Uttaran 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi continues to plead to all of them to save her from this man but he keeps moving towards the exit. Zubeida looks on helplessly.

Meethi tries to break free but in vain. He tells her to go to Ansari if she wants to but she should talk to someone first before going. He calls his guy who gives the phone to Akash. Meethi stops in her tracks as she hears his voice. She is very much worried for him. asgar and the other guy take their phone away. meethi asks about Akash while Asgar tells her to go to Ansari if she wants to. It is your decision. Choose who you want to go to – your husband or Ansari. I am fulfilling my promise. Now you both can be together for forever. Don’t tell me again that I dint give you any chance. She sits in the car resignedly and wipes her tears.

Kajri opens the door and Malvika stumbles. Kajri gives her support and then Malvika controls herself and heads to her room. Kajri wonders if she was drunk. Maiyya has been waiting for Malvika. She apologizes to her and lies that she had gone to meet her beggar friend. ekadish can smell liquor. I know this smell very well. Malvika lies that there’s a liquor factory near my friend’s place. The stink might be coming from my clothes. She goes to take a bath. Kajri looks at her suspiciously.

Ashfaque continues to wait for Ansari. He is worried about Meethi too. Nilofer calls him and tells him to come home asap. Your Ammi has thrown Meethi out of this house. She tells him everything in mute. He agrees to come over right away.

Malvika peeks at Sankrant from outside his room and smiles. She calls Ambika and tells her that Sankrant is all alone. Will you not call him in your sweet voice? Do it fast as I want to see his reaction. Sankrant gets a call and is shocked to hear Ambika’s voice. She tells him that she is out of jail. I was released earlier owing to my good behaviour. I have changed. I have realised all my mistakes and want your forgiveness. Please forgive me once. Seeing hatred in your eyes is the biggest punishment in the world for me. you are still my husband. If you will forgive me then I will prove it that I have changed. I will show you that I can be a good wife, a good DIL. You can give me one chance atleast. He continues to shake his head angrily and breaks the phone by throwing it on the floor. Malvika walks inside just when he was heading out of the room. She acts all concerned. He goes out after telling her curtly that he is alright. She sits down to pick the broken pieces of the phone. Kajri is surprised to see her there. Malvika tells her that she was picking up the pieces of the phone. She asks the same question to Kajri who has come here to keep Sankrant’s clothes in his room. Malvika tells her not to worry about all these small things. I stay idle so I will handle it. kajri replies that she likes doing all kinds of work. Malvika doubts her intentions. You want to win his heart by doing all this. You are trying to fill colours in your life? Everyone should get to know what you are dreaming. She stops Kajri and offers to get lemon water for her. kajri declines initially but then agrees. Malvika is up to something while Kajri continues arranging the stuff in Sankrant’s room.

Damini prays for Meethi. I feel that we should not have decided to go to Jammu and all this would not have happened. Jogi comes there with some papers. He tells her that no one can understand the games of destiny. she tells him that I have assured her but I am all scared. Will everything be alright there? He nods. I have told about Meethi’s phone call. There will be inquiry for sure but I don’t know what and how. These are your papers. It has a letter about you and necessary papers for Meethi and Akash. I had a word with the delegates. They are ready to help you. Ask the anything that you want. Everything will be fine. She nods. They have to leave now.

Maiyya is showing her son’s kundli to a priest. Kajri is doing some work nearby while Malvika brings lemon water for everyone. Malvika gives it to Maiyya, priest and finally to Kajri. Malvika watches her intently as Kajri drinks it. malvika has added alcohol in it. now you will do some mistake and I will throw you out of Sankrant’s life for forever. That will pave way for Ambika to return in this home. Kajri is having a tough time drinking it.

Mr. Mehta has got a new taxi for Mukta. It was registered two days ago only. She is wearing a driver’s uniform. Mr. Mehta introduces her to his other drivers and tells them to guide her about her route and taxi stand. They assure her that they will take care of her. Mukta is happy to joint them.

Ashfaque comes home. Ammi questions him if he has any idea about what happened here. He knows it as Nilofer has told him everything. Why did you send Meethi? she is happy that that bad woman is gone. Do you have any idea as to how she has blamed your elder brother? She was calling him a murderer. He tells her that she was not wrong. He is not just a killer but. She is in no mood to listen to it. don’t know what magic she has done on you. She wont be at peace ever. He walks up to his bhabhi. Tell me where Meethi has gone. She tells him that Asgar has taken her to Ansari. He is worried what if Asgar plays another game with Meethi. I will have to go. He is going to police station. Ammi is strictly against it. you have no relation with her. He tells them Meethi is his wife. They all tell him that they have come to know the truth. Ashfaque is not ready to stop today. asgar is not just Meethi’s enemy but he is a threat to whole humanity. I wont let him ruin Meethi ‘s life like this. Ammi tries to stop him but in vain. She pleads her husband to stop him. Zubeida feels sad.

Asgar brings Meethi to where he has kept Akash. He is really ill (down with fever and very weak). She tells him everything about Asgar. Asgar tells her to be happy as he has united her with her husband. Still I will make sure that you both are able to reach heaven. You can continue your love there. She asks Asgar to take Akash to some doc but Asgar doesn’t want it. What’s the use of it? How many days will he live now? meethi tries to slap him but he holds her hand. Akash shouts at Asgar to leave her hand. Asgar tells Meethi not to commit this crime. He tells his guy to tie her as well.

Precap: ASgar comes to ask Meethi and Akash about their decision. Meethi agrees to become a human bomb.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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