Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram coming back home. Pihu and Khush are playing with the baby. Ram asks, who will sleep with the baby tonight. Whose turn is today. Pihu says, they are not fighting. Khush says, never, we won’t do that. We are taking care of baby together. Ram goes to change his clothes. He calls Priya. Priya asks, how was your trip? Ram says, it was good. He asks her, how this happened. Khush and Pihu are not fighting with each other. Priya says, I made a plan with Vikram so that they realize their mistake. Ram says, I told you one plan naa. Priya says, I used your plan, but it doesn’t work. Ram says, you tried to be superior than me. Priya says, she tried your plan, but it didn’t work. Ram says sorry and asks her to look at the surprise. Priya refuses. Ram takes out a ring. Priya smiles. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays………………..

Mayra calls Khush and asks him, did you issue cheques recently. Khush says yes. Mayra tells him that money is much. Khush goes to office and asks Pihu to take care of baby.

Rajeev and Juhi drink champagne. Juhi says, I didn’t know that your idea would work. Rajeev gives her credit as she made him forge Ram’s signatures. Juhi says, you would have tried this idea before. Rajeev says, it takes time to do some illegal work so legally. He tells that his forge signatures was perfect that bank couldn’t figure out. He says, I closed the old account. Juhi says, let Mamaji do the work then we will get the money and leave this city. We will be millionaire. Rajeev says, we can do that. We have looted Ram and can live anywhere luxuriously. Juhi asks him to buy an island. Rajiv says, we shall buy cruise ship. Juhi praises his idea.

Ram comes to Priya and asks what are you hiding. Priya says, I can’t tell you this as I have an another life. Ram says, I can’t believe this. Priya asks him not to trust much on anyone. Ram says, I gets scared of your anger. Priya says, you are the one with whose anger, I gets scared the most. They argue with each other. Priya asks him to accept that he fights with her. Ram says, it is not like that.

Khush and Mayra see the bank details. Khush says, let me call the bank and calls the manager. Manager says, it is Chandresh account, but it is closed now. Khush tells Mayra that person is smart. Khush, Mayra and Sid go to Ram and Mayra tells him that someone withdraw a heavy sum from their company account. Priya says, who can do that. Khush says, he closed the account too. Ram says, I think I know who can do this. Priya says, we can take the action naa. Ram says, not now. We have to catch this person red handed. He asks them to chill.

Rajeev and Juhi come to the bank. Juhi goes to attend the call. Rajeev tells the teller that he wants to transfer the money in his international account and is closing his local account. He wants the accountant to do fast. Ram comes there and says your tickets are done. Rajeev gets tensed. Juhi hides seeing Ram. Rajeev asks, what do you mean. Ram says, what you have thought that you will escaped. He asks the police to take him. Juhi comes out and asks Ram, how dare you do this. Ram says, you really surprised me. I did so much for you. I treated you like a family member and you betrayed me. Juhi says, you cheated me. You kept me in your house for your selfishness, so that I can be the mother for your kids. Ram says, you can’t even touch Priya’s reflection. You will be alone after Rajeev gets jailed. He says, you can’t do anything. Juhi looks annoyed.

Khush comes home and tells Priya that Dad went alone to catch the culprit. Mayra worries for him. Priya says, he can handle alone. Don’t worry. Natasha says, nobody can cheat Bhai in business. Pihu brings baby. Baby cries. Pihu says, she is fine. Ram comes back home and seems tensed. Priya goes to talk to him.

Mamaji comes to meet Juhi and says I told you that I can’t come to meet you in day time. Juhi tells him that Ram got Rajeev arrested and he was in jail. Mamaji gets surprised. Juhi says, I need your help to take revenge. Mamaji says, do you want me to go to jail. Juhi says, I won’t lose everytime. Mamaji says, spare me. Juhi says, you have to go if Rajeev doesn’t come out. I will go to jail and will take you too. She says, you taught me how to forge the signatures. Mamaji gets shocked and says you are blackmailing me. Juhi says, no I am seeking your help else I have to blackmail you. She asks him to give news of Kapoor Mansion to her. Mamaji nods in a yes.

Priya comes to Ram. Ram says, Juhi and Rajeev are doing fraud in his company. Priya says, why you are surprised as I told you already. Ram says, I know that, but I was shocked. They should have asked money from me. Priya asks him, not to feel guilty and says your heart knows that you gave so much to Juhi. She says, this is her choice to take revenge. She didn’t use our kids though. She says, now our kids know the truth. We don’t need them. It is all fine, okay. Ram looks on sadly.

Juhi says to Priya that she will get the happiness, her way. She says, I will ruin you and Ram. She warns her to just wait and watch.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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