Maharana Pratap 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both kings tell their troops to attack the other. War starts between Mewar and Marwar. Akbar too dons his headgear. Soldiers fight with soldiers while Maldev ji fights with Uday Singh. Pratap kills the soldiers which were trying to fight with him. Rawat ji and Guru Raghvendra fight. Akbar joins in and starts killing Mewar soldiers one by one. Akbar fights deftly and kills many soldiers. One of the Marwar soldier asks him for an intro. I haven’t seen you before. Akbar tells him to think of him as Yamraj, not for them but for Mewar. He continues to fight from Marwar side.

Pratap jumps from his horse and starts fighting with Marwar soldiers. Akbar does the same thing and kills many Mewar soldiers. They both are very near to each other as they continue to fight with their respective set of enemies.

Maldev tells Uday Singh while fighting that he made a very big mistake that day when he had come to ask for Phool’s hand for marriage. I should have killed you then only. Uday Singh in turn calls it his mistake that he was trying to better their bitter relations. I should have understood that you are not worth my son.

Maldev’s younger wife (Saubhagyawati) is in dilemma as to who should she pray for – her husband, her sister’s husband or her dad. Everyone is against each other. Whoever gets hurt I will be the one who will end up in pain! Uma Devi comes there. No one can get away from their deeds. Your sister is the reason for this war. You should have killed her then only when she had ran away to spend a night in Uday Singh’s pavilion. Flashback of the same is shown. But you blamed it all on destiny and are acting like a poor hapless girl. It is of no use now. Come with me to temple. Now our Kuldevi only will decide as to who shall live and who shall die. The ladies leave.

Guru Raghvendra pushes Rawat ji off his horse. He asks him to attack him too. You are only saving yourself. Forget it that I am your friend. This is war and I am your enemy. Attack me. rawat ji pushes him and questions him on the same. What is stopping you to attack me? You had stopped Pratap from killing himself and you are unable to hurt me till now? Raghvendra tells him he wont mind hurting him if he comes in between his aim. Rawat ji is clear about the same. The fight continues.

Akbar starts approaching Pratap from behind but he has to fight with a few soldiers on his way. Pratap kills few soldiers and heads in another direction with Akbar following him. akbar kills another soldier. I will kill anyone who will come in between my way of killing Pratap.

Uday Singh’s sword falls from his hands. He gets down to pick it up but by then Maldev ji is standing before him. Ram Singh decides to help Uday Singh. He throws his sword for him which he catches in time. He tells his dad that till date he has never attacked on anyone who doesn’t have a weapon so I helped Uday Singh ji. The kings continue to fight. Bheels are fighting bravely.

Many soldiers make a circle around Pratap. Bheels notice this. Sardar Prema tells his men to help Pratap as he is the future of Mewar. Everyone notices the same and is worried for Pratap. Prema tells his men to bring the pots full of oil that Pratap had brought along. His men oblige. Akbar too is keeping an eye on Pratap. Pratap kills all the soldiers. Marwar sends many more soldiers for him. He looks at them in confusion / worry. One of the bheel runs in front of the Marwar soldiers and drops oil from the pots he is carrying. He lights it up and the soldiers retreat in fear.

Pratap looks at them angrily. Bheels and soldiers aim at each other. Sardar Prema dies while saving Pratap.

Akbar attacks Pratap just then but he saves himself in time. Akbar continues throwing shield, Mewar soldiers at him so as to stop him from attacking him. Pratap is again zeroed in by many Marwar soldiers. Akbar looks at him and recalls how he had defeated him when he had met Phool. Pratap had warned him to keep off his land. Pratap looks at all the men. Suddenly Akbar comes and slashes his legs. The soldiers let him go out of the circle and Pratap wonders who it was. Pratap recalls the same incident where he and Akbar had a fight and Akbar had tried to harm him in a similar way. He looks at Akbar (who is walking outside the circle while looking at Pratap) and feels that it is him only. He asks him who he is but Akbar yet again hurts him on his hand by crook.

Jalim Singh notices that Pratap is caught. He tells the same to Ram Singh ji who tells him to engage that particular soldier (Akbar) as he is hell bent after Pratap. I have promised Phool I will make sure nothing happens to Pratap so I will help him. Bairam Khan has come in Marwar disguise too. He tells him men to look for Jalal as it is dangerous for him to stay here.

Akbar tries to attack one more time but this time Pratap attacks him first. Pratap hurts him time and again and even pushes him off. He challenges him to fight with him. pratap notices more soldiers heading towards him to attack him but Pratap somehow manages to hold them. Akbar watches this from a distance.

Precap: Bairam Khan reminds Jalal that he has to fulfil his dad’s dreams. Akbar tells him that he has to even it out with Pratap. Jalim Khan is fighting with Pratap. He is sure the war would be over soon as he can see Ram Singh ji behind Pratap. He tells him to attack on Pratap who in turn attacks him without noticing as to who it is. Everyone is shocked to see this. Phool is stunned to know that Pratap hurt her dad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thanks a lot for such a nice detailed updates.

  2. Too much violence…I stopped my son to watch this show even though it was his favourite show…

  3. How could u say this is a violence……today’s nd future generation shud know abt the sacrifices given by our countries real hero’s and everyone shudder knw abt he they had fought to save our land…
    Hatts off to them nd who hv directed this serial…:)

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