Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita restless. Do alag alag dilon ka………….plays………… Raman thinks about Adi. She thinks about Raman’s lying to her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………. Ishita thinks of Shagun’s message. Its morning, Shagun sees the dress which Ramam gave her years before. FB scene shows Raman gifting a Churidaar dress and being in love with her. She says this suit will revive all old memories, I m sorry, this is my last weapon, after all what you do for me and Adi, Ishita will know I came in your life before her. She gets dressed as Raman used to tell her. She looks in the mirror and adores her beauty herself.

Ashok comes and smiles seeing her. He asks whose murder are you doing today, tell me. He says you are looking absolutely gorgeous, so I will spend all my day with you, long drive and then romantic dinner. She says its Adi’s first day at school, I m going to drop him. Ashok says so we can go together, we can go out, book a room, you are lucky, so what do you say. She says sorry, we will see later. Ruhi tries to wake Ishita. Raman asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi says Ishita is sleeping, how will I brush. Raman says I will help and gives her tips. Ruhi leaves.

Raman says you are looking good sleeping, as if you wake up, I don’t know how to face you, I broke everyone’s trust, I just wish you forgive me, I m helpless. Ruhi comes and says how will I get ready, its first day at school. Raman says I will make you ready. Raman makes her ready. Tere dil ka mere dil se…………….plays……….. He combs her and Ruhi shouts. He says sorry. She laughs. Ruhi does not like it and asks him to do it again. She asks him to see timetable and keep books. He says its first day, so take all books. She asks who will drop me. He says you do breakfast, I will drop you.

Ruhi starts having breakfast. Simmi asks about her hair. Ruhi says Papa made. Simmi does her hair styling again. Mihika brings Aloo dish for Ruhi. Ruhi says Ishita is sleeping, so I m getting two tiffins. Mrs. Bhalla makes her eat curd and sugar and blesses her. Raman comes and sees Ruhi getting pampered. He says come lets go. Ruhi leaves with Raman. Romi asks some money. Mr. Bhalla asks what will you do. Romi says I have to show to a doctor. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Romi says I have stomach ache, I will ask Subbu sir and go out in lunch time.

Mrs. Bhalla gets worried and gives him money. She says do all the tests. Romi laughs and says I will go and meet my friends today. Ishita wakes up and sees the time. She says 9.30, so late, it was Ruhi’s first day at school. Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Raman and Simmi made her ready. Amma comes asking about Ruhi. She says she went to temple with Appa, and she got Prasadam for Ruhi and Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, I made her eat curd and sugar. Ishita says I m going to clinic, so go to them and give them this prasadam. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla took her car.

Ishita says I will go by auto. Raman drops Ruhi and Bala drops Shravan. Raman asks Ruhi to go as she is getting late. Bala asks did Ishita not wake up. Raman says yes, its not easy to make girls ready. Bala says I will come with you, as I have to meet Amma, please wait, I will meet Shravan’s teacher and come. Shagun comes there to drop Adi. Raman looks at her and thinks. Raman asks how are you Adi, excited to go in 7th standard. Adi says yes and leaves. Raman tells Shagun that they have to meet a good lawyer. He sees Bala and asks her to leave and meet him at school gate no. 2.

Shagun quickly makes a move. Mihir loves the food which Mihika brings for him in his office. He praises her and is really happy, feeling like a king. She says I made Ruhi’s tiffin, she likes this, I heard you also like it, so I brought it for you. He says a wife of a farmer who brings food for him and makes him eat by her hands, then…. She says relax, this is 21st century. He says fine and gets closer. She runs and he falls. Romi comes late and Subbu asks him why is he late. Romi says he has stomach ache and doctor asked him to do all tests. Subbu says don’t delay, don’t be careless, go for the test, take leave today. Romi says don’t tell this to Raman, he will get tensed.

Mihir comes and asks what happened. Subbu tells him about Romi’s problem. Mihir asks does Raman know this, if he knew he would have not let you come office today. Romi argues with him and thanks Subbu. He leaves. Raman waits for Shagun at gate no 2. He messages her. Ishita comes there in an auto. She sees Raman and says here at this time, why is he at this gate. Shagun comes there in her car. Ishita sees Raman meeting Shagun. Shagun says sorry, I got late. Raman says before anyone sees us, lets go. They sit in Raman’s car.

Shagun says I got Ashok’s call so I got late. Ishita calls Raman and asks where is he. He says he came to drop Ruhi. She asks where are you now. Shagun signs him not to say. He says I m busy, will talk later and ends the call. Raman asks Shagun to keep her purse down as he can’t drive. Shagun turns and sees Ishita watching them. She smiles and asks Raman to tie the seat belt. He bends on her and ties it. Ishita sees this from behind and it looks to her as if he is kissing and loving her. Raman and Shagun leave. Ishita says I can see Raman, why you can’t talk to me, such a big lie.

Amma tells Ishita that people change, first impression is not same, see Raman, he takes care of everyone, you are very lucky to get a husband like Raman. Ishita sounds upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What the hell… This is turning out to be typical Ekta Kapoor drama…. the bad old misunderstandings 😛
    Come on get some creative writers…. These writers can’t think of a different plot…. aur ye Shagun ka character to bada confusing hai…. Usey Ashok chahiye ya Raman… Saali ka ek se dil nahi bharta kya ???

  2. this serial is very nice i love this serial so much

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