Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik signs divorce papers

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika asking Kartik to sign the papers, so that she can file the papers in the court and ends the relation. She says when I go, Naira can come here with all her rights. She gets a pen. Kartik says sorry Vedika, I couldn’t become a good friend. He takes papers to sign. Dadi faints down. They all rush to her. Doctor says her BP was high, didn’t she take medicines regular, did she get any shock or anger, any way she is fine now, medicines are given to her. Manish says we always knew Kartik loves Naira, we didn’t know Naira loves him. Suwarna says I understood this on Vansh’s birthday. Manish says maybe she couldn’t say.

Surekha says Vedika’s place is snatched. Samarth says she lost everything. Akhilesh says we are with her always. Surekha says when husband is not of her, then family won’t matter. Suwarna says its about Kairav’s happiness also, would be get face this always. Kairav says maybe they had some fight. He sees papers. Vansh asks him to red. Vedika says its my papers, I was finding it. She goes. Kartik and Naira sit crying. He says we wanted this. Naira says we didn’t wish to snatch anyone’s happiness. Kartik says it was wrong to get her home and marry her. He says forced relations just have duty, not love, I just love you. She asks why were we selfish to tell everyone. He says they would know it some how. She says if anyone’s heart and hope breaks, the person breaks down, this happened with Vedika. He says we can explain her.

Vedika takes some pills. She says Kartik and Naira got what they wanted, I won’t live now. She takes pills. Dadi wakes up and shouts Vedika. She asks where is Vedika, she had taken pills. Vedika comes and says Dadi, I m fine. Dadi apologizes to her. Vedika says you gave me much love, I got this family because of you. Dadi says and sorrow also, I got you married to Kartik, you can punish me. Vedika says no, its my fate, don’t feel guilty, we should be happy that something right is going to happen now. Dadi hugs her. Naira goes and cries, talking to Lord. She says my love shouldn’t become a reason if someone’s sorrow, can we stay happy by hurting Vedika.

Vedika holds her. Naira apologizes to her. She says trust me, I wanted to go away, I tried but Lord made Kairav a reason. Vedika says Kairav isn’t the reason, the reason is your love, Kartik and Naira are made for each other, I was happy thinking I will get his love, I understood the love is just for you, I have known him well, he is living for you, his life starts and ends on you, its good I understood this soon. Kartik comes and sees them. Its morning, Kartik signs the papers. Vedika cries. Maid brings her bag. Vedika says don’t feel guilty that I m going. Naira says don’t do this. Vedika says we have stayed in this situation just places are changed, I will stay with Pallavi, once divorce happens, I will think. Kairav asks are you going somewhere. Vedika says yes. Vansh says I will miss you a lot. Vedika says I will also miss you two. Kairav asks her to come soon. Naksh, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani come. They see Vedika. Bhabhimaa says come home with us. Naksh says yes, you can stay with us. Vedika hugs her.

The bag falls down. It opens and Kartik’s pic falls down. Kairav asks why is dad’s pic there in your bag. Vedika says sorry, I kept it by mistake, I m foolish to do mistake and not realize it. She keeps the pic. Naksh consoles her. Kartik and Naira cry. Vedika cries and wipes tears. She smiles seeing them. She leaves. Dadi says I left everything on Lord. Bhabhimaa says we didn’t think we should send her this way. Manish says we will not step back from our responsibility, we will talk to her and get her back. Devyaani says we should ask Kartik and Naira what to do. Suwarna says before Kairav knows, we have to get them married soon. Surekha says we can’t do this until divorce happens. Naksh says divorce is mutual, it will not take much time.

Devyaani says we can start rasam. Dadi says yes, call them, we shall ask them what do they want to say. Kartik and Naira hide and look on. Dilon ke mohalle…plays…. Kartik says I have thought of it since long, its time to propose Naira, maybe she needs more time. Naira says I have to say a lot but its looks strange, I should wait, Kartik will do it. They collide. She falls in his arms. O jhoke….plays…. They collide again. He falls in her arms. She drops him and says sorry. Kairav asks what are you doing bending on knees. Kartik recalls proposing Naira. He gets up. Kairav and Vansh look on. Kairav says they get funny sometimes.

Kartik and Naira say what’s happening to me, why do we behave like this, like its happening for the first time, we are married.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kitni besharm family mazak bana dia relations ka.

  2. How many times they will marry

    1. Wat a question Appu???????
      By the time 21st century gets over, Kaira would have a made a century? in marrying each other as that is the way they are teaching the VALUE of MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIPS to its audience????, Naira will have a fight separate from karthik, run, put all the blame on him, become Mahaan, marry again same cycle……???
      It’s better to apply FEWIKWIK super GLUE on their bodies so that they easily be with each other??‍?‍????‍?‍?? rather showing this high-voltage useless DRAMA OF MARRIAGE.?
      Till yesterday, I was staying dumb???, because, I really RESPECTED THE CHARACTER Vedika’s decision to give DIVORCE, I genuinely feel it was a great thing from her part???, rather becoming “KEBAB MEIN HADDI” of these two unbearbly sticky CREATURES?.
      They have no sympathy for their own family members, nor for that poor girl, Vedika, and the worst is that the actress Pankhuri was criticized and abused a lot ???all because she is playing the character of VEDIKA, by the blo*dy blindfollowers of NAIRA MAHAAN??.
      Actually Vedika was a much BETTER actress than Naira???, Naira is just always overdramtic, overemtional for no reason at all. All tat Naira knows is cover her mistakes behind Karthik’s so tat everyone will blame him, and later on the blame will put on any other member of the FAMILY, which has been most probably Naksh???, since the Krish incident.
      Like Aku says be a BHAGODI?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ all the time which is the only thing she does,
      Such a COWARD WOMAN, all because Karthik asked just one question she ran, that is where I hate her the most????????????, because I have a MOTHER who has been A VICTIM of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and constantly tortured for my paternity all throughout, even after being a govt-offcial and independant WOMAN, she never ran from my DAD, she never gave up, INSTEAD she always tried to GUIDE MY DAD, while LOVING HIM and HER CHILDREN UNCONDIITONALLY.??????
      And this NAIRA DEVI is a shame for my MOTHER and THOSE WOMEN, who actually LOVE THEIR HUSBANDS AND CHILDREN IN A TRUE MANNER???????, Naira’s is not LOVE, some kind of HORRIBLE INFATUATION.????
      Next is Naira’s costumes, I don’t understand y these Naira LOVERS are hyping her costumes???? and if anyone crticizes it, then they become VIOLENT. For god’s sake, Naira is a wife of a RESPECTABLE FAMILY and also a MOTHER OF A CHILD, It’s not abt WEARING ONLY SAREE or SALWAR KAMEEZ, but it is abt dressing up while giving DUE RESPECT to her CHARACTER??????.
      Can any of those a*sh*le Naira lovers here give an example of a WIFE and a MOTHER, who dresses like her????????
      I can tell u, even the NRI women and Foreigners who are examples of her character in our society dress up much MORE MATURELY than her.???????????
      While the actress is just hell bound to dress like a 12 yr old or as if she going for a FANCY DRESS????, Y all those Naira lovers should rather ask her wear a BIKINI???????inside the house.
      Seriousy this show is really f**ked up, with the the worst storyline. f**king character lead and her equally overdramatic/ overemotional acting. ???????????????????

  3. They didn’t realise about Vedika pain also.. and this idiotic family thinking about their marriage again..

    And this nonsense and senseless couple becomes shy to look at each they are thinking they are in teenage and it’s first meet..

    Worst at peaks..

    How can they think about mrg in this less time!?

    Can’t they have feelings and emotions abt other people!? How shameless!.

    It’s not at all love.. it’s is just —— .. i don’t have words.. shame on us to watch and read this ..

  4. They didn’t realise about Vedika pain also.. and this idiotic family thinking about their marriage again..

    And this nonsense and senseless couple becomes shy to look at each they are thinking they are in teenage and it’s first meet..

    Worst at peaks..

    How can they think about mrg in this less time!?

    Can’t they have feelings and emotions abt other people!? How shameless!.

    It’s not at all love.. it’s is just —— .. i don’t have words.. shame on us to watch and read

    DADI: the root problem for everyone , planted seed of deceit in to kaithak head , to the point he doubt his wife, the girl he has been so in love with . just because he star was sharing more than his. She was the women at home , while the men work. Not this age and time, the family got to eat and women can sit and fold their hands , they need to do something for their own sanity. Dadi you want a daughter in law that you could control and say sit here and she will without question

    MANISH: spoiled son who will climb everyone for his mum even when you know she is wrong . you threaten your son into a marriage even though you know he didn’t want it . you where always found fault with Naira. even your brothers were angry with you for the way you treated them.

    VEDIKA.: seriously which girl in this age marries a man that only his grandmother is like oh dont worry he will change. your mother in law never considered you a daughter. First you had an aunt that lived in the USA and didnt go to live with her after you dad died . you went to live in a strangers house . secondly in this house you find a family grieving where the first wife is in the memory of everyone. engraved in every wall of this house is Naira to top it of , her smell is everywhere , her clothes are still there and a husband whose love has span a decade. then you fall in love with this guy even though you know that he will never love you back. the person pushing him and you to marriage is his dadi and father . he never came to you and said he loved you, he never called you his wife just friends even after marriage to him you where a friend. You should have stopped this weeding the day you enter the dark room and you husband thought you where Naira. no women is meant to be in a loveless marriage and a woman deserves a guy to love and see her as her world.Love a man that love you twice the best advice i ever got. so that is your fault to think as his wife you will change him or content with just loving him. if you have been in that house for 5 yrs and he never changed his mind what makes you think another will. Trust me that will just boil down to him hating you and disrespecting you cause you literally threw yourself at him.

    KAITHK: you should have trusted your wife and shine with her. why is it that society let the men shine and women stay in the background but when its the opposite society believes its not meant to be. You let your Dadi plant things to you head to mistrust the girl that you love and have gone through much with , that has always been by your side to even question her like that , you where dumb for that. You marry a girl you did nto love just because you where pressured too , you could travel out , live on your own , be independent for a while . You couldn’t take a stand , you knew you could never love her and you did her bad there by marring. After 6 months in the marriage call her and say you couldn’t do it , you are not inlove with her and you will never be . have a discussion with your wife without the whole family . We all know you and naria love each other but you must learn to communicate , you guys are spoiled children. its just crazy how guys talk big but when it comes to doing you fail short. i dont blame you Naira was wrong taking your child and i understand what you where going through. but to bring them in when with Vedika, without informing anyone , misstep , lack of communication.

    NAIRA: You , you ,you, do you know how many women in the world get asked stupid questions we wake up and just get on with our day. you should have shouted at your husband for asking you that question , you should have gone to your family or friend no you decided to do a runner. i dont know if you and Kathik are meant to be together because , you guys lack communication , you act like babies. you took a man child away from him for 5 years , if the boy hadnt fallen sick , you would have left your family. are you crazy. you should aves stopped the wedding and let everyone know you are alive and if it where right then the wedding will go ahead. you come to your home but another woman has come to take it . I like how you tried to help Vedika but you are seriously crazy. Why will you get divorced from a guy you love , why would you u hid the secret of the wife trying to kill herself. everything you tried backfired cause , destiny had it in store for you about you and kaithk, Stop trying to fight everyone battle fight for your self . Make your self happy. You need to apologies to everyone and beg for forgivness. what you did of running away was not right.

    WRITERS: after 6 months this is what you give us. Please this should have happened 3 months back and so annoying that your promo is now vedika and kathik deal. End the show on a High. this Vedika route was just annoying should never have happened. if you are running out of ideas , please contact me i have ideas in bulk. This was one of the best shows but it has failed woefully her , its like one of the great shows that started great and ended woefully. (GOT anyone?)

    1. naina a,k,a, yolande

      wow!!! i couldn’t have said it better …

      i read tho that a 20 year leap is in order… dont kno why starplus takes such great leaps… also Kulfi, Yeh Hai Mohabbitein, and heaven alone knows which other starplus shows are gonna be taking their stories into the 40th century … just lol

  6. This show is disgusting .the great naira mahaan should get exist rather than vedika.i dont know what happened to the writers of this show? They cant think something different .they always repeated the same story again and again .thi s bores the audience too much . But still people like to watch this senseless show. Oh !!!!!!

  7. Now vedika realize that she is not made for kartik as a life partner only naira ia made

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