life, its in danger, you are thinking only about you, think about Poorvi. He is shocked and says I won’t let anything happen to Poorvi.

She says Bhanu’s people will find and kill you, he has cheated us, will he leave you, will you runyou’re your life, what will Poorvi think. He recalls Poorvi’s words. She says who will save Poorvi;s family, your dad hired goons to kill Neelima, her dad met with an accident instead of her mum, I wanted to tell you, but could not, Poorvi’s life is in your hands. Arjun is shocked and recalls Nisha’s words. Poorvi comes to the temple and waits for Arjun. She thinks they will marry in temple and everyone will accept, and its good mum is with me. Arjun’s mum says sacrifice your love and marry Tanu, Poorvi will hate you, but your love will be alive. Arjun is stunned. She pleads to him. Arjun cries.

Arjun marries Tanu. Poorvi comes and says Arjun, being shocked seeing him. Everyone look at her. Poorvi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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