Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bau ji telling Devyaani that her children will take the right decision. She cries and says I wish I could share their pain. Varsha says Mohit chose a beautiful house. Everyone talk about it. Kaki asks is Rukmani asking them to buy a expensive one. Varsha says Mohit is smart and will decide right. Akshara comes to Devyaani and talks to her. Devyaani tells her that Suresh is a bad guy and he will take the children away from her. She cries and says I don’t want to complain, life gave me second chance and I got so much love and respect here.

Akshara says I think you should talk to Naman and Muskaan once and tell them the truth. Devyaani says no, they love their dad a lot. Suresh took good care of them, I don’t want to break their relation. Akshara says you are very good. Mohit tells Rukmani that the house is very good. Rukmani says then take it. Mohit says we can shift soon. Rukmani says buy it. Mohit says I will apply for loan. Naman and Muskaan talk to their dad. Muskaan says its good we came there. Suresh says I got angry and I lost my temper.

He justifies himself and says I m unable to do anything as she is trying to take my children. He says this is the truth. Muskaan says the truth is you tried to slap a woman. Naman says you did not do this right. Muskaan says we felt my mum is like we heard about her, now we think you are not like we know you. They leave. Naksh talks to Naitik and asks him why is he sad. Devyaani talks to Bhabhimaa and apologizes for hiding such a big thing from her.

Varsha tells Rajshri that she removed the cable as Ananya is watching much tv. Devyaani talks to her dad. He gets angry and says now I have to do something. She says how everyone supported her. He says forget everything, take care of your family, be happily with them and spend time with them. Devyaani says I will try. Mohit praises the food that Nandini made. Nandini smiles.

Rukmani says Koel is not coming. Yash tells Rukmani that she did not let Dadda ji come, so Lord has punished her and stopped Koel. Mohit says now the kid understood, don’t know when will you understand. Naksh talks to everyone. Rajshri sees Anshu talking to Jasmeet for long hours. Kaki says I will stop him. Rajshri says its not good, he is wasting so much time. Shaurya comes home worried. He says the builder whom Mohit gave money is a fraud. He says Mohit is putting all his money. Rajshri says then tell this to Naitik, he will stop Mohit.

Shaurya says we have to tell him carefully. Kaki says Rukmani will blame Nandini for this. Nksh makes the time table and everyone laugh seeing it. Suresh makes coffee for Naman and Muskaan. He apologizes to them. He says do the packing, we are leaving tomorrow. Muskaan says I m very much confused. Naman says yes, we always believed dad but now I feel we made a mistake. He says we should have talked to her once. Muskaan says we are leaving tomorrow. She says about mum, what about her, are we not related to her, will we not meet her again.

Devyaani helps Bhabhimaa in her packing. Everyone have a talk. Anshu tells them that Naman and Muskaan are leaving tomorrow. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to stop Mohit. Akshara and Naitik come home tensed. Bau ji asks him what happened. Naitik says Bhabhimaa’s passport did not come, but don’t worry, there is one more day. Bhabhimaa is shocked. She asks the servants to go and she will manage the house alone. Bhabhimaa gets upset thinking she can’t go.

Naksh says if Bhabhimaa can’t get passport then will the holiday get cancelled? Naitik says it will come for sure.

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