Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira meet

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh asking Naira to convince her heart. He goes. She says my heart doesn’t listen to me, you are right, I should try to step ahead, I will try. Dadi talks to Guru ji and gets leaving for conducting peace puja. She stumbles and gets dizzy. Kartik holds her and says you won’t go anywhere, you are unwell. She asks why are you worried for me, you didn’t think your doings will hurt me. He says I will never come in front of you once we meet the doctor. He takes her. Naitik asks where is Naira, she is not in her room, is she fine, she may do something. Naksh asks what’s all this. Naitik says sorry. Kirti says Naira went outside, she is fine. Naitik says I have a fear in heart…

Devyaani asks him to end this fear. Naitik says I will try this mistake doesn’t repeat, the mind will take time to calm down. Naksh says Naira is a fighter, she has faced many problems, she didn’t leave fighting. Naitik says sorry, I will pray that she always has courage. Doctor says its possible after a minor surgery, you can do anything, even dance. She asks are you sure. He says yes, this loss can be reversed. She says let me inform Kartik, he will be happy, he wanted me to get fine and dance. He asks who is Kartik, your husband or BF. She disconnects the call and gets sad.

Mansi and Anmol see Kartik and Naira’s pic. Mansi says their jodi is so perfect, its impossible to find good people like Naira, she had forgiven my big mistake, why can’t her mistake be forgiven. Anmol says Kartik is upset that Naira left when he needed her. Mansi says he asked her to leave. Mohit says Kartik is hurt thinking she didn’t understand him, Naira is hurt thinking he misunderstands her. Mansi says truth has been hidden behind misunderstandings. Mohit says relations are such, they get strong at times, and sometimes it gets complicated. Staff prepares to welcome the minister. Naira says what am I thinking, Kartik and I are divorced, why do I want to talk to him. She bumps into Kartik. They fall down. Balloons fall over them. She asks what are you doing here, are you fine, did you drink again. He says what do I say, I m fine, I have got Dadi to the doctor, she is not fine, she is stressed out, doctor is examining her, what are you doing here, are you hurt. She says yes, I have come to meet….Dadi comes out of the cabin and says I m fine, Kartik got me here. Naira thinks of Dadi’s words. She goes.

Lav and Kush say we want to meet you, mum asked us not to go. Kirti says ask your mum. Suwarna takes the call and says I have to talk to you, I knew the divorce will happen, its right, Kartik’s sorrow had to end. Kirti says sorry to hurt you, this happened as you didn’t want anything else to happen, this isn’t true, time alone will tell, celebrate your victory, do Kartik’s relation anywhere, we don’t know how he will live after getting separated from Naira, you are not working for Kartik’s happiness, you can ruin Kartik and the girl’s lives by your stubbornness.

Dadi asks what happened. Kartik says nothing, I collided with something. Naira looks on and thinks why am I hiding. He thinks why am I scared. Dadi says I m fine, lets go. Kartik doesn’t wish to go. Naira wishes he doesn’t go. Dadi says my BP was high as I was worried for your marriage, now you got divorced, I m going to be fine now, I have explained my heart. Something falls on Naira. She shouts mumma. Dadi and Kartik stop. Dadi says Naira and turns to see…. Naira goes. Dadi looks for her. She says I felt you and her…. forget it, lets go home. They leave. Naira thinks I should have spoken to him. He thinks why do I feel strange after meeting her. Rukmani checks the gifts and says its good, its Raksha bandhan tomorrow, my brothers will give me many gifts, wow. Devyaani says festival has come, its good. Rajshri says Lord distracts us, but the truth is, there is still sorrow. Kartik takes tea and adds sugar. He thinks of Naira’s words and smiles. Servant looks at him and goes. Kartik drinks tea and coughs. He says it looked good when you did this…..

Rukmani says its Raksha bandhan tomorrow, how will we do it. Devyaani asks what shall I do. Rukmani says we have to do arrangements. Devyaani says it will be a simple ceremony. Rukmani says I m also upset for Kartik and Naira’s divorce, we need to move on. Devyaani says Mansi will go to her Maayka and tie rakhi to her brother, Kirti will see what she wants to do. Rukmani says its Saawan jhula too. Mohit says you always have many wishes. Rukmani says you always go against me, I have no worth here, do you worry for Naira more and less for Mansi and Anmol, your in laws have bought you, you used to run after Naksh in childhood and now you are sinking in Naira’s sorrow. She asks them to stop it now. She says give us some relief now. Naira looks on and asks Rajshri to manage this situation. Rukmani says we are leaving now. Rajshri says calm down. Rukmani says children’s happiness got cursed, its first function for them. Rajshri says we need to think where they will celebrate this ceremony.

Naira comes to Goenka house and hides. Kartik thinks I wish I could meet her. Naira says I wish I could meet him well. She goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Smh stew why no comments when one do make a comment they are being ridiculed for doing so gawd jeez you cannot please anyone. Least we forget it’s not real it’s fictional yeah fictional FICTIONAL.

  2. Kartik always loved naira and that b*t*h only wanted him for s*x.

    Used him well and left him. Naira is a b*t*h

  3. Padmini looks like u didnt watch why Naira asked for divorce….Naira asked for a divorce to make Kartik and suwarna happy,bcz she was there when Kartik swore to Suwarna that she will never get back with naira and dat naira nolonger holds any place in her heart and life…..i hope u watched that part…..Naira has always wished and did good for the goenkas but de goenka dadi with her old school mentality and desire to please society has always made her against naira and never understood her intentions……de divorce is all suwarna and kartik’s mistake not naira… dont call her a b*t*h

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