Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Emily saying about Sooraj and Sandhya’s wedding anniversary and they will celebrate it. Mohit shows the pic collage and everyone is glad seeing it. Babasa asks what should we do. Mohit says ut has to be their best anniversary and we have to plan. He says what everyone has to do. He asks Vikram to get a designer cloth for Sooraj. Meenakshi says she will get a saree for Sandhya. Emily says we have much work at home, like decorations and cooking. Babasa says they made us happy, Sooraj and Sandhya do so much for family, even risk life, now its our turn, lets do this and give them some gifts. Sooraj comes and everyone see him. Mohit hides the collage and says yes Babasa, and changes topic. He says Sandhya should go with Sooraj to Dubai.

Babasa says what are you saying. Mohit says its good Sooraj came and signs Babasa. Laxman says everyone made plan to send you and Sandhya abroad. Everyone say yes. Sooraj asks where. Laxman says Dubai. Sooraj says you all know Sandhya is so busy. He says don’t know will she get leave or not. Meenakshi asks where is Sandhya. Sooraj tells them about Sandhya’s hand sores by the bad mahendi. He says she went to the mahendi woman. Bhabho says you should have told me at night, I would have given haldi, is she fine. He says yes. Meenakshi says she will get fine, but she should teach a lesson to that mahendi seller.

Sandhya is shocked seeing just plain land at the Dhaba place. She says I remember it was here, where did it go. She sees the pole marks and shows the driver. She says someone took it. He says yes, I remember. She says how can the Dhaba disappear. She sees a man and talks to him asking about the Dhaba.The man says there was no Dhaba here. He says I pass from this place daily. She asks sure. He says why will I lie to you. She says fine, you can go. Disha comes to Sooraj and greets him as Mr Sunny (Sooraj). She acts sweet and asks about Sandhya.

He says she went to Dhaba and will find the mahendi woman. She smiles and asks really. He says yes. Sandhya says its strange, how can the Dhaba go in a night. He says I went from here many times, and I was shocked seeing Dhaba here yesterday and today its gone, I think its fishy. Disha shows languages and says she will write dishes name in many languages. He says he knows only two languages. She says its her work and she will manage. He says you are very hardworking. She says you see our stall will be most talked. She says her work is done, so she will show some pics and he has to cook that sweets. He says fine, but how.

She says she will help him. He says he will do it, if she challenges him. She says good I like it. She takes out a book and writes something. Sooraj tells some sweets. She talks to him. He says he likes to accept challenge and asks her to show what to make. He is shocked to see a bomb figure. He thinks about RK. He smiles. He asks whats this, is this a joke. She says why. He says its a bomb. She says you have to make it, as its a challenge. He tears the paper. Pushps scolds Chavi as milk was boiling and its costly these days. Chavi sees Dilip. Dilip hears all this and calls Chavi. She says you got ready, sit here, I will get milk. She goes to kitchen. She gets half glass milk for herself to shown down Pushpa in Dilip’s eyes. She gives them full glass milk. Dilip notices her half glass. He asks what happened, why is this half. Pushpa asks the same. Dilip says you like the milk a lot. Chavi says Pushpa’s lines. Dilip looks at Pushpa. Chavi says she will cut down milk intake. Dilip says no need, you will not cut things, take my glass. He gives her full glass and asks her not to care about milk cost. He gets angry on Pushpa and leaves without having breakfast. Pushpa asks Chavi not to do this, as its wrong.

Chavi says what did I do, I m doing what you said, you said milk is costly, so I cut down, but see Dilip got angry. Pushpa leaves. Chavi smiles. Disha says its was fake designs, this is real one. He is relieved. She says she was joking, and says she can fool anyone. He says no, she can’t fool someone, its Sandhya. She says she likes challenges, and will win over Sandhya one day. Sooraj smiles. Sandhya says how can anyone do this, our route was top secret, how can anyone know it, it was not decided to wait here. She thinks about RK asking her to apply mahendi.

Zakir sees RK on CCTV camera videos. He is seen exercising and yoga. The jailer says he asked for Ramayan. Zakir asks why. Jailer says they are going his wishes fulfilled as he is going to die, he called for a pandit too in morning. Zakir says as far as I know him, he can’t be afraid of death, why did he turn into religious one. Sandhya comes there and says Zakir, being religious is to regret and it should have heart change, RK can never realize his mistakes, so he won’t ever regret, he has some plan in his mind and we have to find out.

Sandhya talks to RK and says she will take him to hang, and till then she will not sleep peacefully. He says you will be sleeping and he will go from under her security.

Update Credit to: Amena

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