RagLak os : my true love

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so hi friends hope everyone is doing good!! how is your vacation guys?? so I’m here with a new os on raglak of course. . so without much blabbering let’s move into the story

I was standing in the terrace enjoying the  cool breeze . I looked at my engagement ring with a small smile. now a days he’s avoiding me. its been a month we spoke. I really dont know whether should I marry him or not?? its true that I love him . But I doubt myself that “whether I love him really? ?” I think I am. the breeze was really cool, and I shiver when it hit my bare arms. I hugged myself to keep warm. but suddenly I felt a hard surface hitting my back. two protective arms surronded me and I felt warm in his embrace.

” ragini what are you doing? ?” he asked while I rested my head on his shoulder.
“nothing laksh … I’m just thinking about karan…why he’s avoiding me laksh..?? does he really want to marry me or not? ?” I questioned him. and he tightens his grip on me.

“no.. Ragini nothing like that! he really loves you” he assured me.

I nodded my head in agreement . and slowly I felt sleepy. ahh!!! laksh always had that magic . if there is a place in this world where I can sleep peacefully, then it’s his shoulder. I always used to sleep peacefully even in our childhood only in his embrace.

“Laksh I’m sleepy” I said in a sleepy tone.
I heard him chuckling.  and slowly he lifted me up in bridal style. I put my arms around his neck and kept my head in his neck’s crook and smiled wholeheartedly with my eyes still closed.
he carried me downstairs and moved towards my room. on the way, through the half open eyes I saw dp uncle,  ap aunty,   ma papa.. everyone staring at us with a painful smile. I knew the reason for it.
laksh slowly deposited me in my bed and covered me with the comforter. he gave a slight peck in my forehead and gave a painful look and he made his way out of the room. just then my ma and ap aunty entered.  I now completely closed my eyes. and heard what they were talking.

“I dont know why he is doing this??” ap aunty said. I guess she is talking about laksh.
“I really want ragini to marry Laksh!!.. but he instead convinced us to accept karan” my  ma said caresssing my head.
“I know he love her… but I don’t know why he is not  confessing it and not even allowing us to inform her about it” ap aunty said.

this didn’t shocked me. it was not something unknown to me . I thought about day when I got to know about this.

fb starts.
that day swara,  I and some of my friends were playing truth or dare. and when the turn came up for swara. I asked her propose laksh. and when she proposed him he gave her this reply.
“I’m really…sorry swara.. I cant love you. because I already love someone… she was childhood best friend. .. but eventually I feel in love with her. she is my life swara…. she is my evevrything …  she is none other than our ragini… please dont tell her about this …”

fb ends

but I didn’t love him… that’s the truth… I was actually dating karan at that time when I got know about his love.  but he didnt knew that I know it. I really love him a lot,  perhaps even more than karan.. but as a friend. I feel extremely sorry for him.. I wish I could love him.. but I  couldn’t.. I dont know how I ever gonna repay him..   then slowly sleep overtook me.!!


its my marriage today.. finally … im supposed to be happy, blushing,  dreaming about my future husband. but presently my situation is totally the opposite. I’m really restless.  I’m having the least interest in getting ready. marriage is every girl’s dream and I was one among them. but why the hell all the enthusiasm dropped out??

my ma and ap aunty came in and complimented me for looking beautiful.  they took me outside the room and papa and dp uncle blessed me . and I saw laksh leaning against the pillar looking sadly at me. my heart clenched looking him like this. I signaled him to come and he came

“how I’m looking??” I asked looking down at myself then at him.
“you are just an angel ragini …. you are looking too gorgeous. .. karan would definitely faint seeing such a heavenly beauty!!!” he said looking straight into my eyes. the blush which was actually missing suddenly woke up turning my cheeks red .

“karan is really lucky to have you ragini” he said in a cracking voice.
I couldn’t control more so I hugged him. but he didn’t hug me  back. I tightened my grip indirectly asking him to hug me. and he did. I felt some wetness in my shoulder . it’s his tears . My heart pained knowing that he is crying. I felt an enormous amount of anger on myself for pushing him into such a miserable state. but I forgot notice that actually even I was crying. but why?? Why i feel pain seeing him crying?? Why I’m not happy with my marriage?? Why I feel like running away from this wedding?? Why I feel like I always want to be in his embrace?? Why?? a small tap from our parents broke our hug.

I was made to sit in the mandap. and now everyone is waiting for the groom. but I was really feeling restless. my heart was paining . I feel like screaming out loud . I just feel like running away from this mandap.. to somewhere. . Somewhere. . Where I get solace.  and suddenly I heard few murmuring.  I looked up and found karan with a garland along with naina, our college mate. a manglasutra hung around her neck and her hairline was filled with sindhoor. it’s quite easy for anyone to understand that they are married. I got up from the mandap being shocked. but I did not felt disappointed, sad neither. infact I felt peace. my restless heart beat finally settled.

“I apologize everyone .. but the truth I really love naina.. what I had for ragini was just infactuation.. .I’m really sorry I realised it late..” karan apologised .
my parents didnt protest.. thats because they wanted me to marry laksh perphaps..
but laksh interrupted… “karan..please don’t do this to ragini.. she really love you..”

i!!!! who was not sad seeing my groom with someone.. who was not upset hearing that he didnt love me.. was totally broken seeing my laksh begging him continuously. I stumbled a bit seeing laksh falling on his legs. Seeing me stumbling laksh ran to me and held me tightly. Tears, which did not flow seeing karan married, made their way down my cheeks. He wiped my tears saying “ragini…no..dont cry please … tumhara laksh hai na sab teek kar dega….”
“I’m really sorry Ragini…  but I want you to realize that ..what you had for me was just infatuation. … you truly love…someone…and I just want you to realize it soon!!..” karan adviced me, and left the hall followed by all the guests.

“No karan …listen. .” Laksh started … but I held his wrist and nodded my bead in a no. He looked at tge departing figures and then at me.
Karan was right! I indeed love Laksh. ..my laksh .. just him. I was honestly a stupid to realize it this late. I hugged Laksh and cried my heart out for being so stupid… for making him wait this longer. All the while he soothingly patted my back murmuring “shh…ragini everything is gonna be alright”. Infact what he uttered was absolutely correct!! Everything is settled in it’s place.

“You both are getting married right now…!! ” I heard dp uncle saying..
“But papa….” laksh started but was interrupted by my papa..
“No laksh beta… we have decit.. and that’s final”he declared.
I still hugging and burried my face in his chest. But why he tried to protest??.  No idea!!

Soon  our marriage waa done. Our parents blessed us whole heartedly. I was honestly happy that I married him, my love.. my only love!! But he seemed to be disturbed. But why??


I was sitting in the middle of the bed with a veil. The bed was beautifully covered with fragrant rose petals. Dim lights. Candels.. it’s really romantic. But I’m ..  Uff!! I’m hell nervous. Our marriage was not a preplaned one. It was something unexpected for both us… though it was his dream and which became mine too recently. And now who’s gonna come in is not my childhood buddy…not  my cutipie lucky. But he is my husband,  laksh.
Suddenly the door opened and he marched in. I staightened a bit. Through the opaque veil I saw him coming and sitting in the edge of the bed. I waited for him to initiative a conversation. After a long gap of silence,  he began.
“Ragini dont worry.. (what is he talking about..??) I know you are forced into this relationship… (and who the hell told him that? ? He is really imagining things on his own!!) But I promise … tomorrow I’ll talk to karan and sort out the matter (what rubbish is he talking??? What on earth he’s going to sort out??) And then you and karan can be one.”

And this was it!! For me. How could he think something like that?? Now my anger reached it’s peak . And I removed my veil and threw it down at the floor. I put my knees on the bed and grabbing my lehenga I scooted to him fiercely.  He looked bewildered by my actions and moved a bit away. But I just grabbed his collar and asked in
rage  “DO YOU LOVE ME??” I watched him getting shocked. But I narrowed my eyebrows demanding an answer.
“Ragini ..I..” he stammered.
“Yes or no” I asked sternly.
“Yes..” he said slowly lowering his gaze.
Seeing him like that my anger vanished, my frowned eyebrows softened.  And then from nowhere I got the urge to kiss him,  show my love to him. And I did it. Yes! I pressed my lips on his passionately closing my eyes. I could sense his suprise and shock. But gradually he started reciprocating . After all, this is what he was waiting for,  my love. He tried to deepen the kiss. But I pulled back.
He looked at me questioningly.  But at the same time there was happiness clearly visible in his face. I kissed his both cheeks and unknowingly tears flowed from my eyes.
“Then when you are planning to propose me??” I asked in a whisper. He looked on. I wiped my tears and crossed my arms over my chest and ordered like a queen.
“Mr. Laksh… you have to propose me r
RIGHT NOW!!” He gave me a are-you-serious look. I pushed him out of the bed shouting “chaloooo”
He chuckled and sat on his knees.
“So Miss. Ragini Gadodia… (I glared him and be slaped his forehead) oops.. sorry.. Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari (I smiled brightly) I love you…not from yesterday. .or few days ago… but I love you from long back right from our childhood. .. I love you more than anyone in this world… your happiness is my only priority ragini… and I can go to any extend to give you happiness…”
Ahhh!!! At last he proposed. I opened my arms asking him to hug me. And he hugged and sat beside me in the bed. I broke the hug and looked into his eyes.. “I love you Laksh… I was such a jerk for realising it late.. but better late than never right?? I love you from our childhood .. but I just thought that to be friendship wala pyaar. But now I know laksh .. I love you.. only you … and just you!!”.
He smiled brightly like a star hearing my confession.  And slowly he snaked his arms around my waist and asked in husky yet nervous voice “Ragini .. can we take our relationship to next level??”
Before he asking the question itself,  I  know what he was upto!! But I decided to play with him a little.  Afterall Ragini is a well know prankster!! And I have practice my pranks now and then right?? I gave a shocked and disappointed and a I-never-expected-this-from-you expressions.
His smile faded away. And his grip loosened.  I giggled looking at his facial expression.  Awww he looked like a cute baby!! I encircled my arms around him and whispered in his ears “I’m all your’s Laksh… I don’t want to make you wait more”
He smiled widely. And slowly he started sucking my lips and I too reciprocated with same passion. He slowly pushed me into the bed without breaking the kiss


I lifted my head slowly and saw our cloths lying here and there in a mess!! My eyes then went up to the moon which shining brightly, witnessing our love.


I turned to my right side and saw laksh sleeping peacefully with a pleasant smile and his arms wrapped around my waist. AND MY LAKSH IS A PRODUCT OF ALL .. HE CAN FIGHT WITH ANYONE FOR ME.. HE IS SO HANDSOME THAT EVERY GIRL DROOL OVER HIM.. AND HE HAS THE PERFECT MUSCULAR BODY… AND ABOVE ALL HE LOVES ME MORE THAN ONE’S IMAGINATION!!.
I’m really a fool to realize his love lately.
I caressed his cheeks and planted a kiss on his forehead and whispered “I love you laksh”
“I love you too Ragini. ..” he replied in his sleep. I cuddled more into him… and pulled me to him tightening his grip on my waist. And I felt sleepy … and slowly drifted into sleep in his EMBRACE, the only place in this earth where I can get my peaceful sleep!


Ok friends I hope you all liked it… sorry for any typos error. .haven’t proof read! Please drop your valuable comments…chappals and tomatos are also welcomed.. and hit the “like” button if you enjoyed reading it.


With love,
Devihaa ❤

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