Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabeer gets trapped

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish hugging Kirti. Naksh sees Naira and goes. Kartik stops Naira. Naira hugs Kirti and cries. She prays to get courage to get that person punished. Shubham wakes up and answers Kabeer’s call. He asks what happened. Kabeer says I was going out, don’t you want it. Shubham says I want it. Kabeer says keep money ready, I will come. Shubham says no, police is here, I will come to you. Kabeer says no, I will come to your house, else I will come next week. Shubham says fine, come home and give it. Kabeer smiles and whistles seeing Naira’s pic. Everyone is with Naira and hears recordings of some people. She says no, it wasn’t such voice. She doesn’t recognize anyone from photos. Priyanka says maybe someone did this and has no history, such people are of obsessive behavior, they make relation with someone and imagine things, maybe he thinks you like him. Naira says no. Priyanka says that person can be anyone from staff, friend or extended family member. Suwarna says we don’t know whom to believe.

Inspector says we will start questioning your staff. Naira recalls and says there is no one on whom we can doubt, how can we doubt on anyone randomly. Inspector says don’t go out till that man is caught. Kabeer is on the way.

Naitik comes to Naksh in kitchen. He says Naira is not wrong. Naksh says don’t try to convince me, I understand her, but you don’t like to understand, when Naira ran away from house, it was not mumma’s mistake, you went away from mumma and us, you didn’t think it could be Naira’s mistake, you didn’t think about mumma, I was with mumma and saw her pain, if you tried to explain this to Naira, I would have thought that you are doing right, try to understand me. Naitik says just listen to me. Naksh goes.

Shubham takes drugs and goes. Kabeer smiles. Kartik asks Naira where are you going, why. Naira says I have to go, I m not scared of anyone. Dadi asks did you go mad, Kartik is saying for your betterment. Kartik asks Naira to stop. Naira leaves. Kabeer goes after her car. He smiles. Kartik also goes after them. He calls Naira. He asks her to keep trackers on. She says I m seeing a car, don’t know if its the same. Priyanka says the stalker is obsessed, we have tried this, maybe he goes to Naira, Kartik and police will catch him. Dadi says but this has risk. Priyanka says yes, but we should try once.

Kartik tells inspector that he is following the stalker. Naira sees the cars following. She says Kartik when you are with me, nothing can happen to me, we have to catch that man, don’t think anything. Kartik asks her to take the rough road, we will catch him there. Naira stops her car. Kabeer stops his car and smiles. Kartik and police reach there. Kabeer says don’t worry Naira, I m here. He gets down his car and walks to her. Naira sees him in mirror and says Kartik, he is coming, I m not able to see his face, he is wearing a hood.

Dadi says you have sent Naira there, just call Naira back, I don’t want to try anything, find some other way, Naira will stay at home. Akhilesh says we can’t sit at home. Priyanka says she will go out some day. Dadi says I m getting scared, just call Naira back. Suwarna says please, no one can harm us, calm down. Manish says kids are trying. Suwarna says Naira is facing her fears, we should encourage her. Dadi nods.

Kartik tells inspector that stalker is nearly 15 feet away. Kabeer walks to Naira. Police reaches close. Naira tries to see his face and says 10 feet now…. Kabeer smiles. She says 5 feet…. Kartik gets tensed..

Kabeer sees the police. Naira catches hold of Kabeer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the rubbish is this, how the stupid makers can do that, for not showing any single emotional scenes about keesh for talking this tragedy happens instead for that, they are showing this idiotic naira and her psycho lover. Naksh you have told natik, that his little ass princess not always right. I’m happy man finally you have spoken of that. Actually guys i don’t get it this karthik anymore, what kind of brother he is, till now he didn’t say anything of his sister but always chanting around naira naira such as blo*dy moron he is.

    1. Thats sadly true. I dont hate kaira but i can surely say that this is not the old yrkkh. When akshara had a miscarriage the emotions in the serial was awesome. I cry even now when i see those episodes. But here always its naira. Go to hell naira. ???

    2. Maya-The.illusion

      I agree! This is absolutely ridiculous! Why couldn’t they show some emotional moments between KeeSh?! It’s like the whole world revolves around Naira only?

      I am glad that Naksh didn’t agree with Naitik and is of opinion that Naira is wrong, that she isn’t some mahaanta ki murat who always does the right thing.

  2. Aku

    The way naksh spoke to naitik… I loved it.. he deserved it.. he is never ready to accept that naira can b at fault.. earlier also and now also.. I’m very disappointed with the way they have shown naitik as such a weak character just to prove that selfish mean naira great.. earlier he was such a strong headed person.. thank you so much shivangi for not only spoiling the show.. but spoiling the characters and making me hate you and the show day by day even more

  3. Naira’s asslickers should get a life.
    Naksh finally showed naitik the mirror. Naira was, is and will be characterless andselfishforever

  4. If you guys hate kaira soo much then why do you guys watch the show. Just relax. Yes sometimes it’s more of kaira and kaira but they are not so bad that we use foul language. They are in their character.

    1. Please use some other line now “why do you watch show”
      It’s not more of kaira, it’s only kaira always….. Keesh lose their child but what we were shown naira crying over naksh blaming her… Wow

      They are not in their character, they are given focus because Shivangi Joshi is insecure , she wants to be in every other scene whether she fits in the situation or not. She is the most insecure lead of Indian television.

  5. At naksh marriage also naksh was the victim but he became villan , now also everyone is behaving like he did a crime and naira needs more care than keesh.kaira fans are pathetically criticizing naksh then what about kaira fights how many times Karthik shouted at naksh is not shouting then also kaira and her fans are getting irritated except a few.does anyone bothered about shubham other than shouting.

  6. Naksh is not showing his emotions ,instead of talking about feelings how come nathik give justification for insecured girl.they are just spoiling all characters including shubham, at least they should not blame him for kabeer

  7. why dont cv kill every other character. why to have so many characters and pay them when all they bothered about is stupid naira . blo*dy b*t*h. no mention of keesh at all in the goenka mansion. for oncw when naksh spoke the truth ppl will try explaining him that he is wrong. and i m sure after some days these cv’s will make naksh apologize to naira. and again naira will forgive him and become mahan. i dont know how this serial gets trp. i want it to be out of trp list.

    1. Yes Hardika me toooooo

  8. Aku

    Same here.. most of us want that only.. and Im gald naksh spoke up the truth this time.. naira is just an idiotic foolish and stupid and insecure girl

  9. Rithu17

    I’m soo happy Naksh spoke up today.. It’s high time…this had to happen..

  10. Naksh best dialog ever, finally someone showed mirror to naitik and naira. Whole family has selective memory loss of naira’s past and suffer of blindness when it comes to see her mistakes…. Naitik open your eyes your princess is not samajdar kind hearted girl but a spoilt brat who want everything her way…doesn’t care if others get hurt in her maanmani. You are not only naira’s father but naksh too? unlike that selfish girl he was always there for you

  11. Why does naira not dress appropriately always wearing clothes that show her mid section, dress like a bahu like Kirti

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