Sinhasan Battisi 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen on his land shocked tat there is no mahal of his and comes running brahmdat he then tells raja bhoj tat he has been to the neighbouring village and wen he was back there was nothing no palace no people then raja bhoj tells brahmadat tat from the caves he came to an place where bats roaming around his head and he sees tantriks there and these tantric then take him to a cave where he gets to know tat bhingraj has brought him here so tat he can release him from the jail of book he is in and brahmdat then tells there is one guru who can help us in this and both of them go to visit him while the guru then tells tat lets see wat has happen and with his powers sees tat the bats came around his palace and vanished taking along with palace while the guru tells tat there is no way on this earth to get rid of this but then raja bhoj says tat he wont believe tat there is no way and then raja bhoj along with brahmdat go near the tree from where he reminds tat the tantriks go and tells brahmdat tat he will go back and save his maharani and his kingdom brahmdat then says tat he should be careful and play smartly while raja bhoj says tat their aim is not only to get release but there is something else too and asks brahmdat to leave and he will go alone while u will stay back to look after the kingdom if something happens to him and brahmdat leaves he moves some steps ahead and hides behind a tree to see wat happens
While raja bhoj calls the tantriks and says tat he wants to meet then and the black cloth comes out of the hole of tree and takes raja bhoj away brahmdat sees this and prays god to help raja bhoj succeed and raja bhoj enters the cave and calls bhingraj while maharani vallari who is seen in the book calling for help raja bhoj assures tat he will release her and then there appears bhingraj who says tat only he can help him and to release her and his kingdom raja bhoj then thinks and says tat he has to act smartly and agrees to bhingraj and bhingraj then tells tat he can see the last page on this book it is to be filled with a YANTRAA and he will get this from mhandas raja bhoj asks this can be brought by u too then y me bhingraj tells tat he is blessed with saraswatis blessings so he can bring it and then bhingraj helps him reach mahandas with the help of black cloth and bhingraj laughs and says tat once he is released he will capture and rule on entire world
Raja bhoj is then seen landing in a jungle he gets confused as he cant see anything but then suddenly he hears a music and goes towards tat direction he then asks the singer tat he is here to meet mahandas and where is he then the man tells him tat this is his kingdom then raja bhoj asks where is his palace he must be living in palace the man then tells tat he should go behind tat tree there raja bhoj goes to see and is shocked to see tat it is a palace where everything is shattered and skeletons are lieing around raja bhoj first gets confused and thinks should he enter but then thinks tat this wont be wrong as the black cloth dropped him here he then goes ahead the entire palace looks haunted as there are skeletons lieng all around he then gets scared by the bats around and then feels tat there is something tat is stopping him to enter inside and then raja bhoj apllies all his force and he gets trapped in to a strong wind he fights harder and reaches a place where he sees a bell and then he holds the rope and rangs the bell and the strong wind disappears and the door to the main hall opens raja bhoj thanx mahakal for helping him use his smartness .
He then enters the hall and sees tat there are skeletons all around he sees some paintings hanging on wall and then also sees the painting of mahandas and he then sees around tat on the place of maharajas place is a skeleton with ornaments raja bhoj thinks tat is this of mahandas but then thinks it might not and then calls out if anyone is around and then comes out of palace searching for mahandas and sees a man going by and calls him to asks where is mahandas palace the man gets frightened and thinks tat it’s a ghost and runs with fear while raja bhoj stops him and tells tat he is to man like him while the man then feels relaxed and ask tat y was he scaring him raja bhoj then tells tat he is finding mahandas palace and he seem to miss the path but the passerby tells tat no he is on correct path and if he wants to meet mahandas then he has to go up in the heavens coz mahandas died many years back raja bhoj is shocked to hear this while the man asks him to let us leave this place before sunset as there is fear of ghosts around but raja bhoj says tat he wont leave and he will stay and find out wat is all this.

Raja bhoj is seen struggling to find the yantra in the palace of mahandas

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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