Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi meet Karan

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Prithvi is standing outside and wondering what Preeta is doing inside and not coming outside, even when he is the real hero of her life, he thinks of what Preeta and Karan will be thinking if him, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him to come back, he asks her to end their call, she then thinks of what Prithvi is doing and if he is anywhere near the police station then she will fight with him.
Karan asks Preeta as to why does she know after which she says that she was also in the party and she saw everything, she says that she saw him and he was not even able to understand what he was doing, she says that she saw him nearly unconscious, he says that he never drinks too much to not be able to stand, and he only had a single drink, she then starts to tell him all that she saw starting from when she saw him with the girl to where she was locked in the bathroom.
Sherlin jumps in and asks him that she knows that Karan is innocent and there are more than two people behind this, Preeta says that she will go and tell everyone the truth, Shrishti says that she must not go as no one will believe in her words, she then starts to ask questions that are very offensive after which Preeta gets angry and is about to beat her, Shrishti says that they are helping him as he must have felt very good when they came and he knows this, Preeta says that she will go and tell everyone, someone stops her she thinks that it I Shrishti but it is Karan, she asks him to leave but Karan says that has she asked Sarla, she denies after that Karan say that Karina said a lot of things to Sarla at something small, and no one knows what she will say at this moment, Preeta is not listening to anything he has to say, Karan says that he will not be the reason of Sarla disrespect and they have a romantic moment.
Prithvi comes and sees Karan and preeta together, he wonders what will happen if he sees them hugging each other, he prays for this particular moment to not be true as otherwise he will not be able to bear it.
The constable asks Prithvi what he is dong and pulls him away from the window, he says that he must not disturb him as something very wrong is happening inside, he says that he has to stop it, the constable gets angry and says that he must go away now otherwise he will lock Prithvi in the locker room for giving bribe, Prithvi get scared and says that he will leave and so turns away.
Rakhi sis thinking of what she said to Karina and sees Karina who asks what the matter is, Rakhi apologizes to her and she also forgives her saying that she has forgot all that happened, she syas that the way Karina fought for Karan and Rishab proves that she loved them and she has no reason to prove it, Karina says that she loves them both the same way she loves her daughter and she feels that Rakhi always gets angry when Karina says something regarding Preeta, Rakhi and Karina both ask another fopr forgiveness and then hug each other.
Karan and Preeta both say that they will not be able to forgive themselves if something happens to either of them, she says that she cannot leave him like this, he says that he has all of his family and she has already done a lot for him, they both get emotional and hug each other, Prithvi gets disturbed seeing this, the police constable comes again and pulls him away even when he doesn’t want to leave.
The police inspector come and tell them that the time has ended and she must leave, Karan says that it is very strange as no one is believing the girl who is saying the truth but still he believes that she will bring him out.

Precap: Sherlin pushes Preeta and gets pushed back by Shrishti, Preeta warns her to stay away from her relations.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. When will this Prithvi/Sherlin storyline end? OMG! They are beating it to death! SO TIRED OF IT! SO VERY BORING!

    1. Why are you so frustrated.. This is expected.. The producer, writer and the team is same as KKB… These guys managed to screw up such an innocent love story and projected only crime for last 4 years and still doing so. Infact now they have stooped so low that they are promoting crime where senior citizens and young children are targeted by the two vamps tanu and aliya… SO OBVIOUSLY SAME CONTINUES.. EVIL WINS. SO HOW CAN SHERLIN AND PRITHVI TRACK END…

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