Doli Armaanon Ki 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Goa beachside
Urmi gets gaurav’s call, and takes this excuse to pass on Tani’s insistent proposal of partying with her friends. she leaves, while tani reluctantly agrees.

The next morning, she starts surfing through Goa hotels, asking people, if they have seen either Sanaya or Samrat, but in vain. She starts getting disheartened. She sits by thebeachside, drenched in sweat, continuing her search for sanaya, when her phone doesnt get through consitently. She wonders how to get through Sanaya. She keeps having reminders of her time with samrat on the beach. She is disgusted by samrat’s memory, thinking that he is playing his dirty game with sanaya here only. she is oblivious that they are right behind her. They take one of the recliners by the beackside, while urmi hopes that she finds one way to locate them. She turns around but samrat and sanaya are blocked by some other tourists. she turns away. while samrat unintentionally blocks their view with the umbrella, from urmi, to avoid sunlight on Sanaya’s face. urmi passes by right beisde the umbrella, and sanaya raises the towel just then. urmi doesnt see them both and goes past.

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Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence and Goa
Asha gets on her nonsensical rant, saying that gaurav doesnt pay attention these days. the doorbell rings. she finds damini at the door, who stands trensed. Gaurav anticipates that she must be coming for fixing ishaan’s marriage. she asks about urmi, and he tells her that urmi is out of town. Asha continues her rant, and then leaves for the kitchen, while gaurav asks her to sit. She tensedly complies. He asks whats the important thing that she wanted to talk to urmi. Damini asks how can she go, having created a storm in her life. She says that being the elder brother, he can tell urmi to stay away from her son. He says that urmi didnt have intentions like that. damini says that she wants to marry her son. He says that ishaan likes urmi and wants to marry her. She thinks that he too is involved, and strts taunting him. He says that she is mistaken. she denies to accept that, and says that ishaan’s favour and help cant be taken for granted, and that she thought ishaan would marry urmi, a divorcee and single mother to an elder son. damini says that this is just an infatuation, and that her son shall not go against him. He says that its nothing like that, and that she shouldnt talk like this about urmi. She asks him to lecture urmi instead, as if she doesnt retreat, it would just be highly unfortunate for her, and she herself wont like it. He says that if urmi and ishaan are destined to be with each other, then they can stop. He talks about ishaan’s love for years, and there’s nothing wrong if they marry, and asks her to understand it too. Damini gets up and says that she wont understand, as urmi and her family shall have to understand, or else things shall complicate, and that urmi should be reminded that she doesnt deserve ishaan, as he isnt a faulty place, and asks them to stay in their limits. She leaves, while gaurav is angry but doesnt say anything.

Later, ishaan comes to find about damini’s visit, and apologises, but gaurav says that she is justified, but his parents seem inconvincible, but ishaan is sure that they shall finally fall for his happiness with urmi. gaurav asks how is he so sure. ishaan says that he has faith on his love, as he would get them to agree, that urmi is the best bahu that they can get. Gaurav asks what would he do about urmi’s refusal, as all depends on her. Ishaan says that she hasnt been talking since then, and asks for his help, if he trusts that he shall keep her happy. He agrees to help ishaan. Ishaan leaves to meet urmi. gaurav says that he isnt at home, and has gone out for some work, out of town. Ishaan is hurt that he wasnt told, as this is the first time, it happened. he is sad.

Later, urmi asks gaurav on the phone, that she tried everything but couldnt get any info on them. gaurav asks urmi to get info from the local staff. urmi says that she tried everything. gaurav says that this is next to impossible. Urmi asks that she doesnt know what samrat is upto, and what must he be doing with her. she says that now he must have found out that she is sanaya’s friend, and that would affect his judgement all the more. He says that if samrat has tken her for the purpose of marriage, then he already must have succeeded in it. She says that this cant be, but he asks her to think practically, and that once married, he wont leave sanaya. He says that she tried everyting, and still she couldnt find them. he asks her to come, as only after that, they shall be able to decide what to do next, once sanaya returns. She reluctantly agrees.

Scene 3:
Location: Marriage Registrar’s office
Samrat is increasingly getting impatient, as he has to wait for 2 hours, for his turn for marriage registry. The clerk asks whats the hurry, as if they have escaped. samrat asks him not to poke his nose in others’ affairs. He keeps getting impatient. Finally, his turn is announced. samrat excitedly gets sanaya, dressed as a bride, inside the office. As he signs, he thinks that finally its all done, and that he is just about to become the owner of S AND S Airlines, and that nothing can stop him now. He congratulates himself, thinking that urmi couldnt do anything and he got through unscathed. The screen freezes on his evil, smiling face, as he faces sanaya.

Precap: Ishaan is advised by his mother, if he has ever thought about his two younger sisters. she asks if he ever thought what kind of impact would this descision of him, have on them. he says that he isnt doing anything wrong, as he loves urmi and wants to marry her. she asks him to swear on her, that he would forget urmi, and get rid of the thought of marrying her forever, and promise that he wont ever go against her. he eyes her tensedly, while she anxiously waits for his reply.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. samrath you take the cake boy evil getting away with things again like I said before this story is also a whole pack of shit

    1. If you don’t like it, don’t have to watch You don’t like it, but why give usyour foul language please control yourself

  2. What is really wrong with a divorcee.Why it is right for a man who is divorced be married again but it is a taboo
    for this culture.What is important is love.Not hate and abuse.Parents butt out they are grown adults.

    1. fan of the show

      Besides, a person who is introduced to you with some sort of stigma – like divorcee – after you get to know that person the stigma falls away anyway. Who wouldn’t love Urmi after meeting her?

      But Ishan’s family is already traumatized by wild daughter, so is overly sensitized to reputation-wrecking.

  3. fan of the show

    There are lot of unjust opinions in this world. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was judged on their merits rather than their status, caste, gender, race, nationality, religion, political party, s*xual orientation, accent, marital status, etc. etc etc. ?

  4. fan of the show

    Ishan’s mother has soft ears – believed that conniver who told her Urmi tricked her son. She’s another villain. Glad Ishan nd urav tried to dissuade her, even though se ddn’t budge from her incorrect opnion.

  5. OMG, the (Sam)rat is back in Urmi’s life!!

  6. Ishaan better not swear or make such a promise to his mother!!

  7. why is it that Indians are always over critical of divorce? what is wrong with ishaan getting married to urmi? and what impact is it suppose to have on ishaans younger sisters ? agh! you guys are in bondage.

    1. fan of the show

      Right, fo the sake of his reputation in society, Urmi’s own father wanted her to say in the marriage, even when she came home to him with her face all black and blue from the . beating samRat gave her in his drunken stupor. That really takes a lot of ignorance – to ask your daughter to ut up with a wife beater to save your own reputation. If ayone knew the real story, his reputation would be in the trash.

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