Bepannah 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arshad wins the Biryani competition

Bepannah 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya keeps talking while cooking. Sometimes better than best turns out to be the one we least expect to. Roshana agrees. Make your Biryani. We are eager to taste it. Wasim says all of us are. Noor hopes Aditya wins the competition. Appi will be really impressed. Zoya gives Aditya and Arshad a towel each. Arjun looks at the watch as both the boys continue cooking. Aditya and Arshad keep looking at each other.

Everyone smells both the Biryani’s as they are done. Aditya has written a Z on the top of his Biryani using the veggies. Wasim looks on unhappily. Arjun is tempted. Noor compliments Aditya’s Biryani’s presentation. Arshad looks at Aditya and Zoya’s smiling faces. Roshana says the fragrance is amazing but who will be the judge here. Wasim nominates Zoya’s name. She will choose out of the two – Arshad or Aditya! Zoya tastes Aditya’s BIryani and is impressed. Seeing the sad look on Arshad’s face she goes quiet. She tastes his Biryani and is equally impressed. It is very difficult to choose now. She tells Aditya that his Biryani had everything. It should be in some 5 star Hotel. It is so delicious! She turns to Arshad. Your Biryani was simple, something we can eat daily. You are the winner today! Aditya, Noor and Arjun are disappointed but Aditya still claps for Arshad with everyone else. Arshad thanks Zoya. I wasn’t expecting this. Zoya notices Aditya’s sad face. Did you feel bad? He says you were honest. I like it when you are honest. She nods. Your Biryani is very amazing. It is apt to be served to some King.

Everyone is having kheer. Wasim feeds kheer to Zoya. She reminds him that they asked for time. What’s the rush? Wasim says we have to worry about the kids after all. Arshad’s father seconds Zoya. Let the kids come to a decision on their own. Zoya excuses herself. Arshad thanks Zoya for choosing his Biryani. I have no idea about your likes or dislikes or your hobbies. I do not know much about you. Noor says you will be shocked to see her talents / hobbies. Her pottery is so abstract that sometimes she herself forgets what she has made. Zoya covers up saying that Noor likes to joke. I don’t get time for interests and hobbies anymore. Wasim points out that she sings really well. Zoya is hesitant but everyone requests her. Aditya also asks her to sing her favourite song as everyone is requesting so much. She agrees to sing on the condition if he will sing with her. He replies that he is always with her. Wasim makes an unhappy face. Zoya starts singing Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zarurat Hai. Both Aditya and Arshad are looking at her. Aditya continues the rest of the song. He thinks of them together.

Arshad’s mother compliments the song. Why don’t you dance? Wasim nods instantly. Arshad too extends his hand towards Zoya. She dances with him reluctantly. Aditya continues singing and looks away seeing Arshad’s hand around Zoya’s waist. Roshana looks on. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end. Zoya praises Aditya on his singing while he compliments her on the dance. She serves kheer to everyone.

Arjun says this wasn’t the plan. You make the Biryani and he wins. You sing while he dances with Zoya! I think it is time to activate the original plan. Aditya agrees. It is time!

Arshad again tells Zoya he cannot believe his simple Biryani won. She asks him if he cannot believe it. He says now I have started to believe it. I have also started to think about the future. I will cook this for you every Sunday. She requests him not to pressurize her. Fog covers his glasses. She tells him that he looks good without glasses too. He thanks her. Arjun and Noor are peeking at them. She gets an idea on which he gets tensed.

Aditya calls Arshad for an emergency case. Arshad is confused as the call came from a mobile but Aditya cooks up a story. Arshad excuses himself. Noor shows thumbs up to Arjun. Zoya too has to take Biryani to somewhere. Roshana sends her with Arshad. Arjun sends Noor after them.

Wasim looks pointedly at Aditya as soon as he steps out of a room.

Precap: There are riots going on. Zoya keeps shouting for Arshad. Aditya comes running there. She hugs him but then worries for Arshad. Did you see him anywhere? Will he be fine? She runs to look for him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Hate Arshad, but I LOVE ADI’S Biryani…..THE PRESENTATION was Fantastic. ???????And That Zoya’s “Z” on the Biryani is looking very nice…?????
    And why Waseem is always ready to insult Adi… And this Precap is irritating… let’s see , waiting for 2mrrow episode…

  2. Sad episode n precap too!!!…felt very bad for Adi!!!!

  3. this is too much , cant see aditya like this , zoya should realize her feelings asap , arnoor are soo cute , the way they talked hiding while arshad got the emergency call was really funny , btw does aditya know that arjun loves noor ?

    1. Neha1

      I think Yes, Adi knew about Arnoor…coz he told in Thursday episode, He said to Arjun that Zoya invited them for lunch at their home…He also said “kal lunch or Jana hair Noor me Ghar, tujhe need to ayegi nhi and Arjun blushed…So, I guess that Adi know about Arnoor relationship…but Don’t know who told him and when..?

    2. Neha1

      Sorry for typo error.

  4. Neha1

    And I’m very disappointed and angry on Zoya bcoz she told that Adi’s Biryani had everything, it had to be in 5star Hotel, it was delicious and the presentation was Amazing, then why she chosen Arshad’s Biryani and declared him as winner just bcoz his Biryani was Simple…Like Seriously…!! The point is the judgement was not based on who make simple and heavy Biryani…. “THE COOKING COMPTITION WILL ALWAYS BE JUDGED UPON THE TASTES AND IT’S PRESENTATION.” Zoya did wrong judgement… and it was Injustice to Adi…??

  5. Thank you for releasing it earlier after I had it is coming late. I am glad since it came not too late.. Thank you for understanding bepannah fans.?

  6. Today’s episode was the proof that zoya cares for adi and adi only…It’s only him that is of any importance to her…She is least interested in arshad??

  7. Thank you for releasing it earlier after I had comment. I am glad you understand bepannah fans and our eager to know written update.?

  8. Heyyyyy!!! Hi Pooja!! I missed youuuu! Thank you for the quick update,love. ????
    As for the ep.. no comments.. ???
    Just wanted to say hi to Pooja!

    1. Pooja

      Hey Meera 🙂 <3 Thank you sooo much for such a sweet welcome 🙂 Love it! :* :*

  9. It is gonna be very painful to watch this serial till this Arshad is there…today I didn’t see episode but read the update n tears welled my eyes!!!…the makers will keep proving that Arshad is perfect for Zoya till the last moment – I mean till Zoya reads the letter n at that time Adi might have gone very far away from Zoya thinking Arshad is perfect for her!!!…I want Adi’s marriage to get fixed n want Zoya to equally suffer when she realises her love for him!!!…I want Zoya to suffer hard!!!

  10. Plan! Plan! Plan!
    When will the real plan start?
    Zoya is way too innocent and stupid. How come she won the best entrepreneur award? You need a sharp mind for business, don’t you?
    Her judgement was also stupid. Adi is love!
    He is so strong. Arshad kuch zyada nahi chipak raha hai? Again, get on a proper stroyline. Bepanah at 17th rank
    What will you think, if Roshana (Zoya’s mom) becomes the killer? Will you like it?
    Waiting for replies

    1. No dear…Roshana is cute mom…she likes Adi too n somehow seeing her expressions I felt she is sensing Adi’s ‘bepanah’ love for Zoya..n let Anjana only be vamp as of now bcos she will make Zoya suffer…Adi made ‘royal’ biryani for her n she made Arshad win !!!! N in precap too she is bothered about Arshad only!!!

    2. Neha1

      No, I don’t think so…and even not sure about that… But Today I noticed Roshna that she too somewhere expecting Zoya to declare Adi as winner of this “Biryani Competition”… And it seems that Roshna didn’t want Arshad-Zoya to dance….I saw her expressions…she was quite uncomfortable like Zoya …
      So, I definitely don’t want Roshna to be in negative role…as we knew that how much Waseem hates Hooda’s and Adi always being with Zoya, irked Waseem a lot… Otherwise ADI’s love story never get completed….So, I don’t think Roshna becomes the killer and Anjana is apt for this role, she’s too good in playing this negative character…an obsessed mother who killed Poosh and she also try to kill/or I should say that she killed Sakshi too…

  11. What’s going on with this story ? So much crap now, couldn’t there be another story to hinder Aditya and Zoya friendship or romance? This two man thing is characterless on Zoya.

  12. Message inthizaar karuthihum kaab adi and Zoya propose each other awaiting moment in my life Zoya ko love karney thijiaaaa

  13. Guys, this is arshad’s second last week…jald hi chala jayega…Tab tak bepannah dekhte raho..Support it and don’t leave watching it yeh soch ke ki lambu ke jaane ke baad dekhenge….lambu ke rehte hi zoya ka realisation start hoga..So that could start from this week only…Dekhte raho like loyal bepannah fans…Trp kam ho gaya toh colors wale serial hata denge…samjho tum log na

    1. But are u sure Arshad will leave in exactly after 9 more episodes…bcos out of the two weeks granted only 3 days have passed in the serial…this is possible only if before 2 weeks completion itself Zoya realizes her love for Adi!!!!..the funniest part is all over instagram ppl are counting the number of days left for Arshad to exit the show!!!

  14. Yes, this Arshad only come to one month only then his character end, so peoples please watch bepannah nd increase its trp, we don’t want that this show go off air

  15. I am tried of watching zoya’s innocence / stupidity.
    She is now not even near at realization.
    Why makers stretching this?
    Everyone see aditya love and zoya ‘s caring for adi
    But this dumb makers made zoya’s character too much naive to tolerate and over this aditya expression making it hard to watch the show
    I will not be surprised if zoya say yes to arshad without having a feeling for him, just finding him perfect.
    All indian serials are stretched up to marriage , dusgusting?

  16. I don’t see much difference between Pooja and Zoya today…I m sorry if anyone disagrees..
    1. Cooking competitions are won by ppl who make the tastiest food. Then how come Arshad won?..there were no clear rules like biryani has to be simple or the way Roshna makes..
    2. Since the beginning Adi makes all sacrifices for Zoya and Zoya like a queen will give her verdict in the 11th hour is it…I mean when she will finally choose Adi over Arshad????…not done…when she realises her love for Adi she should also suffer n crave for his love !!!!
    3. N under the pretext of friendship which is barely 3 days old she will eat in one plate with Arshad, make his simple biryani win, be more concerned about him than Adi during riots, give clarifications on her friendship with Adi!!!!…come on Zoya nobody cares so much for a 3 day friend!!!
    Zoya is like Pooja only simply hanging both Adi n Arshad – giving wrong signals to Arshad…in other words 2 timing like Pooja!!!…at least Pooja had the guts to accept the truth that Yash was her true love n Adi only best friend!!!!
    4. N makers just bcos Jenny is a bigger star than Harshad u can’t make his character bow his head in front of her character!!!

    1. Neha1

      I completely agree with you @Arch…. agree with you’re each point… Zoya is giving too much attention to Arshad comparing to Adi…..And I too in my above comment described that, it was a “Biryani/Cooking Competition” and in every cooking competition will be judged on the basis of their tastes and presentation….there were no rules that simple Biryani is necessary or a royal one… And on that basis Aditya would be winner of this competition, Don’t know why she chosen Arshad…

  17. I won’t watch it for days now… same old melodrama

  18. Aditya has already won the heart of two Siddiquie’s ladies. And the third one is on it’s way.
    Mama Roshna rocks, I think she has made her choise already.
    And the amount of patience Adi is having with Wassim trying to isult him every time, just for the sake of Zoya is surprising. He has not tolerated his own father at this level, if you remember the party Pooja had organized for Adi’s birthday, he just left that day leaving her alone after all her efforts.
    Me too I am counting the days i will have to tolerate Arshad’s “too good too be true” face. I cannot stand him, seems like he is 80 years old, even Papa Siddique is more interesting than him .

    1. Neha1

      Yes Eri, Adi was tolerating Waseem’s insult and rude behaviour… which he didn’t tolerate earlier when Pooja had organised his birthday party…he left that party.

  19. Zoya..I just feel like killing you…when Adi was not there you were desperate to find him n now you are least bothered. Just bcoz Arshad has come, you have sidetracked him?

  20. Dragging..zoya is irritating like her abbu..adi shud leave n go away paris..only then zoya wl realize adis love..cant stand arshad..speed up d serial..

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