Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira long to meet

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish giving file to Kartik. He asks him to study the new proposal. He taunts Kartik and goes. Dadi says make gifts ready for Kirti and Mansi, its Raksha bandhan tomorrow. Kartik hears this and says Naira will also be there when I go and meet Mansi and Kirti. Surekha says they called us at their hotel. Suwarna says why will we go there, we gave them a lot of respect, tell them that we won’t accept this, Mansi and Kirti can come here, we will accept Rukmani as well, why shall Kartik come in front of Naira there. Surekha says we live in the same city, do you think they won’t come in front of each other, one relation got over, but we still have two relations with them. Suwarna says we can avoid them as much as possible. Rukmani says we shall start preparations. Rajshri says lets get a reply fast. Devyaani answers the call.

Naira hopes its a yes. Rukmani asks what did they say. Devyaani says they refused, we can’t do anything about it, Mansi and Kirti will go and tie rakhis. Naitik says its fine, everyone is troubled. Naira goes to her room. She sees the medical papers and says I can dance again, its a good news, but why am I not happy, how can I tell this to Kartik, why is the sorrow of separation bigger than this happiness. Kirti says I m going to market to buy rakhi. Naira says even I have to go and buy rakhi. Naira goes with Kirti. She sees someone and runs to see. She sees someone else and says sorry. She says why do I feel that Kartik is here. Lav and Kush take Kartik. Kartik says its ladies section. They insist and say Naira told us that there are good gifts for girls, we used to come here with Naira. Kartik says I will wait here, go and come. Naira is also there.

Rajshri gets tea for Naitik. He says thanks and sorry too, we did a mistake, maybe you are right, we didn’t try enough, maybe we should have told you. She says there is no use to talk now. He says there is nothing left to do in life now. She says you were trying to mend Naira’s relation, you have to manage her, even Naksh and Kirti need you, we parents think our duties will end when children grow up, but its not the case, we have to keep these relations till the end.

Naira recalls Kartik. Pal bhar….plays….. Kartik thinks of her and smiles. He sees a pair of earrings. She sees watches. She sees Kartik on the CCTV screen. She runs to see him. He sees Naira on the CCTV screen and runs to see her. They see each other from far. She gets a call. Kirti asks her to come. Naira says I m coming in some time.

Rajshri gets the papers and says Naira went to the doctor, why. She calls to enquire. She says its a good thing that Naira wants to get her leg treated, I m getting a hope again. Kartik sits smiling. Manish says where is your focus, meeting is tomorrow, be prepared. Kartik thinks why, everyone has to meet tomorrow. He says how does it matter where to meet, we got divorced, we have problems, why are they fighting. Ashi comes and asks won’t you talk to me. Kartik asks why are you irritating me Naira, let me talk. Suwarna looks on and thinks of Kirti’s words. She says she went from the house, but not from his mind, I can’t see you sad. Naira comes to Goenka villa and looks at the balcony. Kartik comes in balcony. Aahatein…..plays……… Naira says what am I doing, what happened to me. She sees Kartik and hides. Kartik thinks we were so close and couldn’t meet. She says I wish we could meet well. She leaves. She thinks everything was so nice. They think of each other. He thinks we could have met tomorrow. She thinks they denied, this can’t happen now. Morey saiyyan….plays……. Kartik comes to Dadi. She asks are you fine. He says nothing and sleeps in her lap. She says Lord help him, he is going through a lot in this age, set everything fine. He says are you mad Naira, I m not going anywhere without you. She gets shocked.

Suwarna says this is the last time that we met. Devyaani says everything between us is over now. Kartik and Naira see each other and smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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