Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi’s clever plan

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi seeing the reporters rushing to take pic of the patient. Some time back, Rohit says breathing is fluctuating, we have to give her oxygen. Yash says we have to take her to the hospital. Naren says we can’t take her. Rohit says relax, we will give her oxygen, Raima’s oxygen cylinder is there, Sona get it. Naren says you won’t get it. Rohit says its our room, get it. Sonakshi goes. Tapasya asks Manoj to keep a watch. He says Rohit fed me vitamins tab, so my mind is working fast, now he will need antibiotics for his family. Sonakshi gets the cylinder. She gets shocked seeing the reporters outside the gate. She says they are here to click pics, no, none can know about Pooja’s state. She goes. She calls Pulkit.

Rohan asks where is the ambulance. Sonakshi says they won’t come, I asked Dimpy not to come home. Naren asks did you go mad. Veena asks whom did you ask to refuse. Sonakshi says listen to me, Tapasya’s men are outside, they are waiting for the chance, we can handle police, not media, Pooja will be in headlines again. Rohan says we can’t let Pooja die, its happening because of her. Akash says let her complete. Naren says I won’t listen to her, I won’t let Pooja die, we will take her to hospital right now. Sonakshi looks outside. Manoj says we are ready, gate is opening. Tapasya says click all the pics.

Rohit and everyone take Pooja. Sonakshi sits in the car. She asks Rohit to come soon, she will meet him at the hospital. She leaves in the car. Tapasya asks whom did they take to hospital at this time, maybe Pooja tried to attempt suicide, follow her and take clear pics. She says now my promotion will definitely happen. Manoj follows the car and clicks pics. Akash and Ajit ask the men to stay away. Akash stops the car. Sonakshi says I won’t leave them. She goes to scold them. She asks Manoj did you get mad. Manoj says we have stopped Sonakshi. Tapasya asks is that Pooja, take her pics with Sonakshi. Akash tries to stop the photographer. Sonakshi runs. The man pushes Akash and goes to click pic. He gets shocked. Manoj comes and gets shocked seeing Vimmi smiling. Vimmi asks what happened, why did you stop, take my pic, I will pose. Sonakshi asks what happened, don’t you want the pic, remember any tv actress reaches on top by doing drama.

She picks phone and says Tapasya, I m a star, I can use my stardom to trouble you, you troubled me and my family a lot, ask your men to stop following us, better luck next time. Tapasya gets angry. They leave. Ajit says I have punctured their bike tyre. Sonakshi thanks Vimmi for saving them. Ajit says what a great plan. Akash says thank God you have seen them and told us on time. FB shows Sonakshi asking them to listen. Naren says we don’t want to listen. Rohit says wait, just listen to her. Sonakshi says I will take Pooja with me, I called Dimpy, she will wait for Rohit’s call, she will stay outside, we have to mislead the reporters, I will take someone else with me, they will think Pooja is with me and follow us, when those two men leave, call Dimpy, she will get ambulance, Rohit will take Pooja to the hospital, we have to make sure that Pooja’s name doesn’t come, I called Pulkit, he is getting Suman there, he will the emergency ward on Suman’s name, take Pooja to that room. Rohit says done. FB ends. Ajit says Rohit has reached the hospital with Pooja. FB shows Rohit calling Dimpy for ambulance and taking Pooja.

Sonakshi says I wish Pooja gets fine. Akash asks her not to worry. She says its a curse for my family that I m a celebrity, my family is bearing this. Pooja gets treated. Yash cries seeing the blood. Rohan consoles him. Sonakshi reaches there. Ajit asks is Pooja fine. Veena nods and asks is everything fine, Sonakshi. Sonakshi stays far. Veena thanks her. Naren looks on. The man says Sonakshi fooled us, how will we get a man to fix the puncture. Tapasya gets angry. She asks was Rohit with her. He says no. Rohit says there is blood loss, we need the blood. Yash says take my blood. Rohit stops him. Tapasya says Sonakshi fooled me, it means something happened to Pooja, did she commit suicide. Rohit says Pooja’s blood group is rare, AB negative. Naren says we will manage, we will arrange the blood, nothing should happen to Pooja.

He takes Yash with her. Rohit says Pulkit go and check who is ready to donate. He sees Sonakshi. She asks how is Pooja. He says blood will be arranged, she will be fine, don’t worry, are you fine. She says yes. He says thank God Nishi isn’t here, else…. She cries and says I didn’t do this intentionally. He says I know, I told you, we are 11 people and have own opinions, I don’t like dad being judgemental, I wish everything stays fine between you and mom, I will be fine. They hold hands. He asks you trust me. She nods. He says then just be the same, stay strong, I will make sure I keep you happy, I promise. She thanks him. He says thank you, we could have not reached here with Pooja on time, we were panicking, you have kept mind calm and thought practically, thanks. Kahaan hum….plays… He hugs her. Tapasya says I have to give a solid tip about Sonakshi’s in-laws.

Sonakshi says my mom is a heart patient, you can check the register, she is here. She worries seeing Suman coming. Guard says everyone took Pooja to the hospital. Someone stops Sonakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good Job Sonakshi???, tat was a gr8 plan???, Loved your fast thinking???, you were just superb, and got tears in my eyes, when u said, “feeling bad tat I’m an ACTRESS”???, this situation is something which every ACTOR faces in his LIFE, starting from a sneeze to poop, the MEDIA wants to cover everthing in their life just for gaining fortune???, here PROMOTION 4 Tapasya.?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Rohit is A REAL LIFE HERO???, if he wouldn’t have trusted and supported Sonakshi like he did today, then LIFE would have turned hell for her???, Love you Rohit!! Love RONAKSHI!!!!???
    Feel absolutely diusgusted with Rohan???, HE HAS NO RIGHTS TO SCOLD SONAKSHI like tat, coz he is the 1 responsible 4 Pooja’s condtion, a*sh*le!!!!???
    I feels so bad 4 Sonakshi tomo???, even to Pooja is accepting her, Nishi is gonna interfere, so sad!!! ???

  2. Anziya Latheef

    Today’s epi was good.But I think from the promo Nishi is the person who is stopping sona.Please don’t make nishi negative.And make our RONAKSHI together always

  3. It’s so refreshing for the male lead to tell his leading lady, that it’s fine if everyone doesn’t like you and everyone has their own opinion, for him his mums opinion is what matters the most. In real life you won’t always be liked and even in families you may love each other but there are times when you can’t stand each other

  4. Good job sona. She saved pooja life . like a good bhau .

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