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Ajabde tells Pratap to sit. He obliges. He tries to say something to her but she tells him to stay at one place. You wont move from here. He sits down again. She complains how he always follows her everywhere. How will I do my work then? Will you follow me wherever I go? For instance, I was feeding fresh grass to Laxmi. You came there and told me to take good care of Laxmi. When I sat down to eat food you told me not to eat spicy food. Who are you to say so? This is the reason why I returned from Saubhagyawati’s place early as you came there as well. If you are in my mind or heart then stay there only and focus on the feelings inside my heart or mind. Do you understand now? he nods. She realises that he felt bad. She too sits down beside him. truth is, I feel great when you stay with me. but the irony is it is you who is not coming to take me home with you. She folds her hands before him while he retreats in surprise. Pardon me, I have made many mistakes. I became Bai ji Lal from Ajabde. I met you as Patta’s jija and did so much. But please end the fight now. Please come to take me home with you. Even Shiv ji had not made Parvati ji wait so much the way you are making me wait. Will you come when I will die? He notices her hair. They have become loose. She sets them right. You are right like always.

Hansa brings food for Pratap but he is not in his room. Soldier comes to tell Hansa that Chittor’s Rani Sa and princesses have arrived. Hansa is pleased. She orders daasi’s to prepare more food. They leave.

VB, Maan and CK greet Hansa. Hansa gets emotional thinking that the most awaited moment of their lives has finally come. CK and Maan want to meet Ajabde but Hansa says she is not back yet. Pratap is here though. Maan thinks of DB’s plan and is relieved that her Dada bhai is here only while VB gets tensed. CK is sure Dada bhai would not have been able to control himself. He brought Chetak here directly. Where is he? I want to meet him right away. Hansa suggests sending someone to look for him but Maan offers to accompany her in her search for their Dada bhai. It will be a great surprise. VB looks at the basket in her hands.

Ajabde continues to talk to Pratap while she wears jewellery. She asks his opinion about the same but then replies on her own. I know what you will say as you are a part of Pratap only. You will say that external beauty is an illusion. The real beauty lies in the heart of a person. He nods. She gets happy thinking that she was right. My Ma is right. I too should start practising a little on my looks and appearances. This may look futile but maybe this is what is lacking in me, maybe this is the reason why Pratap has not come to take me with him. She removes her veil and throws it on him. He removes it but they are shocked to see Hansa, VB, Maan and CK there. Ajabde gets up with a start.

VB says there is nothing to be surprised about. She addresses Pratap which shocks Ajabde (that he is there in reality). VB takes Ajabde’s dupatta from him and turns to go towards Ajabde when the bottle of poison falls from her basket. Everyone looks at it with curiosity. Maan recalls DB’s words and tries to cover up. Seems like no one is able to handle their stuff! It maybe Ajabde Bhabhi’s dupatta or Choti Ma’s bottle, they all are slipping out of hands due to excitement. Maan picks up the bottle and eyes it keenly. VB takes it from her. It is my medicine. Pratap gets concerned for her but she lies that it is for headache. Maan covers Ajabde’s head with her dupatta and then greets her. she gives her intro and also introduces CK. Ajabde says you both don’t need to give any intro as I know you both already. You are my sisters only. She corrects that they are his (Pratap’s) daughter. Hansa tells her not to feel so shy. Now that everyone is here, we can do your Gauna with Pratap today only. Then you call Pratap’s sisters’ your sister-in-law without any hesitation. Ajabde and Pratap smile. VB asks her if the Gauna will happen today itself. Hansa says I would love to have you here with us for as long as you can stay, but it is my ardent wish that this Gauna happens asap. CK assures her that they themselves want to take Ajabde Bhabhi home asap. We are more anxious then Bijolia people. VB stands all quiet and tensed. Hansa notices her thus. Don’t worry we will make all the preps together. VB remarks absentmindedly that fate decides some things on its own. She leaves from there though her statement leaves Hansa confused. Maan clears that Choti Ma gets stressed after travelling which is why she is tensed. She will be fine soon. Hansa feels better. Maan and Hansa turn to go when Maan takes CK with them too. We can talk to Bhabhi ji in CHittor. Pratap takes Ajabde’s leave saying he has a lot of work to do but she asks him where he is heading. He stops in his tracks.

CK cannot understand why Maan is in so much rush. You dint even let me talk to Ajabde Bhabhi and now you are walking so fast. Maan replies that she wont understand. Choti Ma wont be able to manage things. CK smiles at her. you think you will be able to do what Choti Ma wont be able to do? Maan walks ahead while CK stops walking. Why am I following her? I will do as I please. Maan jija has lost her mind. I wont follow her.

Ajabde questions Pratap. You dint stop me while I was making a fool of myself in front of you. You were actually enjoying that. He says when I met you for the first time I was impressed by your intelligence. But then I thought to relish those moments. When will I get to see you like that ever then? She points out how he dint even say no when she asked him to follow her. You simply followed my orders which don’t suit you as you are Pratap. You could have told me once that you are for real, I am not your illusion. She sits down in front of the dressing table and adjusts her jewellery. CK comes there and looks at them in confusion. Pratap signals her to handle Ajabde and leaves from there. CK says I came here to meet you. Ajabde gets up in surprise. CK thinks that maybe she felt bad about her coming here. Maan jija was anyways telling me against it. I will go. Ajabde stops her. you are my sweet little SIL. Why will I feel bad about your coming here? CK smiles. Ajabde adds that she dint feel bad when he came here too, but he could have told me that he is here in reality. CK gets confused. Ajabde touches CK’s cheek to make sure she is there in real and then hugs her.

VB closes the door of her room. She is in tears. Why are you (God) making me commit such a big sin? She imagines Pratap and Ajabde asking her to bless them. she realises that it was her imagination. She takes out the bottle of poison. I wanted to see you (Ajabde) as a bride. I wanted to fulfil your and Pratap’s dream. I don’t know what I have got myself into! She hears DB’s voice. The answer to your question is in your hand. you have already committed a sin by throwing JB out of the palace. Committing another crime wont make much of a difference to you. As far as I know, dignity and respect in people’s eyes is far more important than anything else for a samant’s daughter like you. So go ahead, kill Ajabde to save yourself. VB makes up her mind. She breaks the laddoos, adds poison in them and then shapes them again. Maan is watching this from outside. Daasi comes to tell Maan that VB has instructed them not to let anyone come near her room. Maan rushes to talk to her Dada bhai.

Rawat ji reaches Bijolia palace with lot many gifts. Pratap greets him. why did you bring so much stuff when Rani Ma has already brought along a lot many things? Rawat ji points out that he has a double connection with Ajabde. I am her Mama Sa from Bijolia whereas she is my DIL from Chittor’s point of view. Whatever I bring is less in that sense then! I can show my happiness today as the most awaited moment of our life is finally here. Pratap folds his hands before him to tell him that his happiness lies in his (rawat ji’s) happiness. Rawat ji remarks that he can still see the little and stubborn Pratap in him who used to insist upon learning warfare from me. I dint realise when you grew up. You handled a man like HK so well. Pratap gives all the credit to him. the work wasn’t easy though! Rawat ji points out that HK wont go against them now. He will never side with Akbar now. Pathans are very loyal to their words. This is a very big achievement for you. Maan comes to talk to her Dada bhai. Rawat ji goes to send a message to Rawat ji.

US comes to know about the Arab fighters and is angry. They were waiting for Pratap here at Chittor? The informer tells them their story (told by the fighters themselves). We alerted our spies. We got to know that they (Afghan soldiers) had come to from Agra to kill Pratap. I reached their camp as soon as I found the truth about them but they had left by then so I came to inform you asap. Rawat ji is not present here too. US deduces that Mughals would have sent them then. they left from here when they would have got to know that Pratap is in Bijolia. Send a message to Rawat ji, telling him to be extra careful. This message should not reach Pratap as he will leave his Gauna and set on a mission to tackle these fighters. His informer nods and leaves from there.

Maan brings Pratap to another room. She tells him that Choti Ma wants to kill Ajabde Bhabhi ji. Pratap looks at her in shock.

Precap: Afghan fighters reach Bijolia’s entry point. Pratap refuses to believe Maan. You want me to think that Choti Ma is trying to kill Ajabde? That cannot be! Maan explains that Choti Ma is just a medium. She doesn’t want to kill Ajabde Bhabhi. She stops before taking the name of the culprit while he waits impatiently for her answer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Even if maan will tell Pratap the name of the culprit I.e. Rani dheerbai he wont believe her.
    I liked the moment when Ajabde was sharing her views and thinking with Pratap which was just an illusion for her but was standing there in real.
    Anyways thanks for the update Pooja

  2. Superb job Pooja, as usual!

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