Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th April 2014 Written Update

Samarth asks him to try something, she says she must eat it all. Avni asks shall they go? He says to for some time more. Samarth says he wanted to tell her that whatever he is doing, his phone rings; he begins again, Avni’s phone ring. He starts to speak again, but he gets cough that gets strong. Everyone gathers. Raj runs to him, but stops thinking he is your enemy. He turns around, then returns and taps him hard on his back. After he gets better, Raj says he could never have forgiven himself had something happen to him. Avni asks why had he blame himself? He says because it was his idea to come here. Samarth gets up thanking him, they shake hands and then hug each other.
Bhawna thanks Raj for helping out Samarth. Avni tells them he got coughing as he ate the pastry. Samarth says it is very rare to find friends like you, he hopes they become friends like Avni and him. Suket also thanks him and says see you tomorrow. He has to leave thinking I hope Samarth does not try to impress him.
Arpita thinks Akshit is already very busy, how she shall make his mind for him. Akshit comes and sees her worried. He asks what she was thinking about and tells her he already know she is thinking about his birthday. He asks him to give the plan now and no surprises for tomorrow. She asks him will he do whatever she says. He promises, she tells him they will spend the day together by watching a movie first, then having lunch together. He agrees and hugs her. Sanvri watches it and plans to spoil it. She comes downstairs. There was an old man. She asks who he was. He tells him he has come from Delhi and tells her he has come to ask Abhaas about the problems about the city. She tells she can tell the problems to him. He starts to give the list of items that has suffered inflation. She says she is talking about the increase in the rates of parlour services. He says he will bring a bill in the next assembly about the beauty parlour charges if she votes his party. He further says he will be available with his team on 26th April at the Z TV show fun show.
Abhaas is back, they are having dinner together. He appreciates Bhawna for making all the dishes he liked, Suket says if his story has ended, meet Samarth who is Mr. Chohan’s son. Abhaas stands up to shake hands. Samarth says he has already heard about him being in politics. Abhaas says that he must then have developed an image of his like his dad. Samarth instead says that he is very impressed by Abhaas; he is so young and participates in politics. Abhaas tells him to keep his sister happy, that is important to him. Samarth says that he can interview him anytime, or see him live. Sanvri comes and suggests that they should plan some surprise for Akshit’s birthday tomorrow. She asks Avni to give her the phone numbers of all his friends, she will call them personally. Avni says that she will make the list of guest with Arpita. Sanvri shouts no one will tell anything to Arpita, as she can spit it out. Suket says that someone should tell Abhaas to come in time also. Everyone notices. They see Akshit and Arpita coming downstairs. Avni asks to change the topic, Samarth begins a joke. As he begins to eat, Suket asks him to go wash his hands first. He abides, while Samarth again notices the difference.
Abhaas was in the lawn talking on phone, Avni comes to him. She tells him he looks handsome while smiling. Abhaas says this is the reason, Mr. Suket Khandelwal is so jealous of him. Avni request him not to fight with him in front of Samarth at least. Abhaas argues that Suket should also not intensify their differences. He gets a call while Samarth comes there and asks to talk to them about the differences between Suket and Abhaas. He says that if he doesn’t want to tell him, it’s ok. Abhaas says it is nothing like that, he just doesn’t like his interest in politics. Samarth says that he can give him an idea so that Suket knows that whatever Abhaas is doing is not wrong. Avni feels excited. Samarth says that there is always a key to any lock, they should try his plan.
Avni was telling Raj on phone had Samarth’s plan removes the differences between dad and Abhaas bhai, she will say yes to marry him. Raj gets a cough. She says she is excited to see what he is going to do. She tells him to sleep. Raj says she has taken her sleeps away by telling this.
In the morning, Avni listens to suket’s and Abhaas’ voice. Suket was asking ‘Udaypur? This is good. But I don’t want to force you into anything’ Abhaas: ‘Don’t worry, it will happen’ She says that how come they talking to each other so nicely. It means Samarth has got successful. She runs downstairs and sees them both talking on their own phones. Samarth comes and says they are still the same. He tells her that suket doesn’t know how much knowledge Abhaas has about politics, and Abhaas also doesn’t know that politics is not a good career for him. But there is Suket’s love in his anger as well, they both should understand this thing. Avni asks how he will do this.
He asks them both have same mobiles, he tells her to go downstairs and switch their mobile phones so that when Suket receives a call, he knows how important Abhaas’ work to him is. They both go to hall, she exchange their cell phones. Bhawna asks Avni to bring Samarth his favorite salad, but he says he will have tea first.
Raj was upset at the breakfast table. Jiji asks the reason; he says how he can be happy when that Sam is there at Avni’s place. He says he is waiting for Avni to finish her tea, so that she will understand with his eyes, ears and mind open. Jiji ask how will he know she is done with tea if he keeps sitting here. Raj says he doesn’t need to call her to know what she must be doing. He can tell this by closing his eyes.

PRECAP: Arpita and Akshit celebrates the birthday in a resturant. She tells him no one can disturb him here because there are no signals. Bhawna and Suket were trying their phones constantly. Sanvri comes worried that guests are asking to leave. SUket asks did Arpita know about the plan. Sanvri says she told her herself.

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