Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 5


Kritika works on some documents about Krissh and Sona’s school work.


Kritika starts getting symptom of early stage of pregnancy.

Dhruv ; are you okay? come sit here

“I am fine she says

Dhruv : you are very careless this days, I will cancel all appointments for few days

Kritika : not few days, say months

Dhruv : what are you talking about? see I am good in riddles but I am not in mood today

“You are such so cute very soon there will be one more naive in our family pulls his cheeks

Dhruv : you mean

“Our love is growing inside me, after few months he will in your hands puts his hand on her belly

Dhruv’s happiness have no bounds from what he just heard. He twirls her around without hurting her stomach.

Dhruv : I can’t tell you how much happy I am but you are happy na?

Kritika : my precious gift is your smile and this happiness nothing else

Dhruv : I cannot wait to hold our child my hands, those small feet, that smile, I am telling you right now so hear carefully

Kritika : yes Mr husband I am listening

Dhruv ; I hope you remember you married a doctor so from now you are under my observation diet, exercise

Kritika ; I feel either you got in wrong profession or I made mistake for marrying a doctor (teases him)

“Now consequence is right here pulls her closer

Kritika ; thank you for everything, I know you are best gift of my life and I cannot thank god enough for that

“It reminds me we have to go to Amristar, I took oath if things goes fine in our life we both will bow down to gurudwara there tells her

Kritika hugs him emotionally

Flashback ends

Kritika comes out of her dream seeing Dhruv returning back from hospital.

Kritika : I will get dinner ready (says softly)

Dhruv goes inside to freshens up passing from children’s room. He sees both of them sleeping peacefully and goes out.

Kritika : I called mom today, she was asking about you, when are we going there

Dhruv : this morning I told Roo, we are going to India in holidays so even her daughter can get along all siblings

Kritika : what an irony, we all siblings never had single fight and our children don’t even like to see each other specially that Maya

Dhruv : this happens when you decide to raise children in foreign land, anyway I am very tired good night

Kritika : won’t you talk with me? its been while you didn’t share anything with me

Dhruv : I have to wake up early tomorrow

Kritika looks down when he leaves to room without talking to her.

Roo’s house

Sahil sees Maya doing her homework in room listening to music.

Maya : hi dad (says without smile)

Sahil : you know I was thinking, in holidays we all should go for a trip what say

Maya ; wow, trip? but where lets to Europe

Sahil : we are going to meet your cousins in London you will also feel better

Maya makes gloomy face hearing about it. She hardly got attached to Krissh and Sona inspite of living nearby.

Sahil : whats wrong?

Maya ; dad how many times I told you, when I have not made indian friends here how will I cope with people I have not met in years

Sahil : so what? they are your siblings

Maya ; whatever I am not interested in meeting them or going to London

Roo hears their conversation with teary eyes. She feels upset seeing how her daughter have been completely detached from their family and culture because of her.

Sahil : what are you thinking?

Roo : in my whole I never talked in loud voice with my Kritika di let alone mom dad, and our daughter is not even willing to meet her brother and sisters

Sahil : I know but don’t you worry maybe one day she will understand importance of loved ones, right now she is under influence of foreign culture

Roo : i hope you are right, my fear is rising everyday in future she does not do something wrong in her arrogance


Khushi is outside of house watering plants in garden when somebody throws flower at her.

Khushi ; look whoever it is, you won’t be able to escape from me

Somebody pulls her in corner

Khushi : you? what are you doing here

“Why, being a girl if you can sneak in my house in broad day why I can’t do that Yash holds her shoulder

Khushi ; now tell me why are you here?

Yash : just to see if yesterday’s scolding affected you or not I am sure aunty would have given good lesson

Khushi : oh please my mom is little dramatic

Yash : wow so much love, not bad anyway I came to remind you that cultural day is coming soon and you have to come for practice

Khushi ; I remember but I cannot step out without my mother india’s permission

Yash ; why? I thought you are good in conning people right, just like stealing hearts

Khushi pushes him away little bit

Yash : come on time at sharp 4 bye

Khushi goes to Preeta for permission again to attend dance practice

Preeta ; see I will drop you there but promise me you will not go anywhere from there

Khushi : god promise you know how important this cultural part is for me, and you and chachu have to watch my dance, I want to surprise mom this time

Preeta ; how can I miss that? go get ready I will come with you

Khushi : love ya (hugs her happily)

“Love you too my bacha Preeta shares hug with her lovingly


Sona : mom can I ask you something?

Kritika : will you not if I say no (arranges breakfast table)

Sona : I was just asking for formality

Kritika stares at her

“Good morning mom Krissh comes there

Kritika ; good morning (changes her mood)

“This is amazing, you were staring at me and now son has come mood changed Sona complains to her

Kritika ; are you done?

Sona ; now I will have some more cereals and bread thank you

Krissh ; hey thats my mug leave it

Sona ; does it say your name? no right I took it so its mine

Krissh ; mom tell her to give my glass back

“Oh my god I forgot, Krissh I forgot to put my sociology book, teacher will kick me out of class please you are my good brother Sona feigns innocence

Krissh ; let me have breakfast then i will get it

Sona : please right now or you will forget that (pleads him)

Krissh : fine (leaves irritatedly)

Sona pours milk in his favorite glass and drinks till he comes back

Krissh : there you are (sees his glass used) cheater I knew it (starts running after her)

Sona ; I am your sister, its my right don’t be so mean to me

Krissh : sister really? aren’t you ashamed of tricking your innocent brother, don’t forget you always trick me to do your homework

Sona ; so what? thats a brother’s duty

Krissh ; don’t teach me how to behave

“If your both speech of love is done, look at time bus will come anytime soon, today dad is also not here to drop you both Kritika gives them backpack

Krissh and Sona goes to their school when Maya bumps to them

Krissh ; hey whats up? today is your test right for maths best of luck, I hope you studied

Maya ; thanks, and you don’t have to worry  (leaves with her friend)

Sona : why do you even talk with her? did you see her attitude I can’t believe she is Roo masi daughter, if she say something bad with you, I wont’ spare her

Krissh ; come on yaar she is our sister, one day she will come to us by herself

Sona : that day will never come, lets go or we will get late for class

Practice field 

Preeta brings lunch for Karan during practice and taking half day off.

Karan : you here?

Preeta : I thought I should surprise my husband with his favorite food

Karan ; thank god, I was starving, hey boys you all take break

Karan got job academy of teaching cricket to boys in college.

Preeta : how are all boys doing?

Karan : all good I feel this season we will get chance for playing

Preeta : thats great

Rishab too have got offer job as coach of teaching football to college boys. On sideline he and Sameer handles business as well.

St Xavier school 

Khushi goes to dance practice when Pari and Dev joins her too.

Pari : you see this time also didi will win trophy of cultural event

Dev ; she is such talented dancer, mom was saying even Tanya masi was also like that

Pari ; but mom have forgot her passion thats why di wants to win this trophy and surprise mom (tells him emotionally)

Precap : Tanya is not able to attend Khushi’s dance event. Maya behaves rudely with Krissh in front of her friends. 

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