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Maharana Pratap 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with US saying that I will find out the culprit for sure. I will be thankful to you if you will help me in this otherwise I have my own ways to find out the truth. DB says I only know that my son has not done anything. You know that his code of conduct is his identity. US gets confused. Please take rest. I will get this incident checked properly. He leaves from there.

DB calls Jagmal to her side as soon as US is out of the room. Jagmal is impressed by how his mother twisted things. You created doubts in father’s mind against his beloved son only! DB kisses his hand. My son is innocent. Jagmal nods his head in agreement.

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US tells Rawat ji that the culprit is from their family only. US knows that no one can break the security of their palace as he (Rawat ji) is the one who is guarding it. There are no loopholes in the security. You will have to be rational and extremely careful in your investigation. Rawat ji nods. US is not sure if he will be able to stay all practical during the investigation. Maybe the emotions will take control of me but you will have to remind me to be firm and practical. You will have to do it as the task of finding culprit from your own family members is not easy. Rawat ji asks him who he has a doubt on. US thinks of DB’s words and how the gun was with Pratap.

Next morning, dassi is helping DB with her bandage when Pratap comes there. DB dismisses her. How are you now? She pretends to be hurt over her husband’s act of making investigations against her own kids. How will I get well then! He has come to talk to her about the same. Promise me that however much father pressurises you to tell the truth, you wont say anything to him. DB asks him if he wants her to lie to Mewar’s king. But I also understand the importance of your promise that you had give to me and Jagmal so I will find a way out of the situation somehow.

Bairam Khan comes to talk to Akbar. Mewar is becoming a nuisance for us. We have to prepare ourselves, make a fool proof plan and attack on Mewar. We can find out about Mewar’s those nearby states which are already against Mewar. We can use them as the front face of their army against Pratap. Our win will be cent percent sure in that case. Mahamanga taunts him about it. Look, who is planning to win against Pratap yet again after facing so many defeats! Akbar tells someone (the guy is drawing something on the sand) to make something else this time that matches his thoughts. Bairam Khan continues to think of something that diverts Pratap’s mind to something else so that they can attack him. Mahamanga says you don’t need Shehanshah’s permission for this, just like you attacked on Gwalior without seeking his permission. You had gone to Chittor too to arrest Gwalior’s fugitive King and his son. did you get them? you returned from there empty handed after getting insulted. Bairam Khan is quiet recalling the whole incident. Mahamanga says when you have got used to doing whatever you like then suddenly why are you seeking Shehanshah’s permission today or of even consulting him. Bairam Khan tells her to keep out of it. I am trying to make some plan here which gets us complete success and you are busy taunting me. Mahamanga knows that he is making all these talks just to hide his insult. Bairam Khan warns her to stay in her limits. She isn’t affected by his threat.

Pratap gets ready. US comes there. I haven’t come here to meet you either as a king or as the adjudicator. Your father has come to meet you today. Please tell me if you know something and want to share it with me before I get bound by decorum. Pratap says you have always taken the path of truth as an adjudicator then why are you showing extra love for someone today. US tries to say something but Pratap holds his hands before him. Forgive me, I will meet you in the court. US leaves.

Bairam Khan reminds Mahamanga that she is a mere servant in this palace. You have not become Shehanshah’s Ammijaan by doing some things for him. you were an ordinary maid earlier as well and will continue to be one. Truth is, neither will Jalal nor will this empire be affected in case you die right away. he insults her by saying that she is not even worth pleasing any man. You are just an arrogant woman who knows how to irritate people with your rubbish talks. Mahamanga shouts at him angrily which please him instead that his words are having the desired effect on her. Mahamanga turns to Jalal for defence. Akbar instead tells her to go. Whatever Khan Baba will do will be good for Mughal Empire only. Mahamanga is shocked while Bairam Khan feels proud.

Maan, Ajabde, VB, Pratap are in the court. US addresses them all. You all knows the situation / incident very well. Someone brings pistol here in the palace and shoots at Chittor’s Maharani. Whoever is the culprit is present here at this moment. But my first doubt is on Pratap as the pistol was found with him only. Everyone is taken aback. But I cannot come to any conclusion just because of this one reason. Maan takes the blame on her. I hurt Rani Ma accidentally. VB says I got to know that you hid under the bed after getting scared. You were hiding there only till the end. Maan fumbles. I hid there after committing the crime and hid there. VB tries to say something but US stops her. He asks Maan about the pistol. Where did you get it from? He catches her lie asap which angers him. I would have punished you for lying to me if I wasn’t investigating such a big criminal incident. VB takes the blame on herself now. When I had returned from Kuldevi’s temple then I was really angry. She has always insulted me since I have come in this palace. When it became unbearable then I contacted my father’s acquaintance, got the gun and shot DB. I am the culprit. US praises her story. If I look at the motives then it certainly looks real but you forgot one thing. You returned in the palace when DB was already treated by Vaid ji. Rawat ji has already find out about everyone’s whereabouts at the time of the incident. He has told me everything too.

Ajabde offers to tell him the truth but Pratap stops her. You don’t know anything. Plus you must not dare to speak before your turn. Ajabde accepts it. I will stretch the issue for no reason. US turns to Pratap. The authority with which you have stopped Ajabde from speaking up has strengthened my belief all the more that you know the truth. Tell me the truth. You all are taking my investigation as a joke. Don’t you all know that the culprit will be given death penalty? Everyone looks at him in shock. One of you has shot Chittor’s Maharani DB. You (Pratap) will tell me who the shooter it. if you cannot tell me the truth then lie to me. I will try to find out the answer from your lie only. Pratap thinks of that unfateful night and his promise to DB.

Precap: Rawat ji tells US in the court (in everyone’s presence) that the arms seller had come in their palace. Our guards had seen him coming here. US demands to know whom did he come to meet here. Rawat ji takes Pratap’s name. DB denies. my son has not done anything. He dint shoot at me.

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