Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nanda’s Husband Enters Uma and Kanak’s Lives

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak meets someone at her office and says she will look at their proposal. She gives them mobile bike ambulance pamphlets and asks them to distribute everywhere and promote this noble cause. Arpita walks in. Kanak informs her also about mobile bike ambulance. Arpita praises that what govt had to do, she and Uma are doing, but where goodness is involved, evil follows. Kanak says she smiles and nods okay. Arpita gives her gift box and asks to give it to Uma. Kanak opens box and smiles looking at Ganeshji’s idol.

Uma treats an injured man and assures his mother that his son is fine, she can take him home with his given prescription. Ambulance peon walks to patient and mother and tells patient may have internal injuries and needs MRI and other scans, let us take him to hospital. Mother panics and collapses. Uma treats mother and assures her son is fine. Peon asks who is he acting like a doctor. Uma says he is ayurvedic doctor. Mother thanks Uma and offers him money. Uma asks to bless instead. Lady says if she had gone to hospital she would have to pay huge amount. Uma and they leave. Peon fumes that if people get free treatment, they will not go to hospital, how will he get commission, he has to stop this mobile ambulance.

Bhabho feels sad looking at incomplete woolen clothes of child, says now there is no need of it. Payal says there is a need and reveals she is pregnant. Bhabho gets happy hearing that. Saras walks down. Payal asks why did he come down and asks to go up. Bhabo asks her why did not she inform good news to Saras. Payal says Saras’s child died due to abshagun, she does not to inform her and get abshagun on her child.

Uma and Kanak return home on their mobile bike ambulance. Uma says everyone have gone out and gets romantic. She says let us go in first. He lifts her and walks in and sees door open. They both see someone walking in dark. Uma catches him. Man shouts to leave him and takes Uma’s name. Uma leaves him. He yells why house is dark. Kanak switches on light. Man introduces himself as Nanda’s husband Divya Jyothi Prakash and starts his drama overpowering them. Uma says he did not identify him. Man continues his dominating attitude and takes over home, asks Kanak to touch is feet and not sit in front of him, etc., asks to bring kesar milk for him. Uma says he will show his room. Man says he knows and is not a guest here, asks

Precap: Kanak asks how to be sure man is Nanda’s husband, nobody is at home to identify him. Kanak shows someone to Mausaji and asks if he identify him/her. Mausa looks tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mavisboamah

    What are beautiful episode kanak and uma are magical ??? a little romance between them becomes magical ? now don’t expect anything from cvs then they will surprise us. Loved today’s episode masisa husband has that old mentality that uma use to have he will be a threat to kanak . Love the fact that kanum are together ???❤️ Guys keep watching the show on tv ? and hotstar trp was good but we need to be in top 5 also . Those shows at top 5 tsmsp is much better than them so let make it happen ????

  2. Hem

    yes dear i watch on both even i watch old episide, i wish we see umsa in dhoti

  3. Candiva007

    I don’t believe that Payal is pregnant. She’s jealous and wants everything. They should have kept her married to Aditya so she can suffer.

  4. Today I don’t want to be silent…because this episode made a smile on my face again. Kaanum doesn’t need any hot scenes or any dialogues…a simple hug or an eye lock itself will create magic?….killing chemistry ?.

  5. Meera1

    Love it what a lovely episode full of Kanum charm, their simple unconditional love towards each other is simply enchanting… awesome chemistry between them ❤️. Loved their nokh jokh & Avi’s beautiful smile.

    Hopefully this mausa’ arrival will bring some substance back into the show

    1. Agree Meera I think without massisa CVS have no story line to present to us viewers so now if we want our show to come back then we have to bear villains like massisa n soon we will see more troubles in kanums life
      Episode was good bt I have only one complain that y they r reducng the cast one by one it looks more lively when shiv suman Massa n every character present there
      I remember in old DABH they used every character so well n family bonding their issues everything was there in the show that’s y it was more successful

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