Maharana Pratap 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru ji tells them that Pratap will have to marry someone else first. Everyone is in for a shock. Guru ji explains that Ajabde cannot become his first wife. Pratap is angry and walks away saying that he is not ready to accept any of it. US too supports Pratap. I cannot tell Pratap to marry someone else first to finally marry Ajabde. Ajabde cannot go against it as it can mean risk for Pratap’s life which none of them want. Hansa Bai tells her to stay away from all this as all the elders will take care of it. She replies that she always felt that she is not made for Pratap. Don’t know how I got swayed with emotions, saw some dreams but I don’t want to be a danger for him. I cannot marry him even if you all force me for it. she leaves from there sadly with Phool following her. DB talks about how there have been so many problems in this alliance. If I was in Ajabde’s place then I would give up here itself. JB looks at her pointedly.

Uma Devi follows Phool. Ajabde’s problem is too huge. The time has come to make a sacrifice. Phool is confused.

Ajabde sadly recalls Guru ji’s words. Pratap comes there. She hopes that he will handle this issue maturely. He only knows that he will marry her only come what may. She tells him to look at the reality. Fate has not joined their names together. When I have accepted it then why cant you accept it? we should back off. He is not ready to fall for any of it. she talks in favour of kundli. He reverses the situation. What if it would have said that after marrying me your life will be in danger what would you have done then? She doesn’t want to fall for any imaginations but he knows it too well that she would not have given it any thought and have married him. why cant I do it? she repeats that god doesn’t want them to marry so she will not marry him. he agrees to take care of himself and have double safety precautions. She has learnt that they can never win from their fate. We can fight however much we want to but fate will win in the end. I am going inside to tell everyone that I will not marry you. She leaves while he sadly recalls her words.

Ajabde recalls his stance while she heads inside. Phool meets her. ajabde is going to declare her decision. Phool encourages her never to give up. You cannot decide alone. It should be a mutual thing between you and Pratap. Ajabde has had a word with Pratap. He will agree soon. He is shocked right now because of everything. Phool is surprised. How can you be so calm? Ajabde already knew that something will go wrong for sure. You know how I get to know everything. She goes inside.

JB assures Hansa that everything will be fine but Hansa is sad for her daughter. Don’t know what God has planned for her. Mamrak jia agrees with her. we feel so helpless. US too is feeling the same. If Pratap does not marry Ajabde then he too will break down. Uma Devi wants to suggest something but just then Phool and Ajabde reach there. Phool declines to do what she had been told earlier by Uma Devi. Maldev tells her to let Uma Devi speak. Uma Devi tells them that Pratap can marry someone else. US replies that they have already rejected the idea. Phool supports him while Maldev wants them to hear Uma Devi first. She proposes to get Phool married to Pratap first and then with Ajabde. Everyone is shocked. US counters that they all know that Pratap wants to marry Ajabde. DB adds that no one is against it but right now this is the only solution. She asks Hansa whether she wants Ajabde to marry Pratap as well or if she doesn’t want Ajabde to marry Pratap at all. Rana ji too had 4 Rani’s. After a few years it doesn’t matter as to why Rana ji married someone. Phool and Pratap are friends. What more do you want in this age for a marriage? I think that this is the simplest way to get out of this problem. Rest is up to you. Maldev remarks that maybe the destiny has made up its mind to make us relatives. Intentionally or unintentionally, Pratap stopped us for the engagement. This is destiny’s game after all. The more we are trying to avoid it things come back to Phool and Pratap’s marriage. I say that you should not think about it too much. Marwar and Mewar will unite plus Phool will get the man of her choice. Phool tells them to stop. Would someone ask me what I want? Am I puppet in your hands? Ajabde tells her to think about it atleast. Phool doesn’t want to think about it. pratap wants to marry you and I don’t want to come in your way as you are my best friend. Maldev tries to explain her but she has made up her mind. She leaves from there but Ajabde assures them that she will make Phool agree very soon.

Phool has locked herself in her room. Ajabde tries to get her to open the door but Phool does not want to talk about it. Ajabde comes inside from the other side. phool tries to go but Ajabde stops her. think about what your grandmother is saying. She is right and you should agree to marry Pratap. I don’t have any problem with it. phool calls it wrong but Ajabde tells her not to worry when she has no problem. I have been with you since childhood now life is giving me a chance to be with you for life. What’s wrong in it? phool tells her that it isn’t about Ajabde or Phool. What if I don’t want to marry Pratap? Ajabde cannot believe it. I know that Pratap gave you this gajra. Phool agrees. But it was for you. Ajabde knows it well that she doesn’t like ornaments made from flowers yet she put it as Pratap got it. We cannot hide things. It is difficult for both of us. Our feelings show on our face. Say yes for the wedding and marry him. This is the best thing for all of us. Phool agrees that it maybe that she still has feelings for Pratap but don’t think that I will say for him. Even if I say yes then I will say yes only for you so that you get the happiness that you deserve. This is what Ajabde has been trying to explain him. If you don’t marry him then someone else might marry him some day which can complicate things. What if some third girl marries him? recall what happened at the Gangaur puja in Chittor. Phool gets worried and Ajabde tells her to marry Pratap. Phool says that she will only agree for it for their sake. I am ready but on one condition – you will have to marry him right after I marry him. you cannot back down then. Phool knows Ajabde too well. You love making sacrifices so promise me that you too will marry him after my marriage. Ajabde finally promises her that she will marry. Phool goes out to tell everyone about the same.

Hansa comes to talk to her daughter. She knows it too well that she has made Phool agree for the marriage. You know what you are doing? When two friends or sister become the wife of the same man then conditions turn unfortunate for both of them. ajabde knows what she is doing. Let them both marry first.

Maldev is glad at the news. Uma Devi and DB are happy too. US remarks that he has seen new examples of friendship, relations in this whole process. I have never experienced something like this in my life. JB is doubtful if Pratap will agree for it. US offers to talk to him but Maldev wants to do it for him. JB and US agree.

Maldev ji requests Pratap to agree for his engagement with Phool. If you say no then you will lose out on both Phool and Ajabde. Pratap is in a fix but Maldev ji uses the situation. Ajabde wont marry you until the problem is sorted and if she says no once then even Phool wont marry you. You should think fast and relieve us from this tension.

Pratap walks in the corridor. Phool and Ajabde are there too but away from Pratap’s view. Phool is really worried as she had not come here for this. Ajabde can understand her situation. But now you are going to marry Pratap. She pushes her slightly and Phool and Pratap look at each other awkwardly. Phool asks him if he has made up his mind to marry her. He agrees. She appreciates her bade daata’s convincing skills. He tells her that he has only agreed for it as he can marry Ajabde after this only. Phool too has said yes for Ajabde. He tells her to let things take their own course. They both go separate ways. Phool doesn’t look happy though.

The palace is under decoration for the event. Hansa Bai and Mamrak ji are sad. They decide not to show their pain to anyone as it can hamper the happiness of other people. US calls Mamrak ji. He wants him to be present in this engagement and wedding as his brother. Mamrak ji agrees. Maldev ji seeks his permission to get the engagement done here. Mamrak ji has already started the preps. The engagement will happen here while the wedding will take place in Chittor. US agrees to get all the other preps done as well. Chakrapani returns. US is pleased to see him. Chakrapani feels something fishy. JB tells him about the recent happenings which shock him. Uma Devi does not want to go in the details. You should support your friend in this decision.

Chakrapani tells Pratap not to give in so easily. Pratap cannot help it as he has no other option to marry Ajabde. This has been made important by your FIL. No one is even ready to contest him. Chakrapani tries to talk about Ajabde’s kundli but Pratap stops him. I have made up my mind with a lot of difficulty. If something goes wrong now then I will leave everything and run away from here. Saubhagyawati takes her husband from there.

Chakrapani is upset that things went wrong. Saubhagyawati hasn’t given up. She remembers it well that he had told them on their wedding day that Pratap and Ajabde are made for each other. He goes to talk to Ajabde.

Ajabde is helping Phool in getting ready. She wonders what necklace to wear. DB tells her not to include just about anyone while making decisions as she is going to be the Rani of Mewar especially those who are lower than you. Ajabde agrees with her. you choose for yourself. Everything suits you anyways. Phool denies. I very well know what I should do. She is trying to make you look down. You are innocent which is why you do not understand it. Uma Devi tells her to keep her etiquettes in check. DB is my sister and your would be MIL too. Phool composes herself. She tells Ajabde very clearly that for her it is crystal clear that she is not marrying Pratap. I am only doing it for you so that you can marry him one day. I will do anything to make it possible. If I had another way then I would never marry him. I want to divert all my time in getting ready as I have very less time. Uma Devi leaves while DB eyes them both with wonder / anger / confusion.

All the preps are under process. JB asks US if they forgot to invite someone. They hear Maldev ji praising VB for being a good wife. VB recalls all the past events worriedly. US interrupts them. VB has fulfilled her responsibilities very nicely and is continuing to do so. Something special? Maldev ji denies. I only wanted to see the preps. He leaves and VB too leaves from there sadly. JB can understand her position and tells US about the same. You should stay with her as much as you can.

DB is irked with Phool’s beahviour. She is no less than Ajabde. I am scared about what will happen when they both will come to the palace. Uma Devi compares Phool with wet sand. She will turn into whatever you want to in time. Right now she is under the spell of friendship. As soon as it will go down Maldev’s blood will speak as she is his granddaughter after all. Uma Devi is in no mood to let Pratap marry Ajabde. I wont let it happen. I will not let Ajabde marry at all once Phool gets married to Pratap. DB smiles.

Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati find the truth about the fake kundli. Someone has changed the kundli. They ask a daasi about Phool and are shocked to know that she has left for the engagement hall with Ajabde.

Everyone has gathered for the engagement. Pratap takes his seat. Guru ji starts the ritual. JB can see her son’s pain. US says pain is an integral part of everyone’s life. The best thing is that we should learn to rule over it. I have to learn it from my son as to how to walk with a raised head where nothing is going as per your wish. They all hear the sound of anklets and look in that direction. A girl walks in veil towards Pratap and sits down in the mandap in front of him. JB looks around for Ajabde. Uma Devi tells her that the engagement concerns her granddaughter and Pratap. Both of them are here yet you are more concerned about Ajabde. DB feels that Ajabde might not be able to see all this. I too don’t feel happy to see her thus. JB too knows the situation very well. You don’t have to repeat the situation every now and then. DB apologizes. Mamrak ji tells Guru ji to start the process. Guru ji explains the complete ritual. VB wonders why the bride has covered her whole face with the veil when its all family members here. Pratap tells her to let it be if she is feeling shy. DB thinks that Phool is never this shy. She shows an inclination see the face of his bride and lifts the veil. She and everyone is shocked to see that it is Ajabde in Phool’s place except Pratap, Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati.

Precap: Maldev is strictly against Ajabde and Pratap’s marriage. Pratap tells his father that someone here surely doesn’t want him to marry Ajabde which is why so many problems are turning up for no reason. Uma Devi coughs. DB says only such person will plot such thing who is interested in getting Phool married to Pratap. Akbar mounts his horse to go for the war against Rajputana. Bairam Khan wants to join Akbar and if he cannot then he tells him to kill him with his horse. Bairam Khan sees a bad dream and wakes up screaming for Jalal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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