Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV asks Ishaani why she is upset, he did just what she did. The difference is, she did it behind everyone’s back and he did it in front of everyone. She is still his wife, so he will dance with her as well. He asks the DJ to play to special music for wife, and dances with Ishaani. The family dislikes, Ishaani is hurt with the dance. Chiraag enters the party, RV claps at him what a perfect timing. He turns Ishaani around to see him, and asks Ishaani to see who has come to her. Ishaani says how he dare come here. RV says he invited him here, and announces he is special guest here. RV welcomes Chiraag Mehta to his home. He says it’s his sister in law’s sangeet, and his wife’s boy friend doesn’t come here, how it will work. She must be happy, she went to celebrate Karwa chot to his

home, and her husband has invited him to her sister’s sangeet. He asks Ishaani to dance with him; Ishaani denies getting her hand off. RV smiles, and asks Ishaani where she will find such a husband. If she has problem him being here, he can go away from here, but it is RV’s wish that she has to dance with Chiraag today. He asks DJ to play the music. RV leaves Ishaani and Chiraag on stage, Chiraag looks at Ishaani and whispers in her ears to come on Ishaani. Now her husband has also allowed. Baa comes forward; Chiraag turns to see Sharman and Pratik standing on the stage too. He smiles. Baa comes in front of Ishaani and smiles at Chiraag. Chiraag asks her not to come in between; else RV’s mood will get ruined. Baa smiles that she will dance with him, as she is fond of dancing. She calls at DJ to play the music. She beats Chiraag, as he dances with her. Chiraag makes faces, and asks her to leave his foot. She shouts that she has made his foot injured and sits on the floor. She bends down, and asks if he enjoyed it. She says the way he is a guest, she has also invited the people he has taken debts with. Chiraag takes a leave to make an important call, and runs from the pary. Baba and Ritika smiles, while Ishaani looks for RV. Someone makes video of him drinking hard at bar, Ishaani stops the journalist from doing so and says he is the guest here. He apologizes and leaves.

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Ishaani comes to RV, he was about to fell. She thinks she won’t let him fell down, and will always take care of him. She takes him to the room, making him lie on the bed. She opens her shirt, he feels pain in chest. She gets his medicines, and makes him eat them. He jerks his hand and throws them. She says she is the reason to all his pain, he must punish her but not himself. She can’t see him like this, he doesn’t allow her to touch him. She takes his medicines and leaves telling him to take them. He watches her leave, calls her. She comes to him, he says she takes care of him that is why she kept a fast for him, he wanted to give her a gift, a surprise gift. He gets up, goes to wardrobe, and takes a file from there. He says this is the gift which he wanted to give her, she watches the file. He says he has named the house to her name, from today what is his is hers. From today, the house is hers. The papers fell down, Ishaani picks them up. RV throws the file, takes beer and throws it on them. Ishaani gets up worried, RV throws match-stick on them.
RV says he has seen her truth, and no lie will work now. He take Ishaani’s hand, her bangles break and blood come out on her wrist. He says he wants to end the relation by taking the anti-circles and with each circle he will break all the promises. He says he will not be with her in all her happiness and sad times. The second, he will respect his family and not hers and her family’s. Third, his work and faith will only be with him, and for him. Fourth, from today there will be many girls in his life, and she won’t be the one from them. He breaks his marriage from her, with these anti-circles. He leaves Ishaani’s hand. He watches the mangal sootar off her neck, she shouts no. She says he can only let her make it, it is an indication of her marriage. He says what she will do, if he has worn this sign of her unfaithfulness in his neck, he shows her the bullet locket. He says she gave him injury in his heart, till the injury is there and the bullet in neck, he can’t forget this day. She must also not forget the day. He smiles he knows she has worn this mangal sootar, because it has diamond in it. She can take everything , but he won’t be hers. God has given him second life, but he won’t be able to love her again and forgive her. His wife went to Ravan herself, there will be no enemity with the Ravan. There will be a new Ramain, where I will be the Ram and I will be Ravan.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches RV caressing other woman in the bedroom. He asks the girl to watch him and forget that she is here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was worse. Only the best part of today’s episode is Baa dance with that stupid Chiraag. Ishaani i feel so sorry and pity for you. Ranveer pls understand it is difficult to see for a wife if you are kissing someone infront of her. How can you nullify your seven vows its very bad of you.Precap seems to be worse than worst. First i want to tell Ranveer I hate you. Hope everything should get clear fast. Ishaani do something and prove that you are a virgin and ofcourse you are a Sita

  2. Innaiku episode was not bad..the pain of true love can go to any extreme.. Baa Chirag scene worth watching.. hope MU clear soon.. waiting for patch up episode..

    1. Even i want to agree with Gowth, today episode was worse. Precap is worst. This show is very irritating to watch

  3. Suga other than innaiku you don’t have any other word to use in tamil. Very funny

    1. what’s your problem? if i use.. i always start with tamil.. if u dnt like then dont read..

  4. Third grade, ridiculous ……..

    1. rv u hate ishani its ok..u r nt hers dat also is ok bt plz dnt make urself a characterless guy…den der wl b no diffrence b/w u nd dat bloke scroundel chirag..

  5. For TODAY innaiku r indru are the options. Y u people always rubbish about tamil. Its our mother language. Respect r else leave. Don’t tease like stupid. Jus enjoy the serial and write about ur opinion. Don’t try to hurt.

    1. Don’t take me in a wrong way. I just asked him/her to write some more in tamil. Even i am also a south indian. Not only innaiku she can write totally in tamil. What was wrong in that? By the way what i said was different and what you understood was different. U only stupid

  6. Today’s episode was worst

  7. today episode worst while loving ishanni and having dont in affair why so valgour in your character better one day true come out how can you face ishanni

  8. today episode dramestic worst better options there to treat issues you cant be ravan better divorce ishannai give chance to prove herself

  9. Hi friends, I enjoy reading all your comments. Please don’t fight and respect each other. I’m north Indian and don’t know south Indian languages, but I always enjoy these comments. English is the only connection between us, so please use English. Love you ALL. Love u IshVeer 🙂

  10. I feel for ishanni…RV should here her side of the story pictures are deceiving…i cant wait for tom episode…and how can RV even cress and kiss another women front of his wife that is so wrong.

  11. Hassan if u r a south indian then u write fully in ur language. Don’t insist on other. Wat is the different u said and we understand.

  12. Oh man, today’s episode was so heart wrenching . The precap was even worse.
    What will happen to ishveer? Just hope every thing will be solved and they will love each other even more…

  13. Today’s episode was A sad one.Ranveer U have Bullet locket and she have Mangal sootra.But her maang is also adorned with Sindoor isn’t?

  14. jitanshu badshah

    i feel very bad for ishani but rv is also right at its part because he doesnt know the real truth i am very much sure that their normal relations will restore very soon.

  15. Just can’t see this.
    Are koi to roko RV ko.

  16. Enna da ungaluku prachana.??? Ethathu oru lang la cmt pannungalen da… Cmt purinja pothaatha!!!! Hmmn …. So funny

  17. An earnest request to Sham “Please write in English, I just can’t understand whats written. Pleeeeeeeease.

  18. Nothing.. I just told.. What’s your pblm?? Cmt in any language.. If it understood… Then gud.. Thats it.. Got it.. RV’s fan !!!!!!

  19. Yar in logo ne arijit singh k song ki watt laga di hai pure serial me bas ek hi song bajta hai wo bhi alag alag instrument par its disgusting

  20. I’m sorry Sham.

  21. guys ,ur cmts are funny , luv to read it and i m also tamil

  22. deepa s viji

    hi again my nick name is sunny and i ve poasted the above comment and naanum tamil kara ponnu thaan and even i know hindi (little) dont fight , have a thought we r INDIANS

  23. Wow…. So nice… Too many tamil peoples are share their cmts….!!!! ….. For Hindi serials.. Proud abt that…

  24. RV has gone mad…. I love his character alot…. but now the change of character I hate it….

  25. loved the episode….this shows how dumb ishani is. loved RV he is totally doing what a hurt lover would do. He loved her more than his life. But dumb ishani even after all this hungama she will not be able to prove herself innocent only coz she is so damn dumb. Sorry for using dumb so many times…dumb = ishani; ishani = dumb;;useless!!

  26. i read RV-ishani interview in sunday chronicle. Ishani-Radhika in real life is actually a dancer and she was supposed to leave for some advanced dance course in the US. But after getting this serial she dropped the idea. But what i think is if she really was a dancer why cannot she give any kind pf expressions at all. at least after marraige she looking bearable, but previously it was just impossible to think of Ishani as the heroine. She has really not got the looks and her character is just making it worse. I hope the creatives really make her smart enough for RV. Enough of the stupid Ishani we’ve seen.

  27. Please bring out the truth…..its too boring…..

  28. Mokkai kazhutha arukkuranga

  29. Endha mathiri episodukku tamil serials yeh better

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