Veera 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 25th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Biji rehersal the dialogues. Biji says, i cant do it. Veera says, you must say it, balwant tayaji will come at our home at any time. If you can win tractor race and done farming then you can done anything. You are world’st biji. Balwant tayaji came to home. Balwant tayaji says, what will gunjan do? we will sort out everything. BIji says, their is no need to sort out anything. Ranveer and gunjan dont like each other and they both are unhappy with each other. Bansari ji says, we cant let it happen. Baldev says, i will not allow this. Balwant tayaji says, did ranveer accept to do marriage again. Biji says, yes. Balwant tayaji says, lets go to home. Baldev says, i will not go anywhere. I want to chat with him. Balwant tayaji says, i know gunjan did something wrong but atleast think something on your decision because it is all about daughter’s life. BIji says, it is not happening right. Veera says, it is all due to veerji and gunjan love.
GUnjan waits for her papaji and ask, what happen papaji? Balwant tayaji says, ranveer has decided to do marry again. Gunjan calls ranveer but he dont pick it up. Veera see her phone and disconnect it and says, i can see gunjan bhabi that you love veerji and i want that you will come back to my veerji forever.
Ranveer says, i want to call someone.
Baldev goes to fight with ranveer. Veera says, where are you going? I think ranveer forgotten that gunjan is his wife and i will not let it happen. Veera stops baldev.
Veera then tell everything to baldev. Baldev says, now i will do anything for ranveer and gunjan. Ranveer dressed his clothes then he sees gunjan dress and says, i will give everything of gunjan to her.
Baldev stops ranveer and says, i will not allow you to spoil my sister life. Ranveer says, i came here only to give her clothes. Baldev says, just throw this as you thrown my sister. Gunjan hears sound of ranveer’s bike voice and says, ranveer is near to me but he didnt came to meet me. Ranveer sees a gunjan in his dream.

Precap:- Gunjan says, i will not believe until i will see with my own eyes. Gunjan reaches ranveer’s home and she sees that Veera and biji talks about ranveer weddings.

Update Credit to: tushar

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