ISHQBAAZ FF-Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 13

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Shivaay who was smiling seeing Annika leaving from there suddenly feels his head is spinning. He couldn’t understand what is happening with him and holds his head. He extends his hand to call Ishana but his voice is not coming out. Ishana closes the door and turns towards Shivaay. She is shocked to see Shivaay falls on the floor holding his head. She runs towards him.

Ishu: (screams) Shivaay!! (She kneels and wants to touch him but her hand penetrates him. She is confused and worried seeing him.) What’s wrong with you, Shivaay??

Shivaay: (still holding his head) I don’t know, Ishana. My head is spinning terribly.

Ishu: Shivaay, hold my hand and get up first. I will call Navya and ask if you are fine at the hospital. (Shivaay agrees and about to hold her hand but stops seeing somewhere.) What happened?? What are you looking at?? (She follows his gaze but she can’t see anything.) Nothing is there.

Shivaay: That clock…..

Ishu: (looks at the clock) What’s wrong with the clock??

Shivaay: The clock…. Why the time is running opposite wise??

Ishu: (looks at him confusingly) What are you saying?? The time is running correctly.

Shivaay: No!! The needles are moving oppositely. (He says holding his head making Ishana worries a lot. He started to scream.) Aaaarrggh!!! (He disappears from there. Ishana is shocked and confused seeing him disappear suddenly.)

Ishu: Where did he go?? What happened to him suddenly?? (Screams) Shivaay!! (Sits on the floor.)

AniSou are about to get in the car when Annika remembers something.

Annika: Soumya, I left my mobile inside the house. I’ll go and get it.

Soumya: Di, I’m coming with you. (Annika agrees and they walk back to the house. Soumya rings the door bell but no one opens the door.) Arrey, why Ishana is not opening the door?? It’s just been few minutes we came out. (She is about to knock the door but stops by Annika.)

Annika: Maybe, she is at upstairs or in washroom. Let’s wait for sometime. (Soumya nods and removes her hand from the door but her hand hits the door knob and the door get opened.)

Soumya: Di, the door is not locked. Shall we go inside??

Annika: It won’t be good, Soumya. Let’s wait for sometime.

Soumya: Di, we just want to take the mobile. It won’t take 2 minutes to go and take it. Ok. You wait here. I will go and bring it.

Annika: But, Soumya…. (Soumya opens the door and enters inside the house. She takes the mobile from the table and turns to leave but stops seeing Ishana sitting on the floor beside the sofa. She is confused seeing her staring at the floor. Soumya goes towards her.)

Soumya: (touches her shoulder) Ishana. (Ishana doesn’t respond and continuously looking at the floor where Shivaay disappeared just now. Soumya is confused and turns her face towards her. She is surprised to see Ishana in tears.) Ishana, are you ok?? Why are you crying?? (Looks at the door) Annika di!! Come here for a while!! (Annika who is standing at the door is surprised to hear Soumya’s tensed voice. She enters inside and goes towards Soumya who is holding Ishana’s worried face.)

Annika: What’s wrong with her??

Soumya: I don’t know, di. She is like this since I came inside.

Annika: (pats her cheek) Ishana!! Ishana!! Are you ok?? (No response from her. Annika shakes her shoulders.) ISHANA!!! (Ishana comes out from her trances and looks at Annika.)

Ishu: (sadly) Annika.

Annika: Haan, me. What happened to you?? Are you ok?? (Places her palm on Ishana’s forehead checking for fever.)

Ishu: (unable to tell them) Yes, I’m ok.

Soumya: No, I don’t think you are ok. Your face is looking very pale. (Annika remembers Ishana’s health problem.)

Annika: Are you injured?? (Checks her hands and face. She is about to touch Ishana’s feet but Ishana stops her.)

Ishu: No. I’m not injured.

Annika: Then, why are you looking weak?? (Ishana thinks what to answer her.)

Soumya: Give me your bhabhi’s number. I will inform her that you are not well.

Ishu: No, please don’t tell her. She will be worried.

Annika: (looks at Soumya) Let’s take her to the hospital. Her friend is working there only. Maybe, she can know if she checks her. (Ishana is about to refuse but thinks something.)

Ishu: Ok, I will come with you. (They nod and help her to get up. They walk towards the door. Ishana turns her head and continuously looks at the floor. Soumya sees her looking at the floor.)

Soumya: Why are you looking at the floor?? Nothing is there.

Ishu: (without realising) Yeah, no one is there. (AniSou look at her in confused.)

Annika: What?? No one?? (Ishana realised what she said)

Ishu: I mean nothing is there. Nothing.

Annika: Ok. Relax. Let’s go. (They leave from there.)


Navya’s Cabin

Navya just finished checking her patients and working on her system when AniSou enter her cabin bringing Ishana with them. She is surprised to see them.

Navya: You?? (Looks at Ishana) Ishu?? What’s wrong with you??

Annika: We don’t know. She was fine just now but suddenly she becomes pale. We thought because of her health issue and that’s why we brought her here. Please check her. (Navya feels worried and cups Ishana’s face. By looking at her face, Navya could understand that Ishana is deeply worried about something. She turns towards AniSou.)

Navya: I will check her. Could you both please stay outside some time??

Annika: Sure. Actually, we want to visit Shivaay. We will go and see him first. (Navya nods. Annika pats Ishana’s cheek and leaves from there with Soumya.)

Navya: What happened, Ishu?? I know it’s not because of your health. Tell me what is bothering you.

Ishu: (looks at her with tear filled eyes) Shivaay….

Navya: Shivaay?? What is wrong with him?? I just checked him and he is still in same condition.

Ishu: He disappeared suddenly.

Navya: So?? He is a soul, right?? Of course he will appear and disappear. What is the problem in that??

Ishu: You are not understanding. I know all that and I’m used to it. But, today…

Navya: What happened today??

Ishu: Today, he fell down and struggled holding his head like he is in very much pain. I wanted to help him but he disappeared from there. I don’t understand anything. I felt like maybe something happened to him here.

Navya: No, Ishu. Nothing happened to him. He is still in the same condition.

Ishu: I’m very much worried about him. I want to see him. Let’s go to his ward. (Navya nods and they leave to Shivaay’s ward.)

Shivaay’s Ward

Annika is sitting beside Shivaay holding his hand. Tears are flowing from her eyes.

Annika: How long you will sleep like this, Shivaay?? Don’t you feel bad for me and our family?? I miss you, Shivaay. (Cries) Please open your eyes. Talk to me, Shivaay. Scold me!!! Just scold me as much as you want but please open your eyes. (Cries placing her face on his hand. Soumya feels bad seeing Annika crying like this. She too cries and caresses her back calming her down.)

Soumya: Please don’t cry, di. You know right, bade bhaiya can’t see your tears?? He will feel bad seeing you like this.

Annika: Then, what I can do, Soumya?? He is not waking up. I’m waiting for him to open his eyes these days but he is not opening his eyes. At least, he might open his eyes to wipe my tears. That’s why I’m crying. (Continues crying. A hand wipes her tears. Annika turns and sees Ishana.)

Ishu: Your husband will open his eyes soon. Just don’t lose your hope. Maybe, he is unconscious but he can listen to you. Your confidence is the one can cure him quickly. I don’t think that your husband like to see his wife being weak. You should be like the one he loved before, I mean the khidkithodh Annika which he has fallen for. (Annika smiles in tears and hugs her. Ishana just caresses her hair by hugging her back while SouNav smile looking at them. Annika breaks the hug after a while.)

Annika: You are fine, right?? What was wrong with you just now??

Navya: It’s nothing. I think she missed one of her medicine. That’s why. Now she is fine. (Ishana smiles at Annika and looks at Shivaay.)

Ishu: (thinks) Everything is normal with him. Why he behaved like that just now?? What happened to him?? Where he went?? (She looks at Navya who is signing her that Shivaay is fine.)

Annika: Soumya, let’s leave. Ishana, we will send you at your house first.

Ishu: (nods) Ok. Just five minutes, I want to talk with Navya. (Annika nods and leaves from the ward with Soumya. Ishana goes to Shivaay.) Where are you, Shivaay?? Where have you went suddenly?? Please come back soon. I’m really worrying about you.

Navya: He will return, Ishu. Don’t worry. I will take care of him. You go back first with them. Maybe, he already came back and waiting for you at your house. (Ishana feels Navya is saying right.)

Ishu: Ok, Navya. I will go back. And please tell me if any changes with his condition. (Navya nods and hugs her. Ishana goes out from the room and leaves from the hospital with AniSou.)

Shivaay opens his eyes and finds himself surrounded with darkness.

Shivaay: Where am I?? How I came here?? (Tries to recall) I was with Ishana at her house, Annika came there with Soumya and they talked with her. Then, they left. What happened after that?? (Touches his head) Yes!! My head was spinning terribly and….. and…. I don’t remember what happened after that. (Rubs his head and looks at the place.) What place is this?? (He gets up from his place and looks at the surrounding.) My house. How did I came here?? It’s ok. I will go and see Annika first.

Shivaay enters the house and sees OmRu, SouRiVya are chatting happily. Shivaay smiles seeing them.

Shivaay: It’s good to see them happy like this. They were completely broken after my accident. At least, they are laughing now. (Smiles and about to go to his room but stops seeing Annika running towards living room while laughing. Shivaay smiles seeing her laughing. But his smile stops hearing a voice.)

Voice: Annika, stop!! You can’t escape from me. (Shivaay turns and shocked seeing the person.)

To be continued…..

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