Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini and Mohit coming with Yash. Naitik says you came very late this time. Nandini says she got late because of Mohit’s words. Everyone sense they look upset and question them. Nandini and Mohit say everything is fine. Nandini asks about Rashmi. Bhabhimaa says she is in Delhi, she went with Rama. Akshara asks Nandini to tie rakhi to Naitik and she agrees. Naitik smiles. Mohit gives her the rakhi. Nandini does the rakhi rituals and ties the rakhi. Akshara does some work and Naitik comes to her romancing. She pushes him and smiles. Music plays……………… Devyaani gives shagun to Akshara. The younger bahus touch feet of elders.

They celebrate Teej in good way by dancing. Its night, the moon comes out and the women break their fast by seeing their husband’s face in the net. Akshara says she is lucky to have Naitik. He says me too. He says ask your Lord to keep our relation strong. They say I love you to each other. The women does all rituals. Pyaar mil jaaye piya ka………………… plays…………………. The men smile. Its night, Naksh misses Gayatri Maa and Devyaani looks on. He says he will do the puja as Gayatri taught him.

He says he is moving around his parents, it means its around the world. Akshara and Naitik say the clients liked the designs a lot, but anyone will win and they want their designs to win. He says we won’t win, as there are many people to contest. Bau ji says I think we should start the work now. Naitik says yes, we should try to set things. Bau ji says yes lets start it now. He says we have to setup an office outside Udaipur. Everyone smile.

Ananya says we will see Ganesh ji film in 3D. Jasmeet says I also want to study in your school. Ananya says admissions closed. Everyone smile. Varsha says its 3d learning and it gives knowledge about many festivals. Muskaan also tells about Ganpati festival in Mumbai. She says everyone celebrate it. Naman says some places have much crowd. Naksh says he also wants to go. Naman and Muskaan talk about chocolate Modak. Naman says he is missing much, shall we tell our friends and get it. Akshara says no, lets make it at home. Naman says yes, fine. Naman asks Naksh to take leave. Naksh says I will take. Akshara asks him to go school. Naksh leaves.

Naitik says it was inspector’s call and was asking who will be the lawyer from our case. Girja hears this and feels sorry. Bhabhimaa says its good Girja got saved. Naitik asks Akshara to take rest at home and says he wants to meet Mohit in lunch time, I felt he is worried, there is something. She says I also felt Nandini is worried. He says I hope everything is fine. Shaurya and everyone come home to have food. Jasmeet misses Ananya. Varsha says she will come late today. Anshu says I have idea, why don’t we keep modaks in café. Kaki says what about us. Anshu says lets make it at home. Jasmeet says fine, you cook well, but not more than me. They challenge each other. Everyone smile.

Naksh talks to his friends and come to know they get Ganpati at home. Naksh and Yash eat the modaks. Naitik meets Mohit and asks his problem. Mohit shares everything. Naitik advices him anad asks him to fight for his right. Mohit says he is trying, but losing hope now. He says I m not happy with the job, and want to leave it. Naitik says you have to work hard if you start own business. Mohit says but he will have satisfaction. Naitik asks him will he manage his work and gives him offer of a new office setup. Mohit asks is he telling seeing him. Naitik says no, you can ask anyone. Mohit says you know my answer. Naitik says you can do your way of work, no problem. Mohit says no. He says think again.

Anshu asks everyone to have sweets and tell who made best. Dadi says first keep Lord’s bhog. Everyone taste the sweets made by Anshu and Jasmeet. They like both. Jasmeet asks which one is better. Dadi asks them to have it and say. Anshu and Jasmeet say its very bad. Everyone smile. Vishwamber says whatever you do, do with good spirit. Kaki says yes, like Akshara and Naitik did. Ananya says what to do now. Jasmeet makes both modaks one and gives Ananya. They like it. Dadi says always be united and fulfill the weaknesses.

Devyaani and Bhabhimaa have a talk about festivals. Muskaan says she always stayed alone and did not enjoy any festival, she know real meaning now. Naksh comes home and says we want Ganpati at our home. Akshara says she will show him any neighborhood Ganpati. He says no, he wants his own one. Naksh makes a Ganpati of clay. He says he wants to keep one at their home. Everyone agree and say we can’t stop Lord from coming in our home. Akshara says fine, we will welcome and send it grandway. They say Ganpati Bappa Morya. Bhabhimaa says she will tell everyone. Akshara makes the idol and helps Naksh. Music plays………………… Everyone smile.

Naksh says a letter came from Paris, and whoever wins should promise me you will give me gift. They agree. Naksh says he will read it and the winner is……………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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