Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Varsha to take rest, and she will do her work. Ananya and Naksh get ready to go school, but they don’t want to go by their wish. Naksh says we will also enjoy like you all. Akshara says we are working, you can’t miss studies. Rajshri says don’t send them. Akshara and Varsha says no. Shaurya goes to drop them. Everyone laughs. Shaurya brings the cards and everyone happily see it. Dadi likes it a lot. Akshara says its good, as I selected it. Dadi says keep three cards for Lord, pandit and Jasmeet’s parents. Shaurya asks Anshu to keep one for legal work. Shaurya asks akshara and Varsha to write the names.

Varsha says why us. Shaurya says we also have work. Akshara says Naksh and Ananya would have done this. Jasmeet wakes up late and they ask her to wake up early in morning after gloing to anshu’s home. They ask her to change else they will complain about her. Jasmeet calls Anshu and talks to him. She says I just woke up. She asks is she allowed to wake late in your house. He says no way and tells how Akshara and Varsha wake up early. She says I can’t marry. He asks what. She says everyone will feel bad. He laughs.

Naman says we also want to go there. Devyaani says no, it can become a problem for us. Bau ji says why problem, are they bad to hide them, we are proud of them. Everyone joke about Naitik. Naitik says yes, I m going to meet Akshara, I will take Naman and Muskaan with me. He gets a call and says he has to go office. Naman says its ok, we will go, we know the way. Everyone write the names of the guests in the card. Naitik misses Akshara in office. He asks his staff does they need Akshara at office. They say no.

Naitik says how will I meet her now. How will I go to meet her. The man says I will see to find any work for her and smiles. Naitik messages Akshara. She gets it and smiles. She says we were waiting for these days. He says yes, it’s the feeling which we had before marriage. She sends a pic with N and A written in heart. He smiles. Akshara calls Varsha boring. Varsha calls her romantic. They laugh. The kids have a talk.

Naman and Muskaan come to meet them and everyone is happy. Akshara and Varsha argue again. Rajsri and everyone enjoy this arguiments. She asks them to work together. Dadi says they are sisters. Vishwamber says we gave all the cards. Shaurya says we have also sent courier. He says we met Rama, but could not meet Rukmani. The kids play music and they dance.

Everyone smile and enjoy. Dadi says everyone have to dance in baraat. Rajshri says I wish everyone goes on smoothly. Nandini shows the card to Rukmani. Rukmani says they should have waited for me. Nandini says they had to go other houses too. Rukmani sees the dry fruits they brought and says its cheap dry fruits. Rukmani sees the card and only Mohit’s name is written on it. Akshara says lets rest now. Varsha says yes. Ananya brings milk for them. Naksh says its for you, we made it.

Rajshri tells the plan for the day. Shaurya says we know, but we will have many works which we are forgetting now. Rajshri says we will see tomorrow. Kaki says don’t ask me clothes in morning. Rajshri says you have to get ready without our help. Akshara says she brought all clothes. She says she will wera green dress. Varsha says I m also wearing same. Akshara asks her to wear something else. They start arguing again. Dhanlaxmi enjoys.

Shaurya says we will do dance practice before Anshu comes back, see Naman and Muskaan are on video chat. They meet them. Akshara looks for Naitik. Muskaan teases her and says he will come late today. Varsha asks will he not dance. Naman says he will, Muskaan will teach him later. They start dancing. Akshara asks Naksh to sit and rest if he gets tired.

Everyone see the rings for the engagement. Akshara says show it once to Jasmeet and ask. Dhamlaxmi says why, did they show us. Anshu says Jasmeet will not like this. Dhanlaxmi says relations starts with accepting each other’s choice. Akshara says but she has to wear it, she will use this. Dhanlaxmi feels bad. Kaki says I agree to her. Anshu takes the pics and sends it to Jasmeet. He gets her message that she does not like this. Akshara thinks about her time.

Akshara gets a call from Naitik. He asks how are things going on. She says about the rings selection for Jasmeet, but she is not liking it. He says I remember you also did not like it and Maa felt bad. She says I don’t want Kaki to feel bad. They talk about the rituals being same. He asks her to find a solution, and says I m meeting you tomorrow. He says miss you, its like we are meeting after a long time, shall we also get engaged. They smile.

A wine bottle comes rolling and everyone is shocked seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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