Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rao Takes KK’s Crimes On Him

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rao confesses his crime that he came to know about a poison which is invisible and can be sprinkled on pages and when someonen licks it will die, he did it same with Prabhakar. He then confesses how he killed Heera Sanyal and Sweety. Police arrests and takes him away. Anushka apologizes Siddhanth for misunderstanding him and says it is proved both Siddhanth and her appa KK Reddy are not wrong. Siddhanth says she realized only half truth, without KK’s order, Rao would not do anything, KK is behind all these crimes. Anushka asks why he is doubting appa even now. KK says Anuskya let us go now. Siddhanth asks if she wants to go with appa or him to home. She says she wants to accompany him home, but only when it is proved her appa is innocent and walks away with KK. She sees Rao with police and reminisces Sweety telling about Rao kidnapping a girl and asks him where is the girl. Rao asks which girl. Anushka asks the girl who was with Sweety and for whom he killed Sweety. She asks KK to ask Rao where is the girl. KK asks same. Rao says he has kept her in an apartment. Anushka asks address and he tells address. KK asks police to take Rao away and tells Anusya tells us go home now. Anushka nods head and walks with him.

At home, Gayatri tells Purva that Siddhanth did not return home since 2 days. Purva says if papa’s murderer has to be caught, bhai has to go out and find out. Siddhanth returns. Gayatri asks where was he. Siddhanth says itg is proved that papa was murdered. Purva falls down in a shock and guilt. Siddhanth and Gayatri lift her up. She cries that she was thinking wrong about bhai, he proved he is a better child to papa than her. Gayatri sees Siddhanth tensed and asks what happened. He says KK is roaming free after making Rao a scapegoat. Gayatri in a shock says what….

Anushka describes whole incident to Riddhi. Riddhi tells she is shocked to hear about the man who is responsible for their security and stayed among them is a murderer. Anushka says she is feeling bad that both the persons she loves are fighting and feeling more sad for Siddhanth. Riddhi asks why did not he go with Siddhanth then. Anushka walks out murmuring thinking she is a fool to not go and meet that girl. KK on the other side orders his goon to shift that girl to some other place before Anushka reaches there.

Precap: Siddhanth’s friend informs that Anushka went to met a girl at Bethelem Church and her name is Radha, did not inform about address. Anushka knocks girl’s room’s door. girl comes out.

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome episode.
    Anushka is in action now …good to see Riddhi Bhabhi again with Anushka !!
    Poorva so sad to see her like this !! KK you played well !!

  2. Really good episode, but in an era if modern technology, surprised Siddhant as a lawyer, didn’t use the basic surveillance skill of recording KK Reddy via sting operation by recording of his cellphone or use of CCTV cam. during prior episodes, if evidence applies do applies in court.
    Otherwise interesting story lines and a great show, Good actors, keep up the good work, as my favorite TV show is coming to an end.

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