Uttaran 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi hugs Akash. He is concerned for her. I got scared as I heard your scream. For a second I felt as if that evil spirit has taken control of you. Meethi (evil spirit actually) takes out her dagger and aims at Akash. Akash continues to reassure Meethi that nothing bad can happen to her or them. Meethi murmurs in his ears that he left the puja in between. You had to chant the mantra for 108 times. Akash opens his eyes in shock. Now you are dead. They part and he looks at her in shock. He notices the dagger in her hand and the very next minute, she attacks him. he falls on the floor screaming in pain. Their bedroom door closes on its own. He gets up and tells her to listen to him carefully. We have been through so many problems together but our love never decreased for each other. We could never go away from each other as our love was true. No magic will have any effect on you as God is with us. This evil spirit will have to accept defeat. How can you give up in front of this evil spirit? She holds him by his neck and even lifts him in the air. He continues to reassure her that she will be fine. She finally throws him on the bed and he coughs for fresh air. The evil spirit leaves. Meethi realises what’s happening with her. please save me Akash.

He is about to get up when the spirit enters Meethi again. She angrily asks him what his love will do. It wont be able to do anything. She starts laughing hysterically. Akash talks about the strength of love. this is a husband’s firm belief that he will save his wife from all the bad things in the world. He hugs her once again. nothing will happen to you. Recall whose daughter you are. Your mother never gave up in her entire life. She pushes him once again after hurting him with the dagger. He crashes with the drawers this time. Meethi drops the dagger in shock / fear as the evil spirit exits from her body. I cannot understand what’s happening to me. I hurt you. The evil spirit enters inside her once again. Akash holds his wrist to stop the pain. What has happened to you Meethi? Look at me, I am your Akash.

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Damini knocks at their room’s door. Maiyya too asks them to open the door. Meethi picks up the blood smeared dagger again and starts walking towards him. He tells her that someone is trying to distance them from each other. You will have to fight with this evil spirit. Maiyya and Damini continue to bang at the door. Recall our wedding vows / pheras. That mangalsutra around your neck is of my name. Think about all the promises that we had made to each other that we will spend our whole life together. We will stand together in all the pain and happiness. You cannot give up. You will have to fight Meethi. the evil spirit cannot lose before the good one. The evil spirit in Meethi tries to hurt Akash but Meethi holds her hand on her own. I wont let anything happen to Akash. She is having a really hard time controlling her hand. After a lot of difficulty, Akash touches his own wound; picks up some blood and smears it on Meethi’s forehead. She retreats in shock and the evil spirit leaves her. akash gets concerned. Meethi is about to fall but Akash holds her in time.

Meanwhile, Vishnu comes there. He opens the door. Akash makes Meethi lie down on the bed. They are worried for Meethi but he tells them that Meethi is fine now. Damini looks at all the mess in the room. They all leave as Meethi opens her eyes. Akash sits beside Meethi and makes her rest her head on his shoulder. Samjhawan plays in the background. He kisses her on her forehead and hugs her in relief. She notices him in pain and apologizes to him. she kisses his wounds tearfully.

Guru Ma tells Nandini that all her attacks are failing. This has never happened before. Meet me asap. Nandini agrees. She leaves hurriedly in a taxi. Right then Mukta reaches Bundela House. She decides to follow Nandini.

Damini thanks Devi Ma for everything. Meethi got a husband like Akash because of you only. Maiyya affirms it. He is a very good husband. Vishnu tells them that someone has done black magic on Meethi. he finally tells them that Nandini is behind all this. Akash too dint believe it earlier but now he too has got to know the whole truth. Nandini is doing all this. Akash also confirms it. You were right in doubting Nandini. We were right in doubting Nandini. She is that evil spirit in this house who wants to hurt Meethi. we will have to tell her that no bad spirit works before love. please stay with Meethi for a while. Nandini should not know of anything that happened today. Tell this to Massi as well. Maiyya nods. Where is Nandini?

Guru Ma decides to combine all her powers now. I will pray to my all Guru’s. Now Meethi will die. Mukta is watching them from far. Nandini is restless thinking when wills this happen. Mukta is shocked to realise that nandini is doing black magic to ruin Meethi.

Damini is with Meethi who is sad thinking about all the recent happenings. I don’t know if I will be fine ever again. Damini assures her that Akash will put in all his strength to save her. Meethi nods. Akash can do anything for me but I am doing all the wrong things. I attacked Maiyya and now Akash! What am I doing? Will you please give me some poison? I don’t want to live. Damini tells her not to talk like this. everything will be fine. Meethi is sad as she can see no such hopes. Damini calls out for Akash. He comes there. Damini tells him to bring Meethi downstairs in a while. Nothing will happen to Meethi. He is confused but agrees. She leaves.

Damini comes to temple. She asks Maiyya for Vishnu ji’s idol. I want to get Meethi and Akash married again. The effect of evil spirit is comparatively less on Meethi when she is with Akash. Their love is so pure, so strong that the evil spirit fails in all her attempts. This is why they will have to remarry. This way that evil spirit wont be able to attack Meethi again. Maiyya sees her logic and goes to make preps for the same.

Akash and Meethi sit in the temple. Maiyya covers Meethi’s head with a read dupatta. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu plays. Akash and Meethi look at each other and hold hands. On the other hand, Guru Ma calls out to all the destructive forces to help her in her mission. Mukta looks at everything from a distance and is stunned. Kill Meethi Chatterjee! Some spirit enters her. Mukta leaves from there while Guru Ma starts with her puja. The spirit enters Meethi. Akash, Maiyya, Damini and Vishnu realise the same. Meethi is feeling uneasy. Guru ma smiles. Epi ends on Meethi’s face.

Precap: Nandini asks Meethi if she found some new proof against her or do you want to point out at another mistake that I have done. Meethi says time for all that is past now. It is time to do something else now. She slaps Nandini.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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