Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj agrees for marriage. Raaj Mata asks Suminda to accept the proposal. Rani announces this engagement would be done tomorrow before he denies.
In the room, Raaj was curt over his condition, he says there isn’t any clothes or ring for him for any engagement. Rani brings clothes for him to select. Raaj says he isn’t ready to marry in rental clothes. Rani says these are his, Raaj corrects they are actually her mother’s. He insists that she must accept him with what he has.
Raaj Mata tells Suminda not to worry, Raaj has the same heart her Raja had. He loves Rani dearly and no one can keep Rani happier than him. Suminda says she has some worries even after knowing this, she was concerned that she knew Kundan since ages still he changed. Life won’t go on over love of last year. She understands her Rani well, she has a different point of view. What if they don’t understand each other and Rani gets a heart break.
Rani asks Raaj what when she was poor in the last life and he helped them? Only the conditions have changed, not their love. If Rani belongs to him, so does everything that she owns. Raaj hugs Rani apologizing for making her hurt, and calls himself stupid. Raaj was ready to do whatever she asks him for.
Raaj Mata says one only changes clothes, souls are infinite. These souls have broken all limits to get united. Every mother is worried if their daughter would live happy after marriage, but she must trust her.
Raaj Mata helps Rani get ready. Rani feels the jewelry heavy, but Raaj Mata says in Rajwaras they wear even heavier clothes. Raaj Mata leaves the room. Rani looks at a shadow in the window but Suminda arrives then.
The guests ask Raja why Rani only selected a common man like him. Raaj says its love that erases all the difference. Rani arrives to the hall and compliments him, he taunts his clothes are rental. Rani says everything that’s hers belongs to him as well. They head for engagement when Anandi comes there. She gets to Suminda’s feet in apology and demands a place to hide out. She says after coming out of jail she realized a lone woman can’t live in the world, she joins her hands requesting them a place to stay. Rani says she isn’t worth this apology, she shouldn’t stay here. She requests Prieiti to demand a corner for her, Preiti denies accepting her a mother. Raaj stops Preiti from insulting her, he doesn’t say she never committed a sin but it would be a sin on their part to leave her unsupported. Suminda agrees with Raaj. She says since Suminda is her husband’s sister she may stay here. Rani warns if Anandi tries to play any single game she won’t leave her. They move for engagement.
Suminda gives the engagement ring to Rani. A lady there taunts Raaj must never have seen such a huge diamond. Raaj Mata asks Raaj to put the ring now, he brings out a wedding band from his pocket. The people there speaks false about Raaj. Raaj says he has nothing to give Rani, only memories like this silver band which belongs to his mother. He always felt an angel was his side, and today he found her as the anger. He is sure he would never fell weak anymore. Rani kiss the ring and says its his mother’s blessings which are the precious most thing for her.

PRECAP: Rani watches a masked man. The man was determined to burn the whole family of Rani Chauhan soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Just an observation …….seems like BRM’s tactics are working on this forum as well….uhh….like supernatural I’m talking about…… Yesterday episode says there are 2 comments but I’m not seeing the comments, the page is blank. Uhhhhhh…..does anyone else see what I’m seeing????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. same here…i tried n tried n tried n tried…but i couldnt see the comments…:)..However, somewhere in the evening I saw Lakshmi’s comments but since night i couldnt see them..

  2. some nice moments for Raju and Rani …
    Raj Mata is very nice and will keep them safe …
    Mystery man might be Kundan tho ???

  3. Oh no friends…it seems mystery man is dead iqbal…the voice sounded like iqbal…hope it is kundan…but our writers are very fond of spirits so after brm they may be bringing in dead iqbal’s spirit…hope my intuition goes wrong…

  4. My God , Naz , Archana’s intuition is right,it is definitely Iqbal’s voice only.But I have n’t read anywhere the news of Iqbal Khan’sre entry into ETRETR .We have to wait for tonight’s episode to see whether it is really Iqbal only and if so, has he come back as a spirit (favourite subject of our writers)or an old man in his sixties,who had survived that accident almost 35 years back in which Ranidied.Let us hope that a very much alive Iqbal has come hack to take his revenge against Ran as the viewers are fed up with these ghost tracks..But if he is a human,how is he so sure that Raju and Rani Chauhan are the reincarnations of Raja and Rani?Whatever it is , Iqbal Khan is a good actor and let us see what havoc he is going to create this time .
    Naz,has the channel done something to telecast ETRETR at the right time or still sleeping? From your comments ,I can make out that the situation is still the same.It has been more than a week since you have been complaining ,but no action at all.What a shame!
    As for me Naz ,my days of relaxing are almost over.Much against my wishes,I have taken up a divorce case this time.As a rule ,I avoid these cases because I myself feel very bad and depressed for days after the case , for being instrumental in their seperation.But this time ,the lady in question and her husband are our friends and neighbours with a 25 year old daughter and22 year old son.The husband is a very sincere ,hardworking man and a good person but very short tempered :,for small things he becomes very violent and physically abuses her ,but very gentle with his children.We advised him to consult a psychiatrist many times but invain.I have taken them to countless councillors with no results.Now she says that though she still loves him,it is impossible for her to continue and almost begged me to get a divorce.Whether it is going to be mutual or not ,I have to talk to her husband.Ofcourse it going to be very difficult for me because except for that weakness i know he is a good man and loves his wife .What should i do Naz? ,sometimes I curse myself for choosing this line.Hope God will give me strength in dealing with this case.
    How are you Naz?Still the summer very hot?Do you know ,my friend ,that though I hate the heat ,there are two things I love about this season,Mangoes and the jasmines,not to forget those sweet childhood memories of 2 months summer vecation in my grandmother’s house with so many cousins to play with. Pure nostalgia.

    1. Lakshmi, I’m trying not to complain but…this season 3 could have been season 2 and writers could have wrapped up season 3 with the unification of Raja Rani and with lots of romance, drama and a baby as well….i can’t help but feel that the scenes are rushed or hurried and the little scene last night when they both rubbed color on their necks in a seductive way, had shades of the magic of this couple and it left me wanting more….. In my view…..this is the ONLY serial which was screwed up so mercilessly to my memory. I can’t even confirm with you both that the voice is Iqbal’s ,I know his voice to a “T” , but Archana always gives us the true scoops in advance so her word is accepted. You do see Lakshmi, how I’m unable to liaise with you all on current news and episodes, this is so frustrating…… Now… I don’t think I can say much to make you feel better concerning those types of cases, it’s always traumatic to see families torn apart by divorce after spending so much time together building a life, a home, bringing kids up in stability, is always a challenge but if people can have a better state of mind being away from abusive partners, then divorce is probably the only way out of the situation, however painful. …..Lakshmi, this woman has been living with her husband for over 2 decades and they have two kids. As he’s loving towards his kids, something is amiss with the relationship he shares with his wife. What could be so upsetting to him could be more of another factor. His short temper could stem from childhood incidents or a medical problem. If it’s from his past, then he needs counseling as you’ve suggested but being a male and they are born with egos, he would look at this as an indication of failure and as a solution that is beneath him as a man, to be the reasons for his abusive behavior……some men think that in order to prove themselves a man, they have to resort to such abusive behavior. He has a daughter, he won’t like if her husband will abuse her one day, it’s the same way that his wife is someone’s daughter as well…. His behavior could also be a medical one as well. My friend’s dad is very abusive…with words, he has never hit her mom but his words can cut iron. Minute issues or something that upsets him visually or verbally, has the power to insult his wife and kids to great proportions, even in the public and that is the damaging effect on his family’s psyche. He was diagnosed with having a neurological problem which renders him incapable of remembering much of what he says after the storm is over. He has a history of headaches which stems from a serious sinus problem. So his family lives with this problem and it’s not easy for them. He provides EVERYTHING for his family and has never physically abused them, so they live with it, it’s unavoidable and they know it’s a medical issue. Your client’s husband has too much pride, that’s why he’s refusing the professional help, if this is what it takes to solve his problem at home, he should accept his shortcomings and take the counseling. It’s your job Lakshmi, do your best, let the chips fall where they ought to, what’s meant to be, will always be and there’s always a solution to every problem. Time will tell for this couple, at least the kids are old enough to understand what’s happening…..i hope for the best for this case and try not to take it personally, divorce yourself from the emotional aspect and think of it as another case. Wish you well and God’s blessings….. Always.

  5. Sorry for ty.errors

  6. Hey writers.. Bringing back spirits, villains from last birth and decking up eisha in glamorous clothes every now and then is not going to take the serial anywhere.. Moreover half the time functions are being celebrated and all of them are decked up in flashy clothes n jewelery.. Most of the time it doesn’t have any value add for the main storyline too.. Now again so many episodes wasted in Raj-rani engagement, haldi(n this is eisha’s 3rd haldi in the series), mehendi and Sangeet.. With red, yellow, green and purple colors respectively.. Apart from setting and clothing presentation please concentrate on story presentation too.. Plus as per spoilers some twist in the marriage function will stall Raj-rani wedding.. I knew from the beginning that this extension is not going to give viewers anything new n nice.. Sigh!!!

    1. Archana, I’m trying not to stress myself out with this serial. I agree with your observations…..do you think bringing back Iqbal wheather as a ghost or old man, will make this any better for us loyal viewers???? At the moment, where we’ve reached in the serials in the Caribbean, is where Rani tells Raja she loves him but he refuses her love saying she’s not the type of woman he wants and walks off, they are in Amerkot palace…… Yes…. That’s how far back we are, I’m sure you and Lakshmi have forgotten that scene by now…..

    2. Well dear.. U r far behind.. But it’s OK.. Season 3 has nothing novel about it.. With written updates itself u will be on par with us.. I m in India but I just saw the first two episodes of season 3 and then I lost interest.. It is again banking on two things – sartaj eisha chemistry which is no more that enticing n opulent clothes n settings.. N worst of all it is a wannabe horror show.. I must say wannabe Bcos it’s so called evil spirits are more irritating than scary.. N true love does not mean that u have to battle ghosts.. N this is one of the few serials wherein post death also antagonists want revenge from the leads.. N reasons for revenge are downright senseless.. Season 2 start was good bad in the middle and worst towards the end.. But it gave me ample opportunities to appreciate n criticize the plots.. But season 3 has nothing to criticize also Bcos makers are repeating the same thing in a different setting… So I simply see webisodes n spoilers.. N in between I stopped commenting too.. Today I had mood to comment so I did.. Anyways hope u r doing good otherwise n I suggest u can catch up on ozee app n YouTube even if telecast is delayed in the carribeans.. Tk cr dear.. 🙂

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