WHAT HAPPENED? (episode 3)

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Episode: 3

Rashmi is dead? How? Asked Mr.Akhilesh
You believe it or not…. She is murdered Inspector Tarun spoke out!
Murdered? Mr.Akhilesh became motionless!
He very soon remembered Rashmi’s statement!
“He is murdered…wasn’t he?”
Hello… Mr.Akhilesh is you there?
Yes… Inspector Tarun!
“So… we came to know that she lives with a companion Ms.Varsha? Isn’t it?” he asked
“Yes! Inspector after her husband is dead… she lived with her in a small wooden cottage!” Akhilesh answered
“Oh! Do you know anything about her?” Inspector asked!
“No… I don’t! by the way! Are you suspecting her?” Akhilesh asked
“Hm… likely!” inspector replied
“But… why will she kill?”

“Sir… Anything can happen when two women are living together”
“Hm… that’s true! But Ms.Varsha is not of that kind” Akhilesh stated
“Not of that kind! Do you know?” Inspector asked
“Yes… I do!” Akhilesh replied
“But… you said that you don’t know anything about her?” Inspector Cross questioned
“Err…ERR! I mean Rashmi used to say about…” Akhilesh said
“Ms. Rashmi used to tell that Ms.Varsha doesn’t murder anyone?”
“No inspector… she used to tell that Ms.Varsha is very sensitive and she also said that she feel good spending time and chitchatting with Ms.Varsha”
“Oh! So… can you please come here?”
“Yes…yes inspector”
“And please do inform to her family!”
“Yes! Sure inspector!

“Ms.Nandhini…. Your sister Ms.Rashmi is murdered” Akhilesh informed on phone
“Ah?? What? Is that so? How and when?” Nandhini questioned
“Yesterday at four ‘o’ clock…Police found her dead!”
“Yesterday at four ‘o’ clock but all of a sudden?”
“Yes…Ms.Nandhini… SHE IS MURDERED”
“What? She is murdered?”
“Ah! Yes…okay I’ll end the call now! I should appear at her cottage now….can you inform everyone in the house?”
“Yes…sure we will come there too!”
“Okay! Thank you!”

Nandhini informs everyone that RASHMI IS MURDERED
“Rashmi is Murdered” Everybody exclaimed!
Everybody remembered her statement last day…
Everybody thought the same!
“The person who killed NAITHIK also killed RASHMI”
Everybody decided to go to the small wooden cottage of Rashmi where she dead!

They reached the place and saw her dead body!
Everybody cried for her…
“This is not the time for you to cry now! You have to find the murderer” said inspector Tarun.
“But how will we find inspector? She doesn’t have any enemies?” said Naira.
“Ms.Rashmi doesn’t have but what about MR.NAITHIK? He is a business man and I’m sure he will have!” inspector spoke out!
“No…Inspector My Papa is very kind…he never said me that he had any enemies!” Naksh said
“Your father will not have but others will have your father as enemy think…” inspector Said
“No need to think Inspector… who will have enmity with Papa other than MR.GOENKA” Karthik shrieked
“Karthik….papa ji doesn’t do it” naira confronted Karthik
“What do you know about him Naira? You don’t know anything about his cruelty he killed his son for the sake of money…. I’m sure his hand will be there…” keerthi shouted
“Who is he? Give his details” Inspector tarn asked
“So inspector You think My brother is murdered?” asked Naman
“Yes…just suspecting” Inspector replied

Mean while Nandhini comes shouting with Rashmi’s mobile in hand…
“Look this…Look this”
“What happened BUA? Asked Naira
“20,000 transaction successful message from Rashmi’s account just now the message arrived”
“What????????” everybody exclaimed
Inspector Tarun snatched the mobile…
“If we track this we can find the murderer” said the inspector
Inspector goes from there…
“Who might be that?” Naksh exclaimed
Everybody stood thinking..
By time Inspector came….
“Money transaction from rashmi’s account took place in MUMBAI… that means the murderer must be in Mumbai…”
“Mumbai…” everybody Froze..
“Mr.Goenka and family lives in Mumbai” Karthik spoke out
Inspector Tarun looked on!!

Precap: Suspense
Sorry for the late!!! Actually…. Didn’t get time to type this ff!!

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  1. Vinni05

    Wow amazing
    Interesting one
    Can’t wait for suspense

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thank you so much vinni❤️❤️?

  2. Fenil

    Day by day curiosity increasing abt ”What Happened ?!”
    Mr.Manish Goenka opsss Mr.Goenka becoz don’t know he is manish or other person :D:D:D

    hey , pls at end of ff prove that Mrs.Suhasini Goenka and Ghost sissy is culprit :P:P:P:D:D:D

    can’t wait for next

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks fenil…. read the whole to know the culprit?

  3. Soumya85

    Wow di amazing one full of suspence loved it….u know i was going to ask u about this ff but u posted…love u ??

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Haha!!! Thanks Somu!!! Actually fenu reminded me about this ff!!???

  4. Sachu

    Wow I love suspense thrillers to read. Good job sissy go ahead we r waiting fr the upcoming adventures.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks Di!!! You comment means a lot to me!!
      Thanks for reading!! Trust me I won’t disappoint you???❤️??

  5. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow soo suspense interesting

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot veda

  6. Very interesting story dii…loved it…
    Waiting for the next….
    Post soon….

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thank you Mahima sisu!!!
      Will post next one soon

  7. AditiB

    Baby…..suspense hi suspense h yahaa toh……tum screenplay likho……toh mazaa hi aajaye hehe…..I love it my chocolover…. keep the suspense intact…hehehe…

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks my chocoholic!!!!… Read and follow this for suspense?????

  8. Arni

    Its amazing yaar loved it,and thnx for commenting in my ff,love u and do update ur ff and

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot rivanya!! Will post next one soon

  9. JanviSingh

    It’s awsm dear… Really interesting…..
    Waiting for the next part?

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot Janvi!!!???? Will post next one soon

  10. Amazing…. There is so much suspense.,..update soon

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks vanisha! Your comment means a lot to me

  11. Aanchal

    Wow yar so much suspense

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot… Your comment means a lot to me.

  12. suspense pe suspense its amazing

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks candy!! You comment means a lot to me

  13. Sam-99

    it is really superbbbbb……….

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot Janvi!!!???? Will post next one soon

    2. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks sumitha your comment means a lot to me!!

  14. Wow dii!! That was one of the best ffs I have ever read! Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks ah lot Ananya!!!
      Your this comment means ah lot to me❤️?❤️???

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