Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Naman bringing christmas tree. Nakshs ays we are upset as we wanted to decorate it. Naitik and Akshara make them glad, asking them to decorate it more. They all smile and decorate. The kids dance. Bau ji gets Santa caps for everyone and says he bought it from park. They all wear it and smile. Rashmi takes Gayu. Devyaani says she is happy seeing it. Gayu cries. Akshara says I think she is missing Nikhil. Rashmi gets worried and Naitik notices her. They ask her to make Nikhil talk to Gayu. Rashmi says he is busy. Naitik says I will call him, and calls. He gets his message that he is busy in meeting. Bhabhimaa says Gayu is crying. The kids make Gayu smile. Akshara sings a song and Gayu smiles. They all clap.

Akshara also notices Rashmi’s sadness. Shaurya asks Vishwamber did he take the car, as its not in good condition, even the driver did not come. The ladies look at each other. Dadi says we took the car to drop Ananya to Akshara’s house, Varsha drove it. Varsha gets tensed thinking they will scold her. The men clap for Varsha and are proud of her. Varsha smiles. Akshara hears Rashmi talking to Nikhil on phone and crying, asking why is he doing this with her, why is he punishing her. Akshara says Rashmi.

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Rashmi is shocked seeing her. Akshara asks what happened, why are you crying. She asks her to tell it, I m seeing you are worried since many days, you always look sad, tell me. Rashmi hugs her crying. She says Nikhil’s life has someone else. Akshara is shocked. Rashmi cries. Akshara asks what is she saying. Rashmi says yes. Akshara asks since when did she know this. Rashmi says Nikhil has accepted this. Akshara cries and says you did not tell any of us, I know you could tell elders, but you could have told me and Naitik. Rashmi asks how could I tell this, I m feeling ashamed. Akshara pacifies her and says we are with you, we will tell everyone.

Rashmi says no, you won’t tell anyone. Akshara says they will know one day. Rashmi says I will tell Nikhil to leave that woman, he loves me and Gayu a lot. Karishma tells Naman that she is so happy, her Christmas is so good. Naman says thanks to family. Devyaani comes and gives some items. Karishma likes the laddoos and thanks her. She says I don’t want dry fruits. Devyaani says ok keep it aside and keep winter clothes. She teases them and smiles. Karishma hugs her. Akshara says try to understand, this is not a small fight, he did a big mistake, this can’t be forgiven, there is no way out now, you just think, he is not changing seeing you in pain.

She says I m worried for you, Nikhil does not have anything in his heart. Rashmi says no, he calls me to ask about Gayu, he loves us a lot, that woman trapped him. Akshara says we can’t blame that woman. She says he will come back to us, don’t tell this to anyone, promise me. Everyone is happy hearing the kids talk about Santa, who spreads happiness. Bau ji laughs and says kids have different world, there are no problems. Bhabhimaa says they have all solutions. Rashmi and Akshara come there. Rashmi says I m sure Gayu will unite me and Nikhil. Akshara talks to her. Naitik comes there and asks Akshara what did she say. She says I love you. He says I love you too.

Jasmeet comes to help Varsha in kitchen and says my work can be done easily, I m getting bored, I want to do something new. Varsha says as new year is coming. She asks her to do anything she likes. Jasmeet asks her to help her. Naksh says Santa did not come till now. Karishma says me too. Naksh says you are going out and can meet in way, but we are at home. Naitik comes there in Santa clothes. Everyone smile seeing him. Naitik sings Christmas song. Naitik gives gifts to everyone. Gayu asks for her dad. Rashmi says Papa will come soon and take us along. She says Nikhil loves her a lot and lies to everyone about Nikhil spending time with Gayu. Akshara cries.

Bhabhimaa says Gayu is very sad, she is missing Nikhil, he should come. Devyaani says yes, ask him to come. Bau ji says yes, we met him long time back. Akshara says Nikhil will not come, and he will not take Rashmi and Gayu. Everyone is shocked. Rashmi gets tensed. Naitik saks the kids to go to room and play. Rashmi signs no to Akshara. Naitik asks Akshara what is she saying and why. Bau ji asks Rashmi what happened. Devyaani asks is Nikhil annoyed with us. Rashmi says no, Akshara is joking. Akshara says I m not joking, why are you hiding it Rashmi, you are living in pain. Naitik asks her to say it clearly.

Varsha and Jasmeet make a jacket funky. Jasmeet thanks her for the idea to make funky things, if I make it in affordable clothes, we will get many orders. She hugs Varsha. Varsha says you should try. Jasmeet says we both will try, in partnership. Varsha says I don’t know anything. Jasmeet says we will learn together. Bua ji asks Rashmi why did she not tell them. Naitik says how can Nikhil do this. Bua ji asks him not to get angry, we will talk to Nikhil. Naitik says how can he cheat my sister, I will not leave him. Karishma asks Naman whats this new problem, we are leaving for honeymoon and everyone’s mood is bad. Naman says we should cancel it.

She says I think we should go, its their lives. He says I think we should not go. Naitik says he will leave tonight by flight to get Nikhil back, he can’t do this with my sister, I promise Rashmi. He hugs Rashmi. Akshara asks Naitik not to give Rashmi any false hope. Everyone is shocked. The kids stay in room with Gayu. Ananya asks Naksh what happened. Naksh says I don’t know, when there is something serious, elders send us here. Gayu cries. They make her smile. Akshara says Rashmi can’t bear it always. Naitik says I will talk to Nikhil. Akshara says Rashmi also tried, when he did not listen to his wife, you think he will agree to you. She says Nikhil is blind and will not come back. Rashmi is here since months and he uis staying with other woman, he did not come to meet Gayu.

Bhabhimaaa says if Nikhil comes here, that relation will end. Akshara says if you want to tie him with him, fine, but Rashmi can’t be happy, this is not justice to bear his mistake. Karishma asks you mean they should get separated. Rashmi and everyone are shocked.

Akshara asks Rashmi to go back if she can share her husband with someone else, else don’t turn to see him again. Naitik asks Akshara what would you do in her place. Akshara says its not for Rashmi or me, but for every woman, bearing injustice is wrong. Rashmi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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