RadhaKrishn 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Declares War

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Radha apologizes Krishna for taking decision alone and says if he loses, she will have to go to jungle for vanvas forever. Krishna says he is involved in all her decision and they are not separate, they are one. Radha says she knows he will not let her go to jungle. He smiles. On the other side, Ayan angrily asks Kutila that he was easily becoming Mathura’s mukhiya/chief, why did she challenge Radha and made the task difficult. Kutila says she does everything with a plan, if he had become mukhiya easily, Krishna wouldn’t have felt defeat and Radha wouldn’t have gone to jungle.

Balram asks Krishna why did he make Radha accept challenge, she told she will not see him again, it means Radha is still hoping that he will return to Barsana again; he should have cleared that he will not return to Barsana and will never meet Radha again. Krishna says one should not end hopes in love, love will get more stronger with it. Balram asks why is he giving more hopes to Kans then. Krishna says Kans end will be tomorrow, go and inform Mathura citizens that Mathura will get its freedom from Kans, they all should reach wrestling ground tomorrow early morning and he will end Kans tomorrow; Kans has a last dream to watch and its time for that.

Kans dreams of prophecy that Devaki’s 8th son will kill him, Devaki laughs that her son has come to kill him, Krishna tells Kans that he is coming to kill him. He wakes up from dream worried and thinks if Krishna will come tomorrow itself. He walks to wrestling ground to check and increase security around it. He steps on ground and seeing it wet laughs that earth stopped sucking water, so earth is on his side and not Krisha as it knows that Mahabali Kans will win. He slips and falls and sees blood on floor. He hears Krishna’s voice that it is his blood and he will have to face punishment for spreading fear in the world and he has to die. Krishna says first duty in this avatar will be to end Kans tomorrow.

Balram informs Mathura citizens that Krishna will kill Kans’ tomorrow. In the morning, Kans orders to keep the deadly and most powerful elephant in the entrance so that it can kill Krisha, if Krishna defeats elephant, he has to fight with his most powerful soldiers and then his 8 brothers will protect him from 8 directions. He laughs that Krishna will be so weak before reaching him that he will easily be defeated and killed. Krishna addresses Mathura citizens that it is time to head towards Kans’ wrestling venue. Puran says they want to gift him a special wrestling dress. Krishna says he is a cowherd and wants to fight in his normal clothes. Puran says Karwaha gaon most talented weaver is weaving divine dress for him and it is their love for him. Krishna says if it is their love, he will accept it.

Kutila sees people from 108 villages walking towards Mathura and asks Radha to ask them where are they going. People says they are going to Mathura to watch Kans and Krishna’s fight. Kutila taunts Radha that Kans will smash Krishna easily and she will have to go to jungle. Radha says let us see who will smash whom. Kans calls weaver and asks if he is weaving special dress for Krishna. Weaver says yes. Kans gives him a magical dress and asks to give it to Krishna. Weaver asks what is special in this dress. Kans says except him whoever wears it will burn into ashes, so Krishna will burn into ashes if he wears this dress.

Precap: Kans say as soon as Krishna wears special dress, he will burn into ashes. Balram warns Krishna not to wear it. Krishna says for Mathura people, he is ready to be burnt into ashes and wears it.

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