Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara making jewelry design and hearing Bhabhimaa and Devyaani having a talk. Devyaani asks Akshara to have some time and rest. Bhabhimaa makes her eat snacks and sees the designs of mangalsutra. She shows it to Devyaani. Devyaani asks her to make it for her and Karishma. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to make one for Muskaan also. They ask Akshara why does she look worried. Akshara says no, work is more. Bhabhimaa says don’t do much work, I will ask Naitik. Akshara says no, Naitik did not say anything. Alok comes and says Akshara is right. He smiles and greets them.

He says its not Naitik’s mistake, Akshara does lots of work. He says he wants to talk to Akshara. She goes with him. Rama comes and greets them, Bhabhimaa asks is everything fine. Rama says yes, I want to talk something. Akshara asks Alok to say everything if he regards her a friend. He says thanks, actually…. Rama says I m worried for Rashmi’s future, I want to get her remarried. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani are shocked. Rama says Rashmi is alone. Alok says he was always lonely, he did not find any such girl whom he felt he would spend his life with. Akshara asks who is that girl.

Alok says Muskaan. He says since I met Muskaan, I feel a change in me. She asks and Muskaan. He says I think she likes me, what you heard was not lie, we love each other and want to marry. Bhabhimaa says Rashmi did not get divorce. Rama says it will happen, I did not talk to Rashmi, to talk you all first. Devyaani says give her some time to heal her wounds. Rama says I want her to move on and get a good life partner. Alok says my life will change, I love Muskaan a lot, I know I m very elder to her in age, but my heart loves her. He asks what happened, say something.

Rama says we have to make Rashmi come out of her loneliness, as Gayu is young and will not have problem to adjust, later on, this will not be easy. Bhabhimaa says its not easy now also. Rama says we have to change situation. Alok says he has decided and want to know family decision. Rama requests them to convince Rashmi, else she has to spend life alone. She says she will wait for their yes. She says we have to give her a new life again. Alok says he wants Akshara and Naitik’s support in this new life.

Jasmeet and Varsha talk to elders about that lady taking discounts from them and selling to others. Dadi asks them to cool down. She says we should make her learn a lesson that she don’t dare to cheat anyone, let her some, we will see her. They smile. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa what does she feel. Bhabhimaa says I don’t understand. Devyaani says Rashmi is young and have all her long life. Bhabhimaa says the society will make gossip, do we have answer. Devyaani says Rashmi is our daughter, either we or she will decide, I think Rama is right.

Muskaan and Karishma come home from shopping. Akshara sees Muskaan. Bhabhimaa tells devyaani that we will talk later, no need to tell Akshara now, she looks worried, let Rajpanna come. Akshara asks Muskaan does she love Alok. Muskaan is shocked. Akshara says tell me the truth, are you serious about him. Muskaan says I love him, I m serious about him and want to marry. Akshara asks is she sure. Muskaan says yes. Akshara asks then why did she lie. She says Alok has accepted it, I spoke to him, he told me everything true. She leaves.

Yash is upset and Naksh talks to him. He asks why is he sad, and whats the matter. Yash says I don’t like Dadi scolding me. She says when your baby gets new baby, this will happen with you too. Naksh says no, I m the most loved, I tested last time, you see they will love me, don’t worry, I will always be with you. Naitik comes home late and says sorry Akshara, there was much work. He asks about Naksh, did he sleep with Dadda ji. She says yes. He asks her to sleep and he has much work. He sees her worried and asks whats the matter. She tells him about Muskaan and Alok. She says Alok said they love each other. Naitik is shocked.

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Akshara says yes, I asked Muskaan and she said she wants to marry Alok. He says when did this happen, why did we not know. She says it does not matter, they love each other. He asks are you sure, it might be just attraction. She says I understand, but they are serious and want our support. He asks does everyone know. She says no, maybe they will take it wrong and get annoyed, and asks what does he think. He says I will talk to Alok, and know is he serious, as its about Muskaan’s life, I don’t want it to be like Rashmi, I will support them, but we have to talk well to family. She says she is not afraid if he is sure.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani tell Rajpanna Bau ji what Rama told them about Rashmi’s remarriage. Bau ji says he is also ready for this, why are they wasting time to convince him, he has gone through this same thing after Gayatri died, and Devyaani has filled his loneliness and he wants Rashmi to get same happiness. He says what Rama is doing is very good and we should help her. Devyaani says then we all will find someone for Rashmi.

The lady comes to buy more items, and says she wants to buy some clothes and jewelry from them. Varsha says yes, for thinking about us. Jasmeet says tell us what you want, we will give on much discount. The lady asks them to show. They sell many things, and she leaves. Jasmeet says she will go home and know what happened. Naitik calls Alok and says he did not do this right, he did not expect this, he has hurt them. Alok is shocked. Naitik asks how did he dream to marry Muskaan, how did he think he will agree. Alok says I m alone since years and I felt I can spend my life with Muskaan, and asks him to try and convince family. He says he will do anything to get his love. Naitik says fine, but you have to first convince me. Alok asks what. Naitik says make me sure that you will keep my sister happy. Alok says yes, but please support us. Naitik says sorry Alok. Alok requests. Naitik laughs and says I was joking, I will support you. Muskaan smiles and hugs Naitik, thanking him. Naitik says his happiness is in her happiness. Akshara smiles.

Bau ji and Bhabhimaa tell about finding a guy for Rashmi. Akshara asks so soon, who is he. Bau ji says Alok. Akshara, Naitik and Muskaan are shocked.

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