SURREAL- A BEHIR FF ( A love story of two actors)

Pearlvpuri as Mahir Sehgal
Surbhi Jyoti as Bela Madhayam
Cover credits StarsAndFireflies_
Mahir: A famous actor, known for excellence in his field. The Women’s crush. A perfect man with no faults. A shining star. Always on the road of fame and glory. Without any support in the industry he has raised to fame with his hardwork. Searching for the love of his life. He has been in two relationships but none of them lasted more than 6 or 7 months.
Bela: A doctor, An actor and a dancer is simple girl with amazing dreams. She’s not from a well settled family. Life’s not a fairy tale to her. She runs an orphanage called Sirisha. She started earning money by doing modeling. She’s an all-rounder in everything even if in studies or in any extra curricular activities. When she entered into the industry with her first film as a blockbuster she was on the way to the path of glory and love. But even though she’s talented, she failed in choosing the right partner. As a newbie in the industry she got into a relationship with an actor who was divorcee and she is madly in love with him. But her boyfriend is an arrogant and controlling man who abuses her every now and then. He’s an emotionally abusive and expects Bela to cater his every need and wants her to be a full time housewife. When one of her friends suggested her to take a break from the abusive relationship. She decided to do a movie. When she comes to Mumbai for shooting she meets an extreme turn in her life as meets Mahir.

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