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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi accepting Arjun’s proposal and asking him to marry her. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays……………… he makes her wear the ring. He hugs her and says we will marry tomorrow, and then no one can separate us. Bachcha Singh tells Watan to kill Poorvi and only then Arjun will forget her, they have done solid love. If she dies, Arjun will marry Tanu. He says he will have peace. He sees Arjun’s pic and says no one can take Arjun from me, I love him a lot, he is my son. He cries and shouts angrily. Watan holds him. Its night, Poorvi wakes up and sees Arjun missing. She goes out to see and is shocked seeing police arresting Arjun, and he is asking them to leave him. Arjun shows the handcuffs and is taken away. She shouts Arjun and wakes up. Arjun

asks her what happened. She hugs him and says I saw a bad dream, that police arrested you and I m unable to do anything.

He says everything is fine, I m here and I will always be with you. She says my parents will do their best to separate us. He says no one can separate us after our marriage tomorrow, so forget this bad dream, think about us. She says where will we run. He says we will win, our love will win, we will have a small home and wake up in morning, and greet good morning. She smiles and asks it means the same. He says see my feelings, I will go to work and kiss you on your cheek, you will see me off and you will make me have tea with your hands, make food and I will massage your head and feet. She says husband does not massage wife’s feet. He says why, you can’t stop me.

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She asks will he take her outside. He says I will take you for shopping, movie and dinner, we will do on date every week on your fav place. He says we will not have chance later after we have 10-12 kids. She says no way, I can’t. He laughs and says I want many kids. She asks will he force her. He says love and touches her. She smiles. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays…………….. They hold hands and have an eyelock. He goes ahead to kiss her. She closes her eyes. She then beats him and they laugh. She rests in his lap and talks. They sleep.

Its morning, Poorvi wakes up and Arjun says he spoke to a pandit. She gives him a list and asks him to get the items. He asks her to use the new number and just take my call, don’t open the door till I come. He asks her not to worry, as she is safe in this hotel. She says not that reason, we are marrying today, I had many dreams about big functions and family happiness, I did not think my marriage will happen like this. He says we tried, they did not agree, what can we do. He makes her smile.

He goes to buy a wedding dress and thinks Poorvi will look very beautiful in this. He asks the shopkeeper to pack it. He buys it and asks about temple. The man gives the address and says many people marry there, and all the best. Arjun thanks him and leaves. He talks to his friend and he says everyone knows you both are together, are you fine. Arjun says its my marriage today, come here and say congrats, you are my childhood friend, I trust you. He asks the address and Arjun tells him. Arjun says I took all the items.

A guy sees Arjun and calls someone to inform. Poorvi calls Neelima and does not talk to her. She cries. Neelima sees the number and thinks. Poorvi thinks about Neelima’s words. The room service guy comes and she asks him to go, he will call him when her husband comes. He says mad people and leaves. Arjun calls her and says he is tensed about her, he was calling her. She says I called home, I m missing my parents, but I did not talk to them. He says they can know about us by phone, what if we get caught. She says sorry, I won’t do this again. He says once we marry, we won’t have any problem.

He says I got all items and spoke in temple also. She says I m waiting. He says I m coming. She thinks its matter of some time. Bachcha Singh tells Watan and Nirbhik what will we do if Arjun and Poorvi marry. Watan says we will catch them before marriage. Bachcha Singh scolds him and says where will Arjun go, its such small city. Nirbhik says I will find them, my men are looking for them in city. Bachcha Singh says do anything, but get them here. Arjun’s friend comes and says I know about them, Arjun called me and said this address. They are marrying today. Bachcha Singh says I knew this, Arjun will marry that girl. He gets angry and says what should I do now. He asks Watan and Nirbhik not to let this marriage happen, stop it by any way.

Nirbhik says I will get my gun and goes. Watan says I will get them. Arjun’s friend says he cheated Arjun on his saying, please free my mum now. Bachcha Singh says yes, I kept her as you can cheat me, but you did honest work, go home, your mum will be found safe. He thanks him and leaves. Bachcha Singh says Arjun and Poorvi, I will show love is dangerous. He laughs and Nisha looks on and worries. She thinks she has to inform Arjun and Poorvi. Arjun comes to Poorvi and she hugs him. He asks did she have food. She says no, you said not to open door for anyone. He says you are so innocent that you did not have food till now. He shows the bridal dress. She sees it and likes it.

They smile. He asks how is it. She hugs him. Nisha calls Arjun, and Watan comes there. He says so you want to tell everything to Arjun. She says no, I was thinking it should be done peacefully. He says you do drama very well. He scolds her and asks her not to do anything. She says she did not talk to Arjun. He says I know everything, I will find him now. He leaves.

Bachcha Singh and his goons come to Arjun and Poorvi’s marriage and aim guns at Poorvi. The police also comes there with Lakshya to arrest Arjun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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