Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming home and calling out Naira. Naira sees him and asks when did you come. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks how’s her mood, everything is fine. She recalls Naksh’s words. He gives her flowers and says these chocolates are for Lav and Kush, they got to know from Mishti, did anyone else come, don’t tell me Manish and his wife came. She says no, just Lav and Kush came. He says then fine, its their house, I can keep them here forever, I will feel good if Dadi and Kirti come, don’t get up, tell me if you need anything. She says nothing and falls. He holds her and they fall. He says you got hurt again. She says I m fine, don’t know how this stupid slipper came in between. He looks at her and recalls her foot injury. She worries. He says enough, you did not do this right Naira, I explained you many times, you don’t agree, you care for Manish and Suwarna. She says no, I did this to make you realize.

He says you listen to me, you always do what you want, is my belief and thinking nothing. She says its not like that. He says you do what you want, you got idea and you did drama to get hurt, shall I get involved in your drama, this won’t happen. He leaves. She cries. Kirti sees bags. Aditya says keep things in cupboard. She says but we were going back. He asks her to go Delhi, he will stay back for some days. She asks why. He says there are some incomplete work. Kartik comes home. Naira hugs him. He asks her to leave him. The milk packets fall down. She holds her ears and cleans the milk fallen on floor. He helps her and says maybe matter is small and I can explain heart that you are doing this for my happiness, but maybe our hands spoil while washing others sins. He gets an imp call and says fine I will come. He tells Naira about the meeting, it will be big loss if I don’t go, will you get scared. She says no, you go, but don’t go annoyed. He smiles and hugs her.

Bhabhimaa says we have sent boxes to everyone, these are for ones who did not come in marriage. They talk about Naira trying to make things fine, but nothing happened. Gayu says yes, don’t know why entire family did not come to meet Naira. Bhabhimaa says don’t know why is Naksh worried. Naksh sees Naira’s wedding pic and says I won’t let Naira’s happiness spoil, I can do anything for her happiness. Kartik asks Naira to take money if needed, call Gayu or Mishti, don’t stay alone, I have to go. She says I m tigress. He says I know, take care, keep door locked, if anyone rings bell, open door when you are sure, okay, bye. She cries. He turns to see her. She wipes tears and smiles. He goes. She shuts the door and cries.

Kartik comes back. She opens the door. He says you did not lock door and opened without asking. She says sorry, I knew its you. He says you have cameras in eyes. She says I m your wife. He says I can focus on work if you don’t trouble me, I won’t go. She says fine don’t go, but sorry go, I know your deal is imp. He says even you are imp. She cries and hugs him. She says I love you Kartik. He says I love you too, so I worry. She says I m stupid. He says yes, but I have to bear you. She smiles. He asks her not to get senti and lock door well. She says I will manage. He says you are sensible but do stupidity sometimes. She says even you do this, go now. He leaves. She locks door and takes her pic. She sends her pic. He smiles and replies. Few men at stall look on. Naira says I will do anything for your happiness. Kartik thinks how to go leaving Naira alone. Taxi driver asks do you want to cancel booking. Kartik says no and leaves in taxi. The men look on.

Suwarna asks kids to pack bags. Naira talks to Suwarna. She says I had to tell something, I m sorry but I can’t do this, I can’t make Kartik annoyed. Suwarna says I can understand. She hears door bell and says go and check, it would be Kartik, I will end call. Naira says no, Kartik went out. She recalls Kartik’s words and asks who is it. The man says I m plumber, I have to see leakage, broker gave me keys. She says make me talk to broker. He says I will call Sharma aunty and come. Suwarna asks where did Kartik go. Naira says he went for work, he will come back, sorry once again. Suwarna ends call and says Naira looked worried, was she afraid of that man’s coming. Naira watches tv. Door bell rings. She goes and asks. The plumber gets Mrs. Sharma. She says this is old plumber, let him check bathroom, there is no tension, are you alone at home, where is your husband. Naira says he went out. The lady says fine, I will go. Naira thinks to leave door open. Plumber checks taps.

Naira turns and gets shocked seeing the men. The man catches her and increases the volume. Plumber asks them to leave madam. The men beat plumber. Kartik is on the way. Naira bites the man’s hand and slaps him. She pulls his hair. The man pushes her. She gets hurt. Kartik calls Naira. Plumber faints. Naira beats the man. She hears the phone ringing. The man stops her from answering. She tries to answer call. She pushes the man and takes phone. The man shuts her mouth. Kartik hears tv sound and says hello Naira, you are watching tv on such a loud volume. She says maybe she received call by mistake. Naira tries to call Kartik back. The goon hits on her head. The phone falls from her phone. Naira holds her head and falls down.

Kartik comes home and gets shocked seeing blood marks on the ground. He shouts Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried about naira kartik right now I really kartik finds naira really soon and I really hope that naira kartik get back to there own house and that naira gets better soon and I’m really worried about naira coz she has been hit on the head with a stick in the today episode

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    About the episode, hope Karthik reaches on time to save his tigress or may be Suwarna might have reached earlier or send someone else sensing she is in trouble. Now Karthik will realise the danger of leaving Naira alone. But I dont want them to go back to that double faced dadi and ghar jamai Aditya. Better u two go and stay with Singhanias.
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    Hello Every one !!

    Manish and Suwarna will reached at there with police and save Naira.

    After this incident Karthik feel guilty becoz of his decision Naira life get in danger so he will change his decision and goes back to home.

    But Aditya informed truth to Naira before their arrival of at home n Naira went to SS feeling cheated.

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  11. Hello everyone commenting after so many days.I HOPE U ALL HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ME.hii all old and new members.Aditya is so irritating.due to him naira & kirti both r in problem.He is just trying to defame naira.When will he get out of the show.Naira is thinking good but she is not able to solve the problems.hello rahul bhai,fenil bro,raf di,soumya di,sophie di,lakhan bhaiya,adi bro,vrushy di,lasya di how r u all.sryy 4r not writing every one”s name.As i m in a hurry.Naksh i m proud of you that u r thinking 4r ur sister first & not coming in that cheap aditya’s talk.& pls aditya get out of this show.U r not needed here.please go & work in some other serial.Kartik please be a little sensible.u know how naira is trying to solve the problems but u r not ready to listen to her.

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    Episode :- Osam performance by Shivangi and Rishi. Really Rishi stole my heart from the very first episode.

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      what happened fenu???

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  13. Ooommmggg episode was sooo good…i loved it so so much….
    And last wala scene toh….
    bechari naira sab thik karte karte khud hi trouble me aa gayi….
    toh ab kartik ko family value pata chalega….
    hate uuuuu dadi n aditya….

    Hii to my sweet yrkkh family….
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    Episode :- Naira is a very first unique character in television that i have seen .she has great upbringing,great moral.

    Courage nd Naira i think they both made for each other.

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      arey yaar hua kya hai??

    2. what happend bhaiyya

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  20. Hello my family
    Rocking naira !! Yar superb!! What a fighting! ! But bechari !! Save her fast!!
    All d best for those whose exams r there

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