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Maharana Pratap 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap and Ajabde bend down to touch their Choti Ma’s (VB) feet when their hands touch. They both share an eye lock. VB blesses them. Hansa and all the ladies leave to pack Ajabde’s stuff that she will need in Chittor. Ajabde turns and looks at Pratap. Chakrapani notices their smiling faces and cutely coughs so as to distract them.

Afghan fighters notice the heightened security around the palace of Bijolia. Looks like they have got information about us! We will have to switch to plan b now as we wont be able to break this security and enter inside the palace. Find out what’s going on there.

Chakrapani suggests Pratap to go to Bijolia’s Haat Market for a while with Ajabde. You will get some time alone that ways. This is how newlyweds get to spend some time together. Pratap guesses that it must be Saubhagyawati’s idea. It is a good idea. Rawat ji tells Pratap that he will have to leave for Chittor right away. Pratap gets thinking.

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Informer informs the Afghan fighters that these preps are done in order to send Pratap from here safely. The fighters decide to attack on Pratap as soon as he is out of the palace.

Patta instructs the soldiers to be on high alert. Inform me as soon as you notice some suspicious thing. rawat ji appreciates Patta for his work. I want to send Ajabde and Pratap back to Chittor safely. I don’t want to give any chance to those fighters. Patta is actually happy that they will be safer there.

Maan is not happy to know that her Dada bhai will have to go to Chittor with soldiers once again. he wont get some time to even talk to Ajabde Bhabhi in peace. Saubhagyawati scolds Chakrapani for not being able to convince Pratap to go to the Haat Mandi with Ajabde. You only talk big. Maan hides her smile. Chakrapani says I gave your suggestion to Pratap. He even liked it. Saubhagyawati wonders why he dint make any excuse to Rawat ji then. You could have sent him back on some pretext. Chakrapani points out that even Rana ji cannot disobey him as he is the Chundavat Sardar. How can I do it then? Maan gets an idea.

Afghan fighters decide to keep a vigil on the palace till the time Pratap leaves from there. We might find some clue that can be of help to us.

Pratap is surprised that Chakrapani wants to be the prince of Mewar for one day. Similarly Saubhagyawati proposes to be the queen of Mewar for one day. Ajabde readily agrees and so does Pratap. Pratap says you can even ask for the throne of Mewar and it will be yours. Chakrapani laughs nervously. Pratap explains that he is his best friend which is why he said this, otherwise if someone else asks for it then he wont even get a speck of dust from Mewar. Saubhgyawati gives plain clothes to Ajabde. Ajabde wonders what her motive behind all this is. Saubhagyawati explains that she wants her and Pratap to spend some quality time together, away from all this security and soldiers, like a normal couple. It can be only possible when you both go out dressed as normal citizens. This way no one will be able to recognize you. Pratap wants to know who is behind the idea. Chakrapani gives credit to Pratap’s sisters. They have lots of ideas. Don’t underestimate them. A soldier comes to inform Pratap that Rawat ji has called for him. he wants you to leave for Chittor right away. Chakrapani realises he will have to act fast.

Pratap dons normal clothes. My sisters have become too naughty. I will have to be a little strict with them. he is surprised to see Ajabde dressed in normal clothes too. He is all mesmerised seeing her thus. She feels that he could recognize her in this different look as well. Rawat ji and everyone will recognize me in no time. I will go and change right away. Pratap holds her hand. You too recognized me after this change of attire. She says I can identify you in any look or attire. He says the same thing for her. let’s leave now or my sisters and Chakrapani and Saubhgyawati will get worried. They turn to go when they get worried hearing Hansa Bai’s voice. Ajabde panics. Pratap adjusts her veil and they both hide in a corner. He tells her not to worry. She says you are here to calm me. they both stand there holding hands, looking at each other lovingly. Hansa Bai crosses from there but doesn’t notice them. They begin to go when Hansa turns to look at them. They have their back towards Hansa Bai. She thinks them to be servants and orders them to cross check if Ajabde’s stuff is ready and packed. They both nod after which Hansa Bai leaves. Ajabde thinks that Saubhagyawati and Chakrapani would be uncomfortable too in our roles when we are having so many difficulties. Pratap is sure his sisters would handle everything. They both leave.

Maan has covered Saubhagyawati’s face completely with her veil. She helps her in reaching her palanquin while people greet her and cheer for her (thinking her to be Ajabde). CK and Chakrapani are trying to convince Chetak to let Chakrapani ride on Chetak for today but in vain. Soldier comes to inform them about rawat ji’s arrival. Chakrapani and CK are worried that Chetak will ruin their plan today.

Rawat ji thinks of closing the gates of Chittor as soon as Pratap and Ajabde enter inside. If the Afghan fighters will continue to try and enter inside then I will kill them all.

CK suggests changing the horse as Chetak wont let anyone else sit on him. Chakrapani sends her to handle the situation outside; meanwhile I will change the horse. She leaves.

Maan instructs Saubhagyawati to sit in slow motion. Queens don’t sit in their palanquins in one swift motion. They take their time. Saubhagyawati wonders how Ajabde do it every single day. Saubhagyawati follows the instructions this time and sits inside the palanquin. CK joins Maan. They hold hands excitedly thinking that their plans have worked.

Informer joins the other people standing there to bid farewell to Ajabde. Maan and CK discuss about their location (bijolia’s Haat Mela). The informer of the fighters overhears it.

Ajabde has covered her face with her veil. Pratap assures her that no one will recognize her here. She knows it but she still wants to be a little careful. She collides with a lady carrying fruits. Everyone here has recognized me or this lady would have told me to help her in picking up those fruits. Just then the lady scolds her for not being careful while walking. Ajabde smiles in relief and helps her. Ajabde requests Pratap (calling her pandit ji) to buy some bangles for her. he offers to buy the whole Haat Mela for her. she reminds him that he is not a prince right now. Bangles will do. He nods.

Informer gives the info to the group of Afghan fighters. Pratap has gone in the Haat Mela dressed as pandit ji. Someone else has taken their place in the caravan. They decide to kill Pratap in the Haat Mela itself.

Rawat ji and Patta are surprised to know that Pratap has already left for Chittor without them. he has never done this before. Patta smiles thinking that maybe Pratap wants to reach Chittor asap with jija. Rawat ji thinks that maybe it is right. They will be nearby only. If we leave right away then we will be able to catch up with them. they hear the whining of Chetak which shocks them.

Afghan fighters track down Pratap and Ajabde. They decide to separate and attack on Pratap from all the sides. This way no one will even get to know about it.

Ajabde likes a pair of bangles. She asks Pratap how many bangles she can buy. He replies that if he counts all the years when they were away from each other then she can buy as many bangles as she wants to, to make up for those lost years. She agrees. The shopkeeper tells them that some traders will be reaching there with more bangles in a while. They have been bringing stuff for our shops from a long time. Generally they reach on time, you should wait. Pratap notices the Afghan fighters standing at a distance from one another in the mirror. He asks the vendor about the number of traders who were supposed to come today. the answer is ten. Ajabde gets confused. He diverts her towards the bangles again. Ajabde has got happy after so long. Why should I upset her by telling her about these killers! He has seen 9 of them.

Rawat ji and Patta reach the caravan leaving for CHittor. Rawat ji questions Chakrapani why he dint bring Chetak with him. Everyone gets worried. They notice Chakrapani. Rawat ji is angry. Chakrapani tells him everything.

Ajabde and Pratap begin to go when one of the fighters attack him from behind. Pratap holds his hand in time, twists the dagger and hurts him instead. The shopkeeper is shocked to see all that. Ajabde misses out on the action and Pratap lies to her that maybe this guy is not well. He is standing in between her and that Afghan fighter so she is unable to see the dagger. The shopkeeper agrees to take the guy to Vaid ji on Pratap’s request. Pratap sends Ajabde ahead, kills the Afghan fighter and throws a bag (of money I guess) towards the shopkeeper.

Precap: Pratap kills another fighter. Rawat ji, Patta and Chakrapani are on their way to the Haat Mela. Pratap continues to kill all those who try to attack him. Rawat ji notices some more fighters eyeing Pratap from behind. He calls out for Pratap and intervenes in the situation. He gets hurt in the process.

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