Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara coming to the temple and asking did she meet her children. Devyaani says yes, they went, but why are you here. Akshara says we all have come, to support you in this big decision of your life. Devyaani says I did not understand. Bau ji says come with us fast, else it will be very late. Naman and Muskaan are late. Suresh asks them did you go to temple. Naman says stop acting dad, whats your problem, what did mum do, why did you treat her like this. Muskaan says we heard everything. Naman says we have a problem with you. He says you have played a big game. Muskaan says you can’t take mum’s place if you give all the property.

Suresh says I did your upbringing all my life, why are you saying this. Muskaan says now we will not live with you. Suresh says she can’t keep you there, come with me now, Naman explain Muskaan to choose either her mum or dad. Muskaan says mum. Suresh says you both have to come with me now. Suresh says they have not accepted you till now, Singhanias will never accept you, come with me now, its time for flight. Anshu talks to Jasmeet and asks her to do the packing and come to live with him as they are getting married soon. Jasmeet cries thinking she will be leaving her family.

She says I will miss my parents a lot. He says first come here, then cry. Everyone take Devyaani to the airport. Suresh takes Naman and Muskaan there. Naitik sees Devyaani tensed. They come and stop Naman and Muskaan. Suresh gets angry seeing Devyaani and her family. Akshara says no need to go anywhere. Bau ji says we came here to do justice. Suresh asks what. Bau ji says you can’t take them from here, as Devyaani also has equal rights on them.

Akshara says now they have grown up and can take their decision. Suresh says why are you coming in between. Akshara says you think they are dependent on you, so you are using this, you can’t take Devyaani’s rights. Suresh says what right, did she do any duty, she did not give them food. Devyaani cries. Akshara says who told you this, she is Singhania family bahu, and so we have thought to give a project to Naman in our company. Naman and Devyaani are shocked. Akshara says so no problem for money, Naman and Muskaan are related to us, we love them.

Devyaani says let it be Akshara. Akshara says I want to give you whats most valuable to you, and its all of us who decided this together. Bau ji says you have supported us in bad times, not give us a chance to do something for you. Suresh says its easy to say and tough to say. Naman says we are ready to be with mum. Akshara says you can meet the kids whenever you like, but don’t tell against Devyaani, else you will fall in their eyes. Muskaan says I respected you a lot dad, but seeing the truth, I was mistaken. Aksahra says come.

Naman and Muksaan hold Devyaani’s hands and go with her. Suresh fumes in anger. Ananya talks to Rajshri. Varsha shows the old pics of Anshu. Ananya likes it. They cry missing Akshara. Anshu asks why are everyone crying, even Jasmeet was crying today. Dadi says we are crying happily, you won’t happiness. Everyone do the puja at Singhania house. Naman and Muskaan give the aarti to everyone and greet the elders. Dadda ji blesses them.

Devyaani says I m worried for Rashmi, she can feel bad. Bau ji says I will talk to her. Akshara’s family comes and everyone is happy. They see Naman and Muskaan back again. Anshu says you guys were going right. Naman says everyone stopped us here. Naksh says now they will stay here forever. Rajshri asks Akshara. She says yes. Rajshri says it’s a good news, congrats. Dadi says congrats Devyaani. Bhabhimaa gives them sweets. Rajshri says we also have good news. Akshara asks why, is Varsha pregnant again. Varsha says no.

Shaurya says we are making Anshu and Jasmeet married. The kids dance. Everyone smile and hug. Devyaani comes to Bau ji in their room and touches his feet. He says what are you doing. She says I respect you a lot, you got my children and made me very happy, I m very thankful, you gave my self esteem back to me, you are my Lord. Bau ji says we are your family, we did this for humanity. Devyaani says you all have changed my life, made it better, I did not think I will get such a good husband, big family, and children.

Bau ji says Lord gives happiness to everyone, forget everything, see ahead, its happiness. She says Nandini and Rashmi…. He says yes, lets see, how to tell them, it won’t be easy but we will manage. She smiles. Akshara tells Naitik that she is feeling very happy and burden free. She says we feel Anshu is still very small, now he is getting married. Naitik says you mean you will faint when Naksh he has to marry. She laughs and says Riya. He says you look so cute. She says you too. They smile.

He comes to hug her and he goes away. She gets annoyed and asks him to praise her and make her happy, then hug, he got boring now. He says I will show now. She says I was joking, and runs. He catches her and hugs her getting romantic. She says leave me, I was joking. He says I m serious, every marriage brings special moments. She says yes, it will be. She says we have to tell Nandini and Rashmi today, and say about Naman and Muskaan. He nods yes.

Naman and Muskaan meet Naksh. Naksh says I missed you a lot like Devyaani. Muskaan says now we are not going anywhere. Naksh hugs them. Dadda ji makes rasam. Dadda ji says what rasam, marriage or engagement? Chitti says no, food rasam. Everyone smile. Dadda ji asks Chitti to follow Bhabhimaa and make what she says. Akshara tells Devyaani that she has called Nandini and Rashmi today to talk about Naman and Muskaan. They get tensed.

Rashmi angrily argues with Bau ji and asks him to choose between her or Devyaani’s children. If they stay here, she will never come in this house. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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