Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh showing the gifts. Akshara says its not good to take so many gifts. Naksh says Alok did not listen to me when I said no, you can ask Muskaan. She asks him to remove the shoes. He says no one scolded me. Naitik asks him not to have chocs at once. Naksh says its for Gayu. Akshara says Rama came and took her. Naksh asks did fairy come. She says yes. Naksh is glad and leaves. Naitik says kid understand everything, what will we tell him as we can’t take him on babymoon. She says yes. He says I think we should cancel the trip. She says no, Rashmi can get sad. He asks why should we sacrifice our happiness always. She says whats there to sacrifice. They ask each other to do what they feel is right, and hug. They say they are getting afraid, will our relation… He says no, I won’t let this happen.

She says we have to be honest in our relation, and explain each other our opinions. He says Nikhil did not understand this and did injustice with Rashmi, but we will not let this happen between us. They promise each other and hug. Naman and Karishma play video game with Naksh and enjoy. Naksh teaches Karishma. Naman says this is not fair. Naksh says we will make you lose. They play together. Naman loses. He asks what wish he has. Naksh says you have to take me with you. Naman says I can’t get scolded by Naitik. Naksh insists.

Karishma asks Naman to take him. Naman says fine, and you will listen to me, and don’t say this to anyone. Naksh says I won’t. Akshara gets Rashmi’s message that she is fine and smiles. She tells Naitik that everything will be fine. Naksh comes saying what will we tell mum and dad. Akshara and Naitik think what to tell Naksh. Naksh sees them packing and asks where are we going. She says we are going out. He says I want to be at home. He thinks till they come back, we will come back. They think what happened to Naksh and are puzzled.

Rama asks Rashmi to have coffee and laughs seeing the milk marks on her lips. Rashmi tells about Naitik. She gets emotional and cries. She says Nikhil also did this to show Gayu, he used to make hot choc for me when my mood was off. She hugs her. Karishma talks to her mum and tells about Rashmi’s divorce. Naksh hears this and is shocked. Devyaani sees this and asks her to see around before talking like this, Naksh heard you. Karishma says sorry. Naksh comes to Akshara and Naitik and says Rashmi is getting divorced, where will Rashmi and Gayu stay, I know what is divorce, the family gets divided.

He asks why does it happen. Akshara explains him about his friends, and when they get annoyed, they break their friendship, and if husband and wife get annoyed, then they get separated. Naksh asks can’t they say sorry. Akshara says we tried and failed. He asks will Gayu get new Papa. She says its not like that, not everyone is same, see your dad is so good. He asks them not to fight or take divorce. Naitik hugs her and they say we will not fight, and say sorry. She says we have Naksh always. Naksh thanks them and says I m going to play with Muskaan.

Devyaani comes to Akshara and asks did Naksh ask anything. Akshara saks yes, but how did he know. Devyaani says he heard Karishma talking by mistake. Akshara says we explained him. Karishma looks on. Anshu and Shaurya give a small tea party to Jasmeet and Varsha. They get glad for the tea party. Anshu gives a gift that they will help them. Its morning, Akshara and Natiik get ready to leave. They think Naksh got smart. Naksh sees Bau ji reading newspaper and comes to know fun park ride is under maintenance for two days. He gets upset. Naitik says we will come back if there is any problem, and take care. Akshara says call us if there is something.

Naksh stops them and says he will come with them. Naitik and Akshara ask what will they do there. Naksh says he will miss them here. Naitik says why, you have everyone here. He insists. They laugh. Naitik asks what happened to him now. Akshara says don’t know and asks Naksh why did he say he won’t come. Naksh says ride, I forgot I can’t talk to baby and will miss him. Naitik says you are lying. Naksh says no, really. Bau ji says leave them, we will go somewhere. She says they are going to roam for baby. Naksh says I m also going for baby as I love him a lot. Naitik says fine, we lost. Akshara says we wanted to take you along. Naksh says wait, I will pack my bag and asks Muskaan to help.

Bhabhimaa says kids come in our life and decide about us. Devyaani says yes, but kids bring happiness. Rashmi calls Akshara. Akshara says Naksh is coming along, and Rashmi does not hear this, as Gayu took the phone. She says sorry Gayu took phone, all the best. Akshara says we are going, but we can come back if you need us. Nandini is upset. She cries and says how can Nikhil do this with Rashmi, she loved him a lot. Mohit pacifies her. Bhabhimaa tells Devyaani tha they have gone. Devyaani says its winter days and dark, they should reach soon. Karishma comes and hears them praising Akshara.

She says the dish has oil, is this good for Dadda ji. Devyaani says I was frying something, Akshara takes care of Dadda ji. Akshara and Naitik are on the way with Naksh. They have a talk. Naksh says he wants phone. Akshara says why, we have phones at home. Naksh says I want game in it. Naitik asks are we going on wrong route. The fog covers the road and a truck comes. Akshara asks him to see the truck. He says don’t worry, I have seen it. He goes by the truck side and they pass by. She gets relieved.

Naksh says he wants to ride the cycle. Natiik and Naksh ride the cycle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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